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Will there be a wordpress version available soon?

Hi, is it possible to set vertical align to center to any screen size?

Preview looks down… :(

gr8 work…

This theme is compatible with Wordpress or Joomla?

On Joomla and Wordpress can’t install on your theme.

Thanks You.

How i Add a vCard Download? :/

Hi! i just say to you there’s errors in the .css file. I think the error is a z-index problem in the social links, for example twitter, youtube, etc.. the corresponded tag is ”.connect a”. When i click, after the javascript animation, the “a” tag is null. Have a solution for that?


Hi, I’d like to remove the Portfolio tab, but if I delete it the layout crashes.

Could you please give me some hints?

Hey, good template, how would I remove the auto scroll, its annoying and un-needed

How can I remove the portfolio tab ?

I tried simply removing the 3rd div- but its not that simple…

thumb_shadow_212.png seems to be missing from the .zip file, but it is referenced in css/styles.css. It can however be found at http://jimmyme.x10.mx/images/thumb_shadow_212.png .

Hi, the sendemail does not work, how can I make it work? I have my host at logicpoint.net and it supports .net and php.

Hi Is it possible to have more than 8 elements in the portfolio in filtered mode (not gallery)? I want to hide some object in the ‘all’-section and only view them when i clicked on a specific filter. So what i want is to load the portfolio in a filtered mode, not in view all mode.

I’m also interested in have more than 8 gallery elements. Is it possible?

it’s possible but we have to increase the height of the vcard. as you can see, 8 elements is already the max.

Anybody knows how you can remove the Portfolio page and have only 3 tabs (Home, About & Contact)?

sent you an email…

Re: Beginning in Filtered Mode

The following worked for me.

1. Add:


to the “a tag” of the filter you want to be active on page load.

2. Add:


to the second to last line of:


A few questions: 1- I have tables with audios installed in them… does your vcard except audios? 2- Can the whole vcard be made bigger? 3- Can I install more then one vcard on a page? 4- Does the vcard except text that is a foreign language?


Like the site. Is it possible for me to add reCAPTCHA to the contact page?


Bought. Thanks.

2 Questions though…

1. How would I implement a print function so that someone can print a hard copy to carry around with them?

2. How do I animate the Technical Skills progress bars on the About page, so that they fill up when the page loads?

Thanks Ashton

Hello Ashton,

We can add a print function but we have to include a print stylesheet to have this functionality.

For the progress bar animation, yes it can be done. I didn’t include an animation for this theme but I know it can be implemented easily.

Please email me thru my profile if you want customization for this theme.


How much Mb size of this template?

Hello abdhafiz

The file size is 2.2mb..