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Also, is there a way to make the team widgets link out to other pages or sites when clicked on?

Thanks for the notice and your kind information anyway !

Please consider updating by downloading our theme’s latest updated version.

1) The latest updated version will help you get rid of portfolio filters, as we’ve fixed out the issues with it..

Or here you can just find the set of files for you to download and replace with,

(myempire\includes)portfolio-post-layout.php, (myempire\framework)utils.php (myempire\theme_shortcodes)theme.php

2) You can see that currently our theme just uses a shortcode for “Team” section and we can have only social profile links with that.

If you want to make that linkable to other pages, we just need to work for you personally from your side, and it will goes beyond the scope of customization.

So please mail us your site credentials via the right bottom form located at our user page below,

Hi, is there any way to make this theme wider? I’d like the content areas to be at least 980px wide. Thanks!!

Yes, you can possibly make the content area to 980px wide easily by changing the below CSS from your “style.css”

.container { margin: 0 auto !important; width: 940px; /* Here you can give the width of your content area */ }

But it may affect the inside elements as well. So you will have to work on some design tweaks as needed.

Hello, loving the theme. One problem coming up is on the mobile version. The menu seems to be cutting off part of the words. Please see image below. \\

Check once by adjusting the menu font-size or just try using any other google web fonts as you need..

Where is the contact shortcode?

We are not sure that you’re asking for the shortcode of contact box or contact form. So here is the shortcode we used for contact page,
[contact_form to_email="" subject="Enquiry" success_msg="Thanks for Contacting Us" error_msg="Sorry your message Not sent." /]
[contact_box title="Contact Info" street="No: 58 A, Madison St, Baltimore, MD, USA", phone="+1 200 258 2145", fax="+1 100 458 2345", email="" web="" /] 

I look to be getting a 404 on all of the portfolio pages. Is there something I am missing?

Thanks for purchasing our “myEmpire” Wordpress theme !

You can avoid getting 404 issues on your portfolio pages as following,

1) Goto Wp-admin (Dashboard) -> Settings -> Permalinks

2) Kindly change and save the permalink structure into “Default” settings

3) After that, change it again to “Post name” structure and save changes.

So your .htaccess files will be recreated then successfully.

If you still have the same issues then, please get us back immediately.

This template is very good, I´m very happy with it, thank you. But I can´t change the size of the thumbnails on the shop page. How can I change it? In the demo it is taller 300×400, in mine it has 300×175. How can I change this? Thanks

Thanks for purchasing our theme and your loving interests ! You can change the size of product images as following,
1) Go to Wp-admin (Dashboard) -> Appearance -> Settings -> Catalog tab.
2) There you can have “Image Options” below to set custom width & height for your product images.
3) And then go to “Wp-admin (Dashboard) -> Plugins -> Add New”
4) Find and Install “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin from Wordpress, You can then regenerate (or crop) your media files (images) you’ve already uploaded from Wp-admin (Dashboard) -> Tools -> Regen.Thumbnails
5) Save (or update) all your changes finally and check preview in your front-end then..
If you still get anymore issues then, kindly get back to us immediately..

It worked, thank you very much!

Hi, I am trying to change the contact info, not sure where to do that? you showed the code above but all that is on the page is [contact_box] Where do I change the address etc? I’ve tried coding my own box but the address does not change

You can change the address easily by using the “street” parameter as following,

Hope the screenshots attached will help you have the better understanding..

I do get it. I took the street= parameter completely out and the address is still there.

Please download and use “theme.php” file attached below by replacing your existing one from, “Myempire\framework\theme_shortcodes”

If you find any difficulties, please get us back immediately.

ALmost perfect theme, however i can’t solve a problem. Navigation menu (numbers of pages) for posts doesnt work on home page, Could you please help?

Please mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP) immediately via the right bottom, located at

So that, we can check and fix your issues with our theme ASAP !

hi.How to list additional fonts or fonts to the font list to edit in theme panlel?I looked all files php and could not find

Thanks for your interest on our theme !

We have added fonts (lists) in the PHP array.

So you can add the new fonts there inside or at the end of that array by comma(,) separated.


I cannot get any sitemap plugins to work with this theme…have you tested any? I tried to use Yoast SEO, the most popular SEO plugin with no success. I think installed SEO Ultimate and it worked, but Google XML Sitemaps will not work. It cannot create a sitemap. Any idea?

Sorry for the inconvenience

Our Empire theme compatible with “Google XML Site-maps” plug-in. We installed and checked the sitemap.xml file with our theme. It’s working well as you can see from the screen shots given below
Our theme supports with our default SEO methodology and “All In One SEO Pack” & “WP SEO” plugins. If you use any other plugins, that may cause issues anyway. We are thankful for your information. We will fix and update those issues ASAP.

If you want to fix out those issues, please email your Website URL with Wordpress & FTP login credentials through the right bottom form at,

Hi! I sent you mail via designthemes page on themeforest. Can you please come back to me as the matter is of urgency.

Can you please log into my web and see what the problem seems to be? I have done everything according to documentation and yet the WPML compatability seems to be malfunctioning.

how to use this theme.any documentation in package or online documentation?

You can get the documentation along with the package of files on purchase..

Meanwhile, you can get the online documentation and the complete set of video manuals below

hello, very nice! I’d like to buy it but I would need a section for audio player and play-list. Do you think they can do a version retina ready?

Currently, you will not have any default option for audio-player and playlists.

Still you can get or manage those options with the help of Wordpress plugins that you can find from,

Also we haven’t made this theme to be retina-ready.

Hey! Just a quick note, some widgets [including, but not limited to Google Maps] do not load on https. And some widgets break the SSL connection when served.

I fixed this myself—maybe you can incorporate protocol independent widgets in one of the next releases?

Addendum: most SSL related errors are fixed by replacing http:// with https:// in the *.php files under framework/theme_shortcodes :-)

Thanks for your kind information. We will consider this shortcodes issue in next update. If you find any issues, kindly inform me we likes to give you the great support.

Hi, Is there a way to make the green bar above the navigation bigger and add text?

Our theme having the option to add text in top of the page using BuddhaBar.
Here we attached “”, kindly download & unzip files.
Downloable zip files:
Do necessary changes / replace the following 3 files.

1. In style.css, add buddhabar styles :
2. In header.php, call bbar script:
3. In custom.js, call bbar script:

Check this for BBar settings:
Check this for Front-End look:

Thanks! Where can I find the custom.js file? I’m trying to update it via ftp and need the location of the file.

Oh sorry, I found it! Works great, thanks again!

Hi,How to Show Limited Number of Tags for posts?ex: how to limited get_the_tag_list in theme.php line 213.

Hi priam,

Go to open, myempire \ framework \ utils.php. Add the following lines of code.
function limit_to_two_tags($terms) { return array_slice($terms, 0, 2, true);

Check the screenshot for reference:

Kindly inform me, if you find any difficulties.


How do I change only the menu font? I want to make it a different family, plus a little bolder.

Thank you.

You can change the different font for menu and make it strong (or bolder) simply as following,

To change Menu font-family, size and more from backend –

To Make the menu font bolder through adding/editing CSS styles –

hi.portfolio filter not support arabic language.when create category with arabic lang,portfolio filter not working.only support eng to fix it? (my empire v2.2)

Kindly mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form located at,

So that, we can check in your side and will help you get the solution ASAP by working on your end.

Hello, How do you add a new skin? I need to change the color for the top menu bar. to a different color gold.

Please follow the steps given below for adding a new custom skin of your own into this theme,

-> Goto your theme folder “MyEmpire”, and you can see a folder named “skins” there.

-> Create a new folder (say, “my skin”) there for your new custom skin to be added.

-> Then please add the corresponding images and stylesheet for your new skin into that folder as needed.

1.   screenshot.png image (250 * 180) 
2.   style.css 
3.   Images (all other images used site-wide)

Note: It is better to just copy from any existing skin folder and make the changes with that then.

demo doesn’t work today on chrome! it’s shame!