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I’ve downloaded it from http://www.iconfinder.net/icondetails/6166/128/?q=iconset:darkglass_reworked. It’s released under the GNU General Public License so I don’t think it’s a problem.

Nice work Milan, keep it up and maybe a wordpress version soon then i’ll buy it for sure ;)

Hein: Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind :-)

Looks great, any plans to release a wordpress version?

Yes. Planning on releasing it soon! Stay tuned!

How about that laptop in you image above :P Where did you got that from? I would like to use that, is that possible?

Very nice…well done!

I like this theme but have a few questions please: 1. Which image(s) uses the Sprites and how easy are they to edit? 2. Is the PSD sliced?


Hey BenX. If you want to know which images are used in the sprite you can look at the sprite file (http://www.milanvanbruggen.nl/templates/html/myportfolio/images/sprite.png). The sprite is available in PNG (Fireworks) and PSD files. The idear behind a sprite is that you don’t slice it up and use different images for different elements, but use one image for multiple elements by moving the image passed the background using CSS . That’s why it’s not sliced :) If you’ve got any more questions, just shoot.

I just bought this this theme, but having a difficult time figuring out how to edit the Sliding Carrousel on the homepage. Could you point me in the right direction in where I can find the correct file to edit. Wasn’t having any luck with the javascript. thanks

Just check the index.html (homepage) file and look for the 3 divs with class “panel” within the “panelContainer” div. There you’ll find the three carrousel panels.

Great, figured that out…thanks for the help. Another issue I’ve run into with the index.html page is that I cannot edit the “Design” view of the site within dreamweaver. Every other page works fine when I want to edit the design view so I’m not sure why this is happening. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the sliding carrousel being displayed on top of the actual text. I’d be happy to send you a screenshot or video to show you what I’m talking about. Thanks again for the help, it’s really appreciated.

You can send me questions (including screenshots/video) to templates@milanvanbruggen.nl.


I really like the way the portfolio page screens the categories. How hard would it be to add catagories, like logos, ads, brochures, etc.?

Thanks, David


Hey David,

Sorry for my late reply. Just add a new filter button like this: Code: Add new filter button

And add one or more cases that look like this: Code: Add new case

Hope this works out well.

Hi I have no programming knowledge. Can I just buy, upload to via FTD and it should work? I want to change the text and graphics.

Do I need a special program to change the speed of the images moving?



If you have a program like Dreamweaver you could easily change text and images. For some adjustments (see the comment of ‘bluemoonstudioFor’) you’ll need some programming/scripting skills. But hey, we’ll work it out! Have fun with the template.

Any way to sequence through the images automatically?


Hey John,

Sorry for the late response. That feature is not currently built into the template. You could try doing that yourself. The plug-in used is Codaslider. Hope that helps :)


Thanks. Will do.