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Wow, this vCard-Template is awesome!

I really like it, when I need one, I will buy this template. :-)

Good luck with your sales!

wow.. elegant theme..

I am glad you guys like this theme. Thank you so much. :)

Hi Jimmy, recently i bought you awesome vcard but Im Argentinian and I need accents in fonts (á é í ó ú Á É Í Ó Ú) can you fix it? Thanks!

Sent you an email. :)

Just Wow. Awesome template, mate. :)

I’m glad you like it SaurabhSharma. Thanks! :)

simple but excellent! :)

I like the effect when you hover those icons… :)

Very creative! I will be buying soon…

Excellent Template, i bought this :D

Jimmy please can you send me new font.js files with accents? please dude

Sent you an email with the updated cufon font.. :)

Thank you guys! I appreciate your nice comments! :)

Hi! Very beautiful Temlate…

Does not recognize the Turkish characters (ç, ?, ü, ?, ö, ?, ?, ?, Ü, Ö, ?, Ç) Can you help?

Thank you for purchasing..

Please email me so I can send you the file with the updated font or let me know your email address..

Perfect Jimmy!

Thanks cpuser. Glad it’s working for you nicely.


Wow. Thanks! and Thanks for purchasing!

Jimmy i love this template & would like to purchase but i have a couple of questions first..

1) I need to have a filterable list of bulleted text instead of the picture list portfolio, is this possible? I want to have a resume like page, with work experience, education, etc (Filterable & as text which is easily editable)..

2) Can this theme template be converted into a WP theme easily? This would save time on editing and updating the pages.

3) Can i add more tabs? And can i make the border (of all the tabs) bigger to give more space for text?

Thanks for the wonderful template & hope that my requirements can be met so i really enjoy it.

Hello Sulati,

To answer your quesion

1. Yes, we can have a list of filterable bulleted text in the portfolio page.

2. Yes, just like any other one page theme.

3. You can add two more tabs. Only 6 tabs will fit on the vcard container. We can always increase the height to add more tabs though. So this is not a problem. We can increase the border of the tabs modifying the css and the tab image. This can be done also.

Please email me.



Jimmyme -

Can you create a Google+ icon for the contact page on this theme?


Drew J.

Also, Jimmyme can I get accent characters, and the greek omega in the font you use with this theme?


Hello. Please email me about this issue thru my profile page so I can email you back the updated file.

Nvm found them in the source file!!