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do you have any examples of products with multiple images? a

Yes, you can find the product with multiple images as we have from the following product page,

How do you change the header to a darker color? Is it using an image for the background?

No, the header is designed with an easily changeable color only and not any image background used.

Check the screenshot attached here for your reference on changing darker color for the header,

Thank you so much for that!

If you are happy with this theme and our support, please feel free to provide Item/Author rating which will really help us to stand out and proceed with.

It will be great and we feel very happy if your rating is 5 out of 5 (5/5) . . !

Hello, how can i translate the word “phone” in the contact form shotcode?

[contact_box title="Contact Info" street="No: 58 A, Madison St, Baltimore, MD, USA", phone="+1 200 258 2145", fax="+1 100 458 2345", email="" web="" /]

I could change everything else but the word “phone” cannot be edited. It is very strange.


1) If you want to remove the “Fax” line entirely from your contact box,

-> Simply assign a null value for “Fax” field in the “Contact box” shortcode, or leave it empty as follows,

[contact_box fax=’‘]

-> Check out the screenshot attached here for your reference,

2) And you can translate the word “Phone” with the static text used from “framework\theme_shortcodes\theme.php”.

Or please download and use the updated “theme.php” file attached here by replacing your existing one simply.

Note: We are planning about updating our theme to support multiple languages soon.

If you are happy with this theme and our support, please feel free to provide Item/Author rating which will really help us to stand out and proceed with.

It will be great and we feel very happy if your rating is 5 out of 5 (5/5) . . !

How do I add a contact page using this theme? I don’t see a page template for that.

Thank you. For some reason when I try to change the content of the contact box (street, etc.), none of the changes reflect on the published page. Why is that?

Please check out the “Miscellaneous” shortcodes page below, as we shown in the preview of our theme,

So you will know the way of using and changing the values in Contact box shortcode as we already mentioned there.

Thank you this helped.

Very interested in purchasing the theme. Would it be easy to change the size of the logo area to be about 200px tall? Would the menu adjust correctly?

Thank you!

Thanks for your interest on our theme anyway and looking forward to your purchase soon !

It is quite simple and you can possibly change the logo container size as long as you need.

But the menu won’t adjusts itself correctly, so you will need to adjust the menu container size as well.

Look at the screenshot attached here for your reference,

Note: Here we used a logo with the size of 300×88px.

To correct the menu height, you would need to adjust the padding of menu item and the “top” value of drop down sub-menu.
#page-nav ul li a {
padding: 45px 16px;

#page-nav ul li ul.sub-menu {
top: 113px;

Very nice theme, thanks a lot!

1. I cannot view all my portfolio entries. It shows 404 when I preview & access the entries. I didn’t edit the permalinks. What can I do?

2. How can I insert your buttons into revolution slider?

3. For the blog post shortcode, can it shows thumbnail, title & exert only (remove author, tags, comments…)?

1) To avoid portfolio entries accessing issues,

a) Please go to Wp-admin -> Dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks

b) Set permalink structure to Default and save changes

c) Then change permalink structure as “Post name” and save changes again

Now you can get access and check preview of all your portfolio entries.

Check the screenshot attached here for your reference,

2) To insert our buttons into the revolution slider, kindly use the following html code inside the new layer as shown in the attachment below,
<a class="button medium green" href="#">Button Text</a>


<a class="button large button-arrow green" href="#">Purchase Now<i class="icon-angle-right" /></a>

3) To remove meta information (like author, tags, comments) from blog posts,

Kindly use “show_meta” with the value as “false” in your blog post shortcode.


 [blog_list posts_column="one-half-column" excerpt_length="30" limit="2" categories="3" show_meta= "false"/]

For more details on this, check our “Miscellaneous” shortcodes page given below,

thanks a lot for your reply! beautifully solved:) for the service icon box with animated icon, like the animated effect of mouse hover a lot! Can the icon itself “clickable” to hyperlink too?

Please mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately.

So that we can help you get the Service box icons clickable with hyperlinks.

Could I remove the product prices of online store and that only display the product information? I can add categories and subcategories to the online store?


Yes, you can remove the product prices and display only the product information with the following ways,

1) CSS – You can hide or remove the product prices from its corresponding CSS styesheet.

2) Or you can use the default WooCommerce functions to remove or disable the product prices.

How to get back the “Read more” link on the blog post excerpts? Right now it cuts off the blog posts and just has [...] which doesn’t link to the rest of the article. I’ve tried enabling and disabling “Allow Excerpt” on the blog page.

Currently we haven’t included such option to show “Read more” link on the blog post excerpts.

We will consider adding this feature on our upcoming theme update surely.

Meanwhile, if you can’t wait for the update then, please mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) via the right bottom form located at,

So we can work in your side and will help getting this work for you ASAP !

How would I change the background color to the widget area, as well as the background. Seems every css change I try and make is overridden by the theme.

We haven’t used any background color (or background) for widget areas currently.

If possible, can you please be more specific with any screenshot like reference on how you wants to be.

So that we can understand your needs clearly, and help you get an exact solution ASAP !

Hi, i’d like to change the anchor and the link for the “buy now” in the price-table shortcode. How can i do it?

You can change the anchor link for “buy now” button from the pricing table shortcode in this way,

the twitter widget isn’t working

As you can see from the following link, Twitter has discontinued its unauthenticated v1.0 API.

So the “Twitter 1.0 API” (used in our widget here) getting retired and stopped working.

We are now looking to integrate the alternate solution, so we will update and make it work ASAP.

does this theme come with dummy content?

Thanks for your interest on our theme first and looking forward to your purchase soon :)

Yes, we have included the dummy data importing option at the top right of our Buddha panel.

You can see that we’ve already mentioned it in the item-details page,

Hi, love your theme – excellent to work with!

One problem tough, is it possible to change the “main color” of the website? As in, I can’t find correct color from the skins option.

Thank you

Thanks for purchasing our theme and your loving appreciations anyway !

Yes, you can possibly change the main color of the website as easier as following,

-> Please find the below lines from your “style.css” and thereby you can change the color as needed.
Line No. 233: .main-container { }
Line No. 277: header { }
Line No. 759: .widget_newsletter { }
-> Also please remove the css styles of gradient effects from,
Line No. 759: header.gradient { }
Line No. 759: .widget_newsletter.gradient { }
Kindly check out the screenshot attached here for your reference,

Would it be easy to adjust the logo size and make it 200-300px tall?

Yes, you can possibly make the logo container size as tall as you need.

But in that case, you should also have to adjust the padding of menu navigation as well.

Hope you have seen the previous thread, where we already detailed this anyway !

For any or all the inside pages: Can we have custom sized 1320×430 images scroller/slider below the header the place where you have breadcrumbs?

This slider:

Also, is there a way to show mini-header on this site?


1) Yes, you can have custom sized image slider below the header breadcrumbs as you asked.

-> Create layer slider with your custom sized images

-> Then copy and paste the layer slider shortcode below into your page/post content area.
[layerslider id='slider_id']


[layerslider id='2']

2) By means of Mini-header, you want to have any strip like element on header or just want to minimize the header-size simply.

I have duplicate menu items appearing eg home home, pages pages, features features. Not sure how this happened. Can i just delete the dupes under appearance>menus?

Yes, you can possibly delete the dupes from ”\Appearance\Menus”

Try deleting those duplicate menu items once and save menu then.

If the problem still persists, please get back to us immediately..

On the portfolio details page, is there a way to disable to slider or make it a static image?

Nevermind. I figured it out.

I have a different question, though, posted below

I just bought it and I need the tutorial videol, where I can find??? thankssss

Here you can find the complete list of video tutorials we’ve composed to help you with,


I’ve just purchased your theme but have a problem with Dummy Content. Always see 502 error during importing. Tried several browsers and both methods described in your manual. Any ideas?

Regards, Vasiliy

Can you provide .sql import file and import options code for your theme? It looks like a fast solution for me.

Our theme has default Wordpress importing option with XML data importing file only.

And you can grab that XML data import file from,


You can try importing again with any other importers and alike Wordpress plugins

Still if you are getting the same issues then, please get us back with your site credentials immediately..

Why does the filter on the Portfolios pages only support single word categories? How can this be fixed?