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i imported the 6 sample sliders but none of them look like the slider on the live preview: http://wenak.org/myd1/

how or where do i import this demo data for the slider?

actually, i only need 1 slide (no transition) and need the same as the screenshot: http://socialcoffee.be/gewaardeerdwerk/01_MYDesign.jpg

how do i do that? thanks

hello, you can get the same slider by importing the attached code (to the import section in slider options) and then you can delete any slide you don’t want to show up : http://wenak.org/myd1/slider.txt

how do i remove the “click me” button on all features of the feature section (homepage)?

also, how do i remove the “Features Tagline”?

hello, i replied to your email with detailed information about your questions, Please let us know if we can provide any further assistance.

Quick question, the social counts (the 4 big boxes, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram) you can include, how do I manage the options for this? I can’t see it in the theme options.

Hello, You can manage their option after installing Social counter plugin from Appearance > Install plugins > Social Counter plus, after installing it Open settings->Social counter and you will see all there options.

Thank you!

One more question, how do I change the border-bottom on the menu to be my own color? Would this be done via the custom CSS? I can’t seem to find the class(es) or ID(s) that need to be changed

Hello, you can change it via the custom CSS by typing this line (change #fff to your color) : #menu a:hover, #menu li:hover a, #menu li.hover a { border-bottom: 6px solid #fff !important;}

I installed this theme but when I activate it I receive the message “Please reinstall the theme, one of the files is missing (utils/admin/index.php)”

I checked and the file does exist on the server.

Hello, thank you for purchasing the theme :) it looks like the file is corrupted or didn’t uploaded correctly to server, you can solve this problem by re uploading the file to the server via your ftp client, if don’t know how to do this we will be happy to help you uploading it, just contact us at wenak.info@gmail.com

Is it possible to set the height of the slider in the backend?

Hello, Ofcourse you can change it very easily from the slider options.

Guys – I bought the html version of this theme and now I’m going to by the WP version but I need to confirm a couple of things. I want to create a multi-page site with this theme – how difficult would it be to buy this one-page theme and them create multiple pages – with sidebars? Thanks.

Hello,You can easily create unlimited pages (with sidebar or fullwidth) you can also create second homepage and add it to the theme.

Hey there- great theme… do the rad icons come wit it? Thanks

Hello, Thank you, yes All the icons in the demo come with it, also all theme’s PSD files are included.

Great theme, I love it. I had it installed as a one pager, one menu in WP but I can not figure out how to change the content (as it goes not through pages). Where is it stored? Thanks

Thank you :) If you want to change the content in the homepage, then open your wordpress admin panel >> “Appearance” >> “theme options”, here you will see all theme options, open homepage section to edit all the content in the homepage, you can also drag and drop sections to reorder them.

Thanks for a quick response. Great service :)

how do I get rid of the click me buttons in the feature section. Also my menu is not static. It scrolls with the page. Anyway to fix that?

Hello, the “click me” buttons in the features section disappear automatically when it’s url link is empty (if not make sure your theme version up-to-date currently v1.2) for the other two problems can you send us screenshots or more info to our email : pixfort.com@gmail.com

thank i’ve sent the email can you also respond on how to update the theme?

Hello, i sent you an email with information to fix your problem.

Hey just bought and downloaded, I keep getting an upload error.. is this because it won’t work with Wordpress 3.8? x

Hello, After testing at wordpress 3.8, the theme works correctly when uploading via FTP and when uploading .zip file it’s showing error, currently we are working on it and we will update the theme to work at wp v3.8 correctly, If you still have problems installing the theme just send us your website info (via contact form at our profile) and we will be happy to install it for you.

Thanks so much for your help! I have sent a lot of emails to you, please can you help me out? Thank you

you are welcome :) i sent an email with detailed informations about your questions.

I’m having trouble getting translations to work, can you help me with that? Thanks!

Hello, Of Course just send us an email with more details to : pixfort.com@gmail.com

Hello, nice theme, this is what I’m looking for but I have some doubt about it. Is it possible to use this theme with qTranslate plugin for a multilangues version?

thank you so much.

Thank you for purchasing our theme, you can create two homepages with the “layout manager” and any number of other pages (Blog, full-width, left/right sidebar, ... ), if you have any other question we will be happy to help you.

Thank you so much for your reply! An other problem. I also sent you an email. Right now I have some problem with the LayerSlider plugin. 1) I can’t add a link on various elements of single slider or a entire url link. 2) Moreover this slider is not responsive when the layerslider is responsive now. Is that an old version? Thank you so much

Hello, I sent you an email with detailed information about your questions about layerslider.

Hi there,

First of all, thank you for the theme, I quite like it!

However, I’m having some issues.

With the navigation, how would I link the snap navigation to HTML1, HTML2 elements etc? For example:


Would it be http://www.link.co.uk/#href_html1

Hello, The navigation link for the HTML is not included in the theme now, but we will add it in the next version, if you want send us your email and we can send you a file to add this feature to the html sections.

I just sent you an email with the file, if you have any other question we will be happy to help you.

In the ZIP file I downloaded from ThemeForest i have not found file called flatbox.zip. Where do I find this file?

Hello, it was i mistake, the file called as the theme name “mydesign.zip”.

I downloaded MYDesign and have loved it for my website thus far (www.myriostay.com). I have little to no background in programming, but the layout was simple enough to follow and customize. Not to mention they had excellent customer support in following up with any questions I had. Would definitely recommend to anyone entrepreneur looking to develop an attractive and simple site!

Thanks alot, we really appreciate your comment :)

Is this compatible with 3.9?

Yes, it’s compatible with wp 3.9

Thanks I purchased it but I can’t seem to understand how WPML works for this. I am trying to have multiple translations of the content homepage. How do I achieve this? For example I would like to have the default language be in English but have the user click on Spanish and French for the other languages. I just can’t seem to figure out how to do this for this theme I have done this before for other themes.

Hello, to translate the home page content, you open the homepage and add a translation for it, in it’s translation select the template “homepage 2” (make sure the Synchronize page template checkbox is unchecked in wpml options), then you will be able to edit the translation content for the homepage from our theme options, just open the tab “Homepage 2”.

Hi, I’ve tried this template a couple of times and it always loads extremely slow. Do you know how to speed up this loading times? Thanks!

Thank you for purchasing our theme,
- We recommend you to install a caching plugin to your WordPress, this will speed up your WordPress site significantly.
- We recommend you to try this plugin “WP Super Cache”:

Kind regards,

Hi, I purchased and attempted to install and getting this error:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

nm. resolved! thanks

Great to hear that :)


pjtan Purchased

Hi PixFort,

How can i setting the page like http://wenak.org/myd1/ ?

I have import the xml but i can’t get exactly like your demo, please send me the page for the demo.

Thank you


Could you please send us your website information to our email pixfort.com@gmail.com to check the issue.

Kind regards,