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Hey, I´m having problem with my website, this is the error I get:

LayerSlider WP: old jQuery issue It looks like you are using an old version (1.10.2) of the jQuery library. LayerSlider requires at least version 1.7.2 or newer. If you are using the WordPress version of LayerSlider, you can try out the “jQuery Updater” plugin from the WP plugin depository. If you don’t know what to do, you can write us a private message from our CodeCanyon profile page. We need a temporary WP admin account (or a temporary FTP account in some cases) to solve this issue.


As you’ve notified from that error message, you can try out the “jQuery Updater” plugin from the WP plugin depository.

Kindly download and install the above mentioned plugin “jQuery Updater” simply from Wordpress at,

Once if you’ve installed this plugin, you will be able to make the Layer slider to work properly in your site as needed.

Hello, is it possible to turn off the shopping cart and just use this theme in the catalog mode? Thanks in advance, Irene

Hello, i installed the theme but i don’t see an option to set up the revolutionary slider anywhere. How do I get it? Also, I dont see a template for the Shop/products pages. How do I set that up? Thanks, Irene

You can get the revolutionary slider simply by installing and activating the corresponding plugin as shown below,

Kindly integrate WooCommerce plugin as mentioned below, and you will get your Shop/Products pages then,

How do I get rid of the “read more” text in the service box? I tried deleting from the “edit page” section but it’s still there. Sorry I’m not a pro at this.

Kindly provide us your site credentials / FTP details. We need to check & work on that.

Please get us back with your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately.

So that, we can check in our end, then we’ll help you with better solution ASAP !

As we have checked out your website from our end, we didn’t get any of such issues you’ve mentioned.

Instead, we can see your blog page with sidebar which has its corresponding widgets (content) as well.

I have the slider switched to disabled on mobile yet it is still showing on mobile. On the mobile it is not responsive at even though on Revolution is set to responsive. Sohow do i disable it for mobile?

This is not customization, the revolution slider and youtube video on the homepage is not resizing as it should since your theme is responsive. I had to switch off the slider for the mobile version but still does not resolve the issue with the youtube video.

We have fixed and updated the issue of “Disable Slider for Mobile Devices” with our theme’s latest updated versions.

So please consider download and use the current version (v2.4) simply. Or else just copy and replace the updated “myempire \ framework\ register_public.php” file with your existing one.

Hope you know that we can’t help or provide any support for third party plugins (including Revolution Responsive) as we’ve already mentioned with the documentation.

And those issues may occurred because the customizations you’ve dealt with your end. So please mail us your site credentials if possible.

So that we can check and find out issues from your end. Then we’ll help you get the quick solution ASAP !

Hope you’ve already got the update for this query by mail as we sent you the solution at times before.

Hi: some question: a) Can I put diferent category in diferent portfolio page? i do not want to use sorteable portfolio b) Can I make this theme no responsive? c) Can i make no lightbox the image in the portfolio four category? Thank you very much

a) Yes, you can put different categories for different portfolio pages in 2 possible ways as following,

1.1) Goto “Wp-admin (Dashboard) / Appearance / Menus”, then click “Screen Options” from top right corner and check both the “Categories” options.

1.2) So you can have Portfolio Categories appeared in the left side of your Menu page.

1.3) There you have to choose categories and click “Add to Menu” button. Once if the portfolio categories appeared in the right of your menu page, save it finally.

Or you can use the following ways,

2.1) Choose “Portfolio Template” while creating your portfolio pages.

2.2) There in the “Custom Options” meta box below, you need to Check “No” for “Allow Filters” option.

2.3) Once if you’ve chosen your Categories save it finally. Same way, you can add more pages then.

b) Yes, you can make this theme as no responsive from “Wp-admin (Dashboard) / MyEmpire / Responsive & Mobile”

c) Sorry, currently we didn’t provided any option to have No lightbox images for specific portfolio category pages.

Hi, how can i have my menu ever visible? now if i scroll , menu scroll too.

1) Please go to “Wp-admin (Dashboard) -> Empire (Buddha Panel) -> General.

2) There you’ll have an option like “Enable Sticky Navigation” and check “No” for it.

Hi, I am having an issue with my site in safari. It works great in every other browser but in safari all of the links and mouse overs move really, really slowly. Do you know what may be causing this?

We haven’t get and never heard of such kind of issues yet. So please try checking once again with any other machines and let us know if you get the same issues then..


I am trying to change the H2 font for my blog. The h2 font is the title of the blog on the page, I would like it to be a little more noticeable. I changed the font and save the settings, however the font does not change. If I change the body font it will update and change immediately. Any advice is very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Please mail us your site credentials with your font-name via the right bottom form @

So that, we can help you change the h2 title font for your blog pages.

I sent an email but still have not heard a response. Thank you.

You can change the h2 font-family you need from “Wp-admin (Dashboard) / MyEmpire / Appearance / Typography” tab simply as shown below,

And then please remove the CSS selector ”.blog-post .post-details h2 a” from your “Myempire \ style.css” at Line.No:28 as shown here,

Still if you get any issues with this, please get us back with your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately.

hi.Which file format has changed? I have to customize the template.any change log file?

You will have a Change log file along with the downloaded package while updating to the latest versions.

Or else, you can see the list of updates with the Change-logs here in the below of our item-details page,

hello.very attractive theme.i like your works. can i make this theme RTL??is there any conflict?

Hi Nastaran,

Our empire theme can support RTL layout also. You can easily to make RTL support theme using our theme. There is no conflicts in our theme using as RTL.

Check our blog page in RTL version: Check our shortcodes page in RTL version:

Wowwww,very nice.I enjoyed your ultimate theme.that was full RTL support.I have to deposit a few money to purchase this:D is there demo content(Xml) in this theme too

Thanks and we really feel very happy to hear such great loving appreciations !

Looking forward to your purchase (or sales) with this.

And of course, you’ll have the demo data as XML file along with this theme to import from,


If you get any difficulties, you can also try using the default Wordpress importer alike plugins.


I need to know how to change the Portfolio and Blog buttons and predetermined text such as RECENT POSTS, ARCHIVES, CATEGORIES to another language?

Thanks for the purchase and your interest on our theme anyways !

If possible, please mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form @

So that we can check out the issues from your end, then help you get a quick solution ASAP !

Hi. your theme is beautiful. why your sale is very low?

I am RTL developer. if you want i can make an RTL.css for your theme to support rtl languages. If your theme support rtl language a many person from arabic (RTL) language can buy the theme and use it. I can update the rtl.css for the new version of theme. for this suggestion contact me please.

for this theme or other


i Purchased it now

Thanks for your interest anyway !

We have a plan to provide RTL support in future.

If needed, we will do it ourselves as we’re already strong with RTL (rtl.css)

So, no thanks and thanks for asking.

where is progress bar shortcode?

where is recent post shortcode?

where Icons?

and where is …?

I am sorry for mine that buy your theme. most shortcode not exist in theme.

I know. but I have to come to your demo to can see and use the shortcodes. for each time that I want to change the website,i have to come to your demo and it’s very bad. the all shortcodes must be available in editor theme. please add other shortcodes (specially recent post and skillbar shortcodes) in editor.

your rtl.css is not true and has very issue in rtl . you add all codes of style.css in rtl.css file and the end of rtl.css add some rtl code. my language is RTL and i am RTL developer and can provide rtl.css for you as well.

Actually, in our latest themes we’ve made this more convenient and included all those shortcodes within the shortcode editor itself.

Same way, we’ll need to update those shortcodes in this theme as well. But it will take some more time, as we’re too busy in theme development currently.

We’ll be sure and let you know once if we have updated all those things here with this MyEmpire theme.

Thanks ! You can expect the update soon and we’ll let you know shortly within a week..

I not use the theme without all shortcodes. when you release the new version of this theme with all shortcodes in editor?


We will try to update Shortcode editor in this theme earlier next week.

I am waiting for update shortcodes in editor to use theme. very thanks :)

Hi! All fonts which are in the include.php file without Russian support (without Cyrillic). As well as where it is necessary to make changes to a code for ????? that it was possible to choose the google fonts which support Russian in subject settings? Thanks

Yes, of course ! If you know the Google fonts that supports Russian languages, you can add those fonts simply within a single quote as the following one at the list from “include.php”.

And once if you’ve added those fonts, you can then also be able to choose them from your Theme settings easily.

I have added the font names, but this is not enough. Each font with support for Russian language is added to the name of the prefix – “&subset=cyrillic”.

- Font without the support of the Russian language: – <>

- Font with support for Russian language: <>

You can add or call your font which supports Russian language into the Google font subset simply as shown below,

And here is a front-end view of the website after that Cycrillic font have been added,


How can i use the portfolio carousel for a specific portfolio category. Also without the read more link. I’m planning to place the carousel in the sidebar.


In this theme, we’ve used the following shortcode for portfolio carousel as shown in our demo theme’s miscelleneous shortcodes page,
[portfolio_carousel more_link="#"]Some Content[/portfolio_carousel]
However, if you want to use this portfolio carousel for specific category without “Read More” link, that will goes beyond the scope of customization.

And you should pay our minimum cost ($ 20 – 25 / hr) as customization. So please let us know your interest soon !

I’m looking to customize our website: 1. Want to move the “Subscribe Newsletter” bar up to below the navigation menu; 2. Make the bottom widgets each wider to accommodate Facebook feeds better; 3. Center the navigation menu bar to center of page; Site is

Thanks for getting us back with such clear queries ! We have checked out your website and we’re ready to start work on customizing it as required.

We will need to work on 2 hours of our business time to make things perfect, and we normally charges $ 20 – 25 / hour for such customizations.

Please let us know your interest soon ! If interested, please mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form @

Hello. I am waiting for update editor. thank you very much :)

Thanks and we’ll be sure to let you know that once it has been updated ! !