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Interesting template. Well done!

Really appreciate your kind words..:)

Thanks a lot louiejie :)

Thanks a lot metrothemes:)

Thanks a lot gohawise

Thanks a lot marvelthemes

Nice template, good idea. Congrats! Good luck with sale!

Thanks a lot JFthemes

The button to navigate to “Next Project” doesn’t work. It also doesn’t work on your demo either. Same in “Flip to Next Blog”. This is in Google Chrome.

Have fixed the issue in the update. The update is yet to be appoved.

Please download the updated version. If you have any problems, contact us at

Hi, great work! I miss the possibility of adding more images per project, would it be possible? I’d like to show video portfolio items uploaded to vimeo, can be viewed right there, were the image project are placed?

thanks in advance

Hi we can make that customization for you. Please mail us with the exact requirement at once you have purchased the item.

Great, clean layout! Question: If I wanted to link to sections, for instance, If I wanted create a HTML reference (a href=...) to a specific page (say to the work section: How would I do that? It seems to all change via Jquery with no changing canonicals. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

It will require customisation. Drop us a mail at

Dear Author,

I would like to buy this awesome template and I need to ask if you think I will be able to modify it only knowing HTML and no Javascript, CSS etc. (only using the method EDIT-SEE RESULT) I know you will say YES, but I need some reassurance :)

Thank you!

Yes you will be able to modify it using using HTML knowledge if you dont modify the layout. Still if you have any problems, mail us at

Nice template, in addition to the layout design I really like its transition effects. Do you think the transition effects (page to page and next project/article) can be retained if it were developed in WordPress?

Thank you for your kind words!
Off-course it can be retained. But, it will depend on the developer. We are currently looking out for a developer to convert it into a WP theme.

Thanks! That’s good news.


First—great work! This is a beautiful template.

However, I have found a couple of bugs in Internet Explorer (I have only checked IE9 and IE10).

Primarily, the work items navigates straight to the detail view in all versions of IE, and also there are occasional rendering errors in IE (especially the contact page)where everything appears to be smashed together. This is corrected by resizing the window, but obviously we can’t expect the user to do that.

Any help would be appreciated.



On my comment above, calling


after click events seems to help.

So, in boxlayout.js, go to approximately line 75 and add this below the function called in the section open event:

                setTimeout(function () {
                }, 450);

450 milliseconds seems to be just the right amount of time for the transition to complete before calling resize.



Thanks, I will check it

YUCK! IE8 is definitely not supported. It’s a shame because, as a web developer, my clients will expect me to demonstrate that I know how to support all major browsers, down to IE8.

Any suggestions?



Hi Mcashatt,
As you must be aware that css animations and responsiveness is not supported in IE8, So we have gone for the fallback version in IE8. So, that your website visitors will still see a fallback version if he is checking it from IE8.
Thank you,

Contac form is not working for me. Is there somewhere I can contact you to see if the problem is me or your template?

Please shoot a mail to

All I want is the homepage and I want the home page link to go to external links…is this possible?

Like when you click works on the homepage i want it to go to an external link not a page in the site but external.

Great stuff! Good Luck with Sales;

Thanks you

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’ve bought your MyCard responsive template (, but I am unable to install it as a theme on Wordpress.

I have tried installing through two routes. I attempted uploading as a theme through the Wordpress admin section but was confronted by a couple of problems:

No style.css found – copied the style sheet and put it into the first file but then… No header found in style.css – changed the header to include the following format in the header with /*: Theme Name: Theme URI: Description: Author: Author URI: Template: Version: But then… No index file found – changed the .html extension to .php After this it could be uploaded however there were no pages to add. It was just a shell

Second route was via FTP with the base files, but they haven’t been recognised by Wordpress despite uploading them to wp-content/themes.

Could you let me know how I can upload the theme as I’d love to get started. I’ve also tried reaching you on both your and email addresses but appear to be getting delivery failure notifications. Can you confirm that I have the right email addresses?

Many thanks in advance for your swift reply.

Kind regards,



Apologies for the inconvenience caused due to the email id. There is some problem and hence it is bouncing the emails. About your issue: MyCard is not a WordPress theme but is a html template: We have clearly mentioned it in the item name. Also, the price is $10 (for WordPress themes, minimum price is $35).

Thank you,

Ah, I’m an idiot. I’ll pay closer attention in future. Thanks for your reply.

Can we add an additional menu on the home page ? As also create an additional section ?

How many sections can we create and How will they get arranged in the home page ?

Specifically wanted to know how will they be arranged on a Mobile screen if I add a new Menu ?

I would appreciate if you could answer my question above as I am thinking of buying the template and that depends on your answer…Thanks


homme Purchased

Problems with the Contact form, placeholder not working with IE and Firefox, OK with Chrome. Thanks


Please email me your website link via the profile contact form, so I can take a look at it.