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Very beatiful theme.Thank you !

Thanks and looking forward to the sales !

Great Theme :) glws

Thank you so much :)

Excellent work my friend!!!!! ;)

Thanks a lot friend …! :)

Awesome work!

Thanks always.

good work!!!

but slider revolution is including?or not?

Thanks :)

Both Layerslider and Revlolution Slider is included..


The above url slider is done using revolution slider

Thanks for your query.

Looking really great. Nice work.

I found a bug on the homepage. When the slider is active you can’t go nicely to the mobile view. It doesn’t play nice with different screen sizes, it will make you scroll to the left and right.

Kindly refresh once once you switch to mobile view…by default layer slider will not auto refresh to the new dimension…anyway we will try to fix.

Thanks for the reply, i see it works nice on the mobile.

nice one. keep up the good work


Fantastic template! Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks a lot, and happily looks forward to the sales !

Great template! I am using the side-navigation, but I am unable to get the current one marked as active… I havelooked at your preview, but the CSS is different! Adding class=”active” to the

  • doesn´t work…

    Please let me know how to solve this.

  • Please wait while we are updating our template, and the updated version will help you solve your problems soon !

    Its updated…you can grab the template Now!

    hi, How to set the template boxed size by default?

    By default, our template comes in “Wide (Fullwidth)” layout. If you want to change it to the “Boxed” layout, just add the class “boxed” in the body tag of all your pages. (Refer docs for more details).

    I have a bug on safari, it works great on chrome though. When viewing a page with not that much content is see a large white area beneath the text in safari that’s not there on chrome. really weird.

    This also happens in the demo page “side-navigation.html” How can i fix this?

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for your interest and the purchase on our template !

    As we checked our template in Safari, we have found the large white spacing issue you’ve mentioned.


    Thanks again for your kind noticeable information and you can get this fixed easily as following,

    -> Go to “style.css” and then find line.no: 207

    -> Please add the following lines (CSS) there,
    #primary.with-side-nav.with-left-sidebar, #primary.content-full-width {
    min-height: inherit;

    Then check your site again to see that we have fixed the spacing issue, and it is removed now.

    Or you still have any issues then, please get back to us immediately.

    How do you remove the style selector from this website?

    Secondly, can you please email me at [e-mail removed] because I have a special request to ask, I would like your help adding one navigation feature and I am willing to pay for it.

    There is another bug in safari. In the side-navigation.html page when there are only two or three items in this side navigation list, the last box extends far beyond the size it should… Can you fix?

    Actually i figured it out, there was a CSS saying min-height of 600px for the sidebar, which I changed to 300px, problem solved!

    Great and Thanks for updating us !

    Awesome template guys. Excellent work!!!

    Thanks and Welcome mate, We really happy to help you anyway !

    Thank you and keep up the great work!

    this template is missing post-images folder and i cannot portfolio images and other images aslo i cannot see the slider images because the images is not available in downloaded folder consider updating download package

    The images user in our demo template are not available for download, you won’t get them with your downloaded package.

    You should try importing dummy data once and you can get the dummy images then..

    How do I deactivate or delete the empire style picker function? I cannot see in the source code where this is referenced. I do see it in the style.css and controlpanel.js. Obviously I do not want that select your style function on the final live site. Thanks

    Thanks for purchasing our template !

    Please find and remove the following scripts from Line. No: 432 – 433, before the tag of all your page templates,
    Here in this way, you can disable or deactivate the stylepicker from your site easily..


    I am looking forward to purchase the same. Is everything included which is shown under “Live Preview”? Will I get PSD files as well?


    I was not talking about this theme. I was talking in general. Is it possible to design website for our company?

    Sorry, we’re too busy with theme development at this time. So we won’t provide freelancing currently.

    Also we couldn’t help you with custom web design or development and all !

    Hi, That’s fine. It would be great if you refer any one with similar kind of capability. :)


    just a quick question regarding the Flickr images and PrettyPhoto. Is there any method to use PrettyPhoto as a gallery of Flickr images, i.e. next / previous buttons in light-box?

    Thanks and loving the Template :)


    DT, brilliant response as per normal :)

    Thanks and feel free to give us a rating (5/5 will be much appreciated), if you really like our theme and support at all.

    I do believe that was done ages ago :)

    Thank you for nice theme. But, I’ve a problem. portfolio content does not appear correctly on IE.

    I’ve tried it;

    $(”#container”).isotope(‘reLayout’) but the result fail.

    Thanks for getting us back with a screencast that helps know your issues clearly.

    But we didn’t get or faced any of such issues from our end, whereas we have checked even with different machines, platforms and versions as well.

    So please try checking with any other machine (computer systems), and inform us if you get any difficulties yet with it.

    I’ve done that already. As you can see not working properly.


    just want to know how to change the wide layout to boxed one.

    Thanks and loving the Template :)


    Hey Jennycs,

    You can change the wide layout to the boxed one simply by adding a class name “boxed” within the body tag on your pages.
    <body class="boxed">

    Thanks, DT.

    Note: If you really like our template and the support, please feel free to give us your best rating (5/5 will be much appreciated). So that, we’ll be more comfortable and happy to help you all.

    hi, i want to place only 1 image instead the slider, but in tablet or mobile mode, the picture doesn`t get smaller in the widht.

    i use body class=boxed .

    Please get back to us with your site FTP credentials immediately via the right bottom form @ http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes

    And then, we’ll help you place and use only 1 image instead of the slider as you’ve asked.