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Firstly I want to say this is an amazing looking theme, I absolutely love it..

I wonder of you could please tell me how to do this..?

I need to add the main slider to the post pages…

On the single.php I tried adding

<?php get_template_part(‘slideshow’,’main slideshow’);?>


<?php get_header();?>

It added the slider but the blue background was not behind it, can you please tell me how I can do this.

Many thanks

Hi, there’s different styling for homepage and inner pages, when you include slideshow in inner pages this will break the styling, I will consider to add this feature for next update.


Hi, Nice theme ! i want just to ask if it work with mobile ? because whene i test your theme demo in mobile, it completly destructud ! thanks

Hi, myhosting theme support both for mobile and tablet devices, it’s used foundation css framework.


Hi, I’m thinking of buying this theme and wants to know the following:

1: Is it compatible with Wordpress 4.1.1?

2: Can it be used together with WHMCS?



1. there’s an issue with the shortcode menu in WP editor, but we will fix this soon.

2. by default there’s no feature for this, but you can use plugin like WHCMS bridge

Thanks for your interest

Hi. I have a question. I wanna show slideshow style : Full image. but when I upload image, it shows white image border. I just wanna full image without white image border. how can I set up? I opened slideshow.php file. but I don’t know how to fix it. please give me comment or if you send me e-mail ( I can show you more detail about my question. please help me ASAP

Hi, be sure you have selected your slideshow styling properly first, you can manage this from Slideshow Option => Slideshow Style field right below the editor when you creating/editing your slideshow item.


Hi there imediapixel

I have tried without success, could you please tell me how to remove the slider from the home page? I want to use revolution slider instead.

Many thanks Kind regards David…

Hi, you can replace all slider code from slideshow.php file,


Is ur theme supported with WP Version 4.2.1 ? can you please update your theme with the latest wp version and features .

Hi, yes it’s support with the WP latest version, but there’s shortcode menu issue in WP editor, we will fix this issue soon.



x1halo1x Purchased

is this theme still being updated/maintained?

yes, we still maintain this theme.