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Beautiful and clean theme. Good luck :)

Thank you so much !

Nice. Can you have header images on each page?

yes…you can use revoulution and slider to assign header on each page…for title section image we should work a little.

Awesome theme. Just bought it! You rock!

Addendum: I am going to translate the theme, since it’ll be used on a foreign (Dutch) website. Would you like to have the translation, so you can include it for future buyers?

yes…we are planning to update with wpml compatiblity and few popular language pack to include.

Is there any video shortcodes as I don’t see any videos in the demo…

Thanks for your interest and the kind information !

You can use the following shortcode for videos from Youtube, Vimeo & etc.
[embed width='' height=''] URL [/embed]
Youtube - [embed width='930' height='490'][/embed]

Vimeo - [embed width='930' height='490'][/embed] 

Awesome, bought the theme :)

Hello, in the portfolio template, how can i show the zoom only option in the thumbs and hide the full width one?

Very nice template, thank you

1.You can edit the “Contact info” box from its corresponding shortcode as following,
[contact_box title="Contact Info" 
street="No: 58 A, Madison St, Baltimore, MD, USA",
phone="+1 200 258 2145",
fax="+1 100 458 2345",
web="" /]
2.And you can modify the “send message” button at the contact page as following,

-> Please go to “empire\framework\theme_shortcodes” directory and open “contactform.php” file.

-> Find, to edit “Send Message” button as needed. After all changes, save & upload into live finally.

If you have anymore difficulties yet, kindly get back to us immediately.

THank you for your reply. I’ve tried to change the contact box’s details, but only the email and web details will change…street, phone and fax stays the same whatever i do.

I finally got to change the contact information. Another question: how do i remove entirely de fax line? and how do i translate de word “phone”? thank you

Sorry for the double post, but i have another question. How can i modify the “contact info” box and the “send message button” at the contact page? i can’t see them at the edition form.

Thanks for purchasing our theme ! If you want to show zoom only option in thumbs (portfolios), please consider the following steps,

To hide the fullwidth or external preview link icon,

-> Go to your “style.css” and then find,
-> Please write new CSS line as “display:none;”
-> Or use the following CSS properties as it is,
.portfolio-thumb .image-overlay {
display: none;
position: absolute;
right: 0;

To make the zoom option (icon) to be center aligned,

-> Go to in your style.css, -> Please increase the left value to 40% as following,
.portfolio-container .one-fourth:hover a.zoom {
left: 40%;

This left position may vary based on which column page you’re referring to, whereas we used 4-column portfolio page here.

So please be sure on which column page you want to make changes with.

Excellent, Thank you so much!

I get this error message when trying to activate revolution slider on homepage: Please activate Revolution Slider , and add at least one slider. I even duplicated the slider but it still does not seem to recognise it. Please advise.

I know how Revolution works thank you very much. I was able to include it with a shortcode but it is not working when I try to set it up through the homepage option. The revolution slider is activated but your theme is not picking it up….

And i tried it on another site, this picks up the slider but the slider will not show up at all on the homepage. Revolution will only work if it is used with a shortcode.

You can see that the revolution slider is working perfectly in our demo site. As the same way, it should work on our theme too.

But if you still have any difficulties with revolution slider, kindly share us your site credentials (FTP & WP login access) via the right bottom located at,

So that we can check and find if any issues caused in your side. And we can also help you get resolved from those difficulties.

hi.nice theme.layerslider and revolotion install automaticly with install theme or seprate install theme? thanks

Thanks for your interest on our theme and looking forward to your sales anyway !

Both the sliders (layer & revolution responsive) are not automatically installed with theme.

We just need to install them individually, whereas we have provided two separate plugins for that.

So you can install them easily as copy & paste the slider’s plugin folder (Not the .zip archive file) into your plugins folder, say something like “yourdomain\wp-content\plugins”

Check the screenshot attached here for your reference,

Once when you’ve installed the slider plugins, you can also activate them easily from “wp-admin/Dashboard/Plugins”

If need any reference, kindly refer the screenshot attached here,

I wanted a different widget on the contact page, so create a new widget area for that page but it is also showing the Display everywhere widget which I do not want to show on the contact page. This site has a lot of page and I do not want to waste time creating a widget area for dozens of pages that will show the exact same widget. Is there a way to bypass that so that I have only one widget showing on my contact page?

Setting up your Custom widgets

-> Go to “wp-admin/Dashboard/Appearance/Widgets”. For reference,

-> Drag & Drop from the available widgets into the Contact page widget area you’ve created.

It would have been nice to have the name of the icons next to the icon itself in the unordered lists… some of them are obvious but there is one I want to use and cant figure out which one it is and dont have time to try them all. Services box: I had to install the dummy content to get the code… but now I dont want a “read more”link so I removed it from the code but it is still showing up in the boxes… and where are the icons to chose from???

The question about the service boxes has not been answered…

Widgets: I understand how to get the widgets. I buy at least one theme a week and one of the feature I always look for is unlimited sidebars so I know how they work.

Lets take an example for argument’s sake:

I have a website with 25 pages. They all use the same sidebar except for the homepage and the contact page. Homepage it is is easy as it does not use any sidebar.

Since all the pages are using the same widget I use the sidebar everywhere and created a new widget (SIDEBAR) for the contact page. Whatever is in the sidebar everywhere shows on my contact page sidebar.

The way you have this set up, I would have to create a widget for each page just to have a different sidebar on the contact page so i call this madness and surely it there is an override…

To remove the “read more” link from Service box,

-> Please go to “empire\framework\theme_shortcodes\theme.php”

-> Find and then remove the following line,

$out .= '<a href="'.$link.'" class="read-more">'.$link_text.'<i class="icon-angle-right" /></a>';

See the attachment if need any reference,

And you can choose the icons from the following link,

How do you change the font color of the send button on the contact form? I tried firebug, not working, or even just the background color of the button, one or the other. \i just cant read the send writing. Thanks.

You can change the background color the button instead of the “Send Message” text simply as following,

1) Please find and open “empire\framework\theme_shortcodes\contactform.php”

2) Then find, and use the new class name (with corresponding button color) inside the class attribute.

3) After all the changes are made, please save and update your files finally.

Hope the following attachments will help you have a better understanding on it,

Is it possible to change the background color, both of the header (logo + nav) and the content area? I would really like to change it from [light]grey to white, as it fits my website better.

Yes, you can possibly change the background color for both the header (logo + nav) and the content area as easier.

Please get and open your “style.css”, then follow the steps given below,

1) To change Main content area Background color:

Find (approx) in your “style.css”, and there you can change the background color of content area.

.main-container {

2) To change Header Background color:

-> Please remove the class “gradient” first from your <header> tag.

-> Then find (approx) in “style.css”, to change your header background color.

header {

3) To change the Background color of Menu navigation:

Find (approx) in your “style.css”, and there you can change the background color of nav menu items.

#page-nav ul li, #page-nav ul.sub-menu li {

If you have anymore difficulties yet to follow these simple steps, please let us know immediately.

Wow, thank you, I will try it out as soon as I can :-)

Worked like a charm, thank you sir!

Where can you edit the homepage to display different pages as they scroll?

I think you’re asking for something like Onepage theme. If you are looking for such one page scrolling theme, you can take a look at our another theme “CORE” from,

Because, there is no option and we can’t make this Empire theme homepage to display different pages on scroll as you asked.

Can you make the header bigger, My logo wouldn’t fit well in the sample one, It would be too small, since its not a word like “empire.” It’s a logo with the company name under it. Thanks.

Yes, we have made this theme friendly to support most of the third party plugins.

Can you please be more specific on which plugins you’re asking for?

Because, it will be better for both to confirm the plugin you’re going to use with.

I don’t really have any in mind, maybe facebook plug-ins for blog comments and seo plug-ins

Our theme will support and ready to use with the third-party plugins (SEO & Facebook for Blog Comments) you’ve asked.

As we have tested our theme, it will work compatibly as well with other mostly used plugins listed below,

Hello, id like to know if it’s possible to insert the search widget anywhere else that’s not the footer or a sidebar? i need it to be on top of one category (blog template). Thanks

Yes, you can possibly use the search widget anywhere else instead of the sidebar and footer by adding the following line in your corresponding page template file,
<?php get_search_form(); ?>

And you will need some design tweaks based on the place, you want this search form to be added.

Here we attached the screenshots in below for the reference of adding search form on top of the page.

If you have anymore difficulties yet, kindly let us know the page (search form to be added) more specifically with any screenshots and your site credentials.

Hello, I would want to put videos (format mp4) which I accommodate on my server in portfolios how I has to make? Thank you

Thanks for purchasing our theme ! Currently there is no option and it is not possible to put mp4 videos inside your domain’s (server) portfolios or portfolio sliders.

So we suggest you to upload your mp4 videos into YouTube, and use their URL to call in your portfolios instead.

Note: If you want to show mp4 videos in page (or) portfolio content section, kindly use the following plugins.

The above plugins will make you easier and gives a better solution for you to use your mp4 videos.

Hi, how did you create the Page subtitles? Like in your demo: FEATURES Some text from your thoughts

Great theme!

You can create Sub-title for your pages simply from the Page Default Options as shown in the screenshot attached below,

Now i see! Thank you. Next question: How do i set a (FRAMED) TOGGLE as open?

Sorry, it is not possible to set and use Framed Toggle as open, however you can use the Framed Accordion as similar instead.

Does this theme include “Drag Page Builder” ?

No, we haven’t included the “Drag Page Builder” in our theme. Thanks for your interest on our theme anyway !

However you will feel that creating (or managing) pages will be quite easier in this theme as well.

Hello, how can i update to version 2.0 of your theme without losing all my customisations? I have installed it but now the theme is displayed twice as two separate themes, version 1.0 and 2.0. Thanks

Here is a changelog of our Empire Theme’s most recent update,

1) Woo-commerce shopping cart ready (Woocommerce pages and styles added – Woocommerce 2.0.12 Support)

2) Multiple Home Page layouts ready (11 new home pages added)

3) WPML (WordPress multi-language) Support ready. All theme files “textdomain” changed.

5) New “Service” shortcodes added, and some design tweaks were made.

You can activate the updated version (after de-activating v1), if you want to get rid of these features.

Note: If you’ve made a lot of major changes, you may lose them on updating.

Adding to naoko15’s question, can we have a changelog so we can see what customisations will be lost.


Here is a changelog of our Empire Theme’s most recent update,

1) Woo-commerce shopping cart ready (Woocommerce pages and styles added – Woocommerce 2.0.12 Support)

2) Multiple Home Page layouts ready (11 new home pages added)

3) WPML (WordPress multi-language) Support ready. All theme files “textdomain” changed.

5) New “Service” shortcodes added, and some design tweaks were made.