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gud luck selling.. :)

Looks nice, but can it be used like a plugin so I can continue to use the theme I already have?


The theme got automatic resolution detection. The code is separated for 320px width and for bigger resolution. You can’t use it as plugin, but with some basic knowledge of programming you can add you already theme code for bigger resolutions, and leave the mobile code for smaller resolution.


Does it support video’s in the gallery?


The gallery use only images.

Hi There,

When I flip horizontally my iphone/ipad all contents don’t resize correctly. e.g. horizontally all contents on my iphone are aligned on the left. doesn’t fit on centre.

How can I solve this issue?

Thank You.


You are talking about screen orientation. The theme does not include screen orientation detection. The page must be refreshed to detect the new resolution.

I will include this in the next theme update. Thanks for the observation.

We need some good mobile themes for wordpress so good job and good luck with sales.

Following from the last comment…when do you think the next update will be?


The next update will be in the next couple of days. Thank’s

Screen orientation update will be delayed. It’s kind of complicated to do it, considering the allready html structure.

The theme will be working on screen orientation changes only after a browser refresh, using the automatic resolution detection.

Considering all the feedback we got from this theme, we allready started on working on a new mobile theme, that will incorporate all the requests.

jlvt Purchased

Can you tell me when the new version of your theme will be available? Currently, there are too many problems…


I am working on a new mobile theme, it will be a totally new version. “The problems” you are talking about on this theme are actually some features, like screen orientation and other feedback stuff received from other users, witch they will be included in the future theme.

The new theme will work on all mobile resolutions, starting from 240 and so on. The only thing I don’t know is if the theme will be a new item on themeforest or a update version of this one. I have modify almost 80-90 % of this theme.

Hope to release it by the end of the year.

Thank you

jlvt Purchased

Thank you for your reply.

I purchased the theme. The icons, pictures are not visible.

please check http://wedowebresearch.com/?width=1280


It seems that you didn’t have content in there. Did you read the HELP files and instructions on how to create the menu icons from Wordpress admin?

For more details please contact us on email, we can assist you from there.


Also please check that the style coresponding to you theme skin doesn’t load

thehive Purchased


Great theme, forget my last post. i fixed it


Just purchased the theme, installed it but it doesn’t work. It just shows the header title and thats all. I’m running 3.1.2 and installed it via “Install Themes”

I found out how to proceed – read the instruction manual first !!

Now I’ve read the instructions, but I still have 2 issues.

The pink “theme” doesn’t work properbly, I had a quick glance at the themedesigns and there isn’t a bg.jpg in the purple folder, there may be other things missing – I don’t know.

Other issue is that when I go to my site I can access the “landingpage” with the icons. When I press the icon it tries to open the page connected to that icon, the url shows in the browser addressbar, but then redirects or loops to the landingpage (http://example.com/?width=320)

Do you have an idea what may be the problem ??




First when you install the theme it is normal to look blank. You will have to create the menu items and pages.

About the “pink” images problem, please rename the folder under themedesigns from “purple” to “pink”. This should fix the problem.

About the other issue with the link, I think the problem there is that you are using a custom permanlink structure in Wordpress. Please leave the default one.

When clicking an icon the link should look at the end like


If you really want to use the custom permanlinks, you can remove the redirection code from this theme, and use the files only at 320 resolution (we have now using that redirection to include other files for bigger than 320 resolutions)


Thanks for the help, the loop had to do with my permalink structure, I was using /%postname%/ but changed it to default and that solved the problem.

When I view the site on an iPod the right margins don’t align with the edge of the screen. This goes for the navigation arrow (right) – text container – footer.

Please take a look at http://savitri.dk

What seems to be the issue ??!!!


Your link point to another website, not the mobile theme you are talking about.

The wordpress site detects, via the WPtap Mobile Detector plug-in, if your browsing from a PC/mac or a smartphone/iPod/iPad. So it switches between two different themes.

You can access the mobile theme from a smartphone, but not a regular PC. I can change this if you need to view it in a regular browser.


I will see how to get my hands on an iPod and test it, I do not own one.

It is probably a matter of 1-2 px from CSS that need to be align on the right nav button.

Hello, I have purchased your theme, and it doesn’t include the CSS folder in my download.

Needless to say, Wordpress is reading it as a broken theme.


Hey, please do not install this theme full archive that you downloaded from here.

Unzip it and install only the theme folder.

Thanks for your timely response! Yeah, it’s weird … when I unzipped the full folder and extracted the theme files, the css files kept disappearing during the transfer.

So, I just went into my FTP Client Server and uploaded it that way; it seemed to transfer just fine.


I am glad you fix it.


I am running an E commerce site through the wordpress platform. I am using pages and no posts. My current theme (desktop) supports this. Can I customise your theme to display only the pages on my site, ie: home, contacts, gallery?

Can the posts or blog pages and widgets be disabled? Can the categories search be disabled?

Can I use this theme in conjunction with my desktop theme, through the Wordpress Mobile Pack plugin?




Yes you can customize the theme to display only the pages you want. In the main menu you will have to add and create only that pages. When you will install the theme at the begining there will be no pages at all. You will have to create the pages you want and insert them also in menu.

Ofcourse for ecommerce pages to look good on the mobile pages you will have to customize them in code. With basic knowledge I think you can do it.

Using this theme with the desktop one, will require a mobile redirect plugin (activate and deactivate the theme when a user comes from a mobile device). I don’t test it with Wordpress Mobile Pack plugin, but if this is what it does, then it should work.


dankazi Purchased

Hello. I purchased this theme today and love it. I had already customized many things to suit my needs, but when I uploaded, activated and added pages to the icon menu, I had the same problems that another used in this forum had: “this theme doesn’t support custom permalinks”. I know I could fix the whole think by not using custom permalinks and instead, stay with page=ids, the problem is that I can not at this point go back to page ids. It’s not an option for me since every search engine and external links to my site are based on custom names.

You mentioned that we can “eliminate the redirection code from this theme”. How can I do this? is there any chance to add custom permalinks support instead?

Thank you in advance.



I will try to explain the functionality of this theme in a few words: Opening header.php you will find

<?php if (isset($_GET['width'])) {
  if ($_GET['width'] <= 320){
  } else { 
&lt;?php } else {
  echo "<script language='javascript?&gt;\n";
  echo "  location.href=\"${_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']}?${_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']}" 
            . "&width=\" + screen.width;\n";
  echo "\n";

Basically I am using javascript to detect the screen resolution and load the specific graphics and CSS for the theme.

I am using the variables $resolution=320; and $resolution=640;

The only way you can go from now is to set the variable fixed to $resolution=320;

Delete the entire code there. Leave just the variable $resolution=320;

Like this the theme will be visible just with 320 specific graphics.

On other pages we have some code to replace also. Like archive.php , if you will open this file you will see on top

  if ($_GET['width'] <= 320){
  } else { 

This must be replace also with the $resolution=320;

Do this for all pages you have on this theme.

In conclusion we are doing the theme available only at 320 px width (suited for mobiles and devices with bigger resolution that were loading the 640 graphics).

Also requires some basic php knowledge from you to do it.

Hope this helps.

PS. I am working on a better version of this theme, but things are going quite slow considering the volume of work I have to do.

dankazi Purchased

Thank you for the super fast answer. I will do as you noted and try my best since 320 resolution only is good enough for me. I use a theme switcher that does the detection already and the desktop version I have looks pretty good on Ipads. If not I will wait for any other theme you might release in the future. One last question: Do you have any other theme for sale that I can use for my described intention? Thanks again for the great customer support.