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Hello, I saw before you mention how to change the link to the buy now button but the link is no longer valid. Could you please explain how I can link from this?

Thank you.


Thank you. It worked great.


Happy that it works good for you anyway !

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Sorry anyways that we haven’t tested our “Empire” theme with WooCommerce 2.1 plugin yet.

But, thanks a lot for your kind information anyways. We’ll update this theme soon with necessary plugins supported.

I have a problem with price table too. where is the bottom link of the table?

please fix error in wordpress dashboard. in my other website not exist any issue wit wp 3.8 . please fix the theme

Dear …


Kindly use button_link, button_text, button_size like attributes along with the shortcode, to get the “Buy Now” button link at the bottom of your pricing tables.

Look at the screenshots attached here for your reference,


Or you can also get a better understanding on it by looking at the following page,


thanks. and what’s your solution for dashboard issue?

Are you have a plans to update the theme?

thanks for your reply


We have a plan to update this theme “MyEmpire” maybe in the next week !

So please wait while we’ll check and help you get the better solution thereby.

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Hi. Sociable link is not working. I referenced in the settings MyEpire-General-Sotsiable-Twitter – “twitter-name”, but the site has a link address – http://site.com/twitter-name.


Hope you solved this problem

zl-ndv Purchased

The problem is solved, thanks for a prompt reply :)!


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hi.in portfolio when choice just featured image show warning. fix it plz

since you add icons in editor, editor in resolution 1024.728 go under other things. please check editor in resolution 1024.768

please update font awesome

please add number limit for blog shortcode

blog as problem in 3 column and 4 column. when title is long more and has 2 line, the next row of blog item has problem.


solution: define height property for blog row.


you can fix it easily. put this code to style:

.post-details { min-height: 91px;}

Thanks a lot for all your kind noticeable and valuable information !

But sorry anyways that we don’t have any plans to update font-awesome and min-height for post-details.

Meanwhile, you can change or use the min-height you needed for your post-details as long as your title goes thereby.

And we have already provided the No. of post limit for the Blog shortcode as you can see at this page,


We just have to check other things like portfolio featured image warning and the Shortcode editor in 1024*768 resolution.

Once if we finished checking, we’ll get back to you with the possibilities of updating those things then.


not work

Is there a “is this a human” check that works well with your Contact Us page?



Sorry, we haven’t included any Captcha for Contact form in this theme.

Instead, we have provided “Contact form 7” plugin support along with it.

If I use your Twitter widget it says: No public Tweets found – but if I use another plugin it works fine, why is that?


Please check once again and make sure that you’ve just configured your Twitter widget with the appropriate secret keys (or tokens) on your account itself.

Look at the screenshot attached here for your reference, http://d.pr/i/Kpdp

As you can see from the demo of our theme, the same Twitter widget works fine without any problems as here, http://d.pr/i/dxCR

I have installed the latest update of the theme and now I cannot get the revolution slider working at all. I deleted it, re-installed the latest version… it is not working! Sending you access to the site.


You can get the list of icons as we have used from “Font Awesome”,


And of course, you can turn off the SEO options easily as following:

1) Please get “ElegantBusiness\framework\include.php” file from your directory

2) Find the code at Line.No:252 and hide it using the double slash (//)

3) Save changes and upload this file by replacing your existing one.

Look at the screenshot attached here for your reference, http://d.pr/i/jI7v

4) And then please get “ElegantBusiness\header.php” file from your directory.

5) Find Line.No:6 and change or rewrite the code as shown below,
<title><?php bloginfo('title'); ?></title>
6) Save changes and upload this file by replacing your existing one.

Look at the screenshot attached here for your reference, http://d.pr/i/VVrC

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We’re expecting 5/5 stars, which will be much appreciated and helpful for us to proceed support you all.


We will update this theme, may be this week. Also we will check fully on slider section. We will inform you, after this theme update.

Note: We feel, this theme does not support on multi-site.


We would also like to mention that you have made several changes in this theme files and it could also be reason for the malfunction of revolution slider. We will update the theme by this week and if that does not work with your updates we can sort out then.

when you update theme?


We will update the Theme (by fixing the Theme issues) within this Week! But, we won’t update the Font Awesome!

Issues with uploading pictures. When theme is not active, it works fine. The moment I activate it, I can no longer upload pictures. Is there something that I should add to the coding in one of the scripts?

Has Empire been tested with the new Woo Commerce 2.1 plugin yet?

Thank you.

please release the new update


As we’re too busy in our new theme development, we’ll try to update this theme in the earlier days of next week.

very poor support ! I am waiting for update and fix reported bugs.