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I really like this theme. I’m having problems with the send mail. It doesn’t seem to work. Any suggestions?

broxim Purchased

Beautiful theme…

Seems like the arrow keys should operate the portfolio page – right and left arrow to sift through the images. My right arrow just refreshes the same image. Other arrow keys do nothing.

Any suggestions?

I guess the support piece of this deal is on summer vacation?

Its amazing that people are using this beautiful template on there website ( http://www.nibrasrana.com ) even without buying. How rude that guy is who downloaded from sharing site and using with proud.

We should discourage and mention all the sites which we get to know if they are using the theme which is downloaded from sharing site.

Thumbs up to original designer of this template.

Hi, Can you recommend a means of protecting the form from spam which fits in the available space. I am not a programmer, so adding it will need to be simple.

It would be nice if developers post a notice if they are not going to be able to respond within a reasonable length of time. 48 hours is past a reasonable length of time in my books.


Obviously you can forget about any sort of support if you are thinking of purchasing this template…..


Hi mintjelly, sorry if for the delayed response. I really try to answer all questions on my page but it’s really not possible to answer all questions within 48 hours.. I have a full-time work which demands so much overtime. I work at least 14 hours a day plus 2 hours travel time from home to work vice versa. I usually have time to work freelance on weekends but I prefer to stay away from a computer..

to answer your question, I can’t recommend any anti-spam that fits on the layout for now but maybe we can increase the height of the layout a little bit. we can also remove the subject field or we can re-arrange the form by having the name and email on the same row.. there’s a workaround for sure. if you have an anti-spam that doesn’t require too much height, let me know and I’ll try to work it out. I can’t promise you fast timeline, but I’ll fix it as soon as possible for you.


Tbaratz Purchased

Is it possible to add another tab? I tried to copy and past an entire set of code-or what I thought was the entire set-and it didn’t work. Clearly I am no expert so any help would be great! Thank you!


It’s easy to add another tab. For example, if you want another about tab, just copy starting on comment Item 2 until before comment Item3. Paste it and you’re good to go…

How do you add a named anchor within the site that would take you from page to page?

Any way to get a response to my other two questions that I posted over two months ago? Not reasonable amount of time for those yet?


Hi brainsmall, sorry for the delayed response, about your question 2 months ago, I actually didn’t understand it. There are no arrow keys on the template. Could you elaborate more on your problem?

About adding a named anchor, for now there’s no easy solution as the template’s navigation is purely built on the tabs.

Hello, Very impressed with your abilities and I am interested in your product. Sorry for the ignorance and stupid question, but I am new building websites. How do I install the theme? I have a hosting server, how is performed changing text and images? Need third party software? Need to know the code?


Hello moshikorr.. to change the content of the files.. like the “about me” content, “services” content. just open index.html file. the contents are all there.

if you want more help.. please email me thru my profile page.

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Please send the old version? and in fonts (á é í ó ú Á É Í Ó Ú) can you fix it?

bladewm Purchased


ma5h3d Purchased

Is it possible to have a seperate link on the page to initiate the page flip? So, a link which isn’t a tab can change the page?

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I’ve just purchased the template and I do not know why the Email sending functionality is not working? Thanks in advance.

It is very nice. Look at it;

mumair Purchased

any idea how can i use mandrill to send email .. otherwise sending email is not working.

avancs Purchased

can someone suggest the URL for the WordPress version of this template? I am ready to buy for my site…

Thanks in advance

masya Purchased
Just created mine! Great theme! Thanks! http://moisseyev.com/