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Hey, there is an error with the slider on line 40 of main.js – Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘offsetWidth’ of null

Any ideas how to fix?

What browser are you using?

Ah. That error isn’t to do with the slider. That is a Google Maps error.

Remove the line: <script type=”text/javascript” src=”https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false”></script> It is redundant

Hey, how can I change the timer for the slides? The slides are way too fast!



Change line 47 of js/build.js to read:

$(’.mainSlider .slider’).nivoSlider({effect: ‘random’, pauseTime: 3000});

Change the 3000 for the number of miiliseconds you would like each slide to last, so 3000 = 3 seconds and so on.

It is using NivoSlider so you can see more help here:



Another great job! I like it!;

Thanks :)

Will you install with the database for me?

I think you may have mistaken this for a WordPress theme. It is just a HTML/CSS theme. There is no database to install.

How can I disable the image slider without removing the fade in of the slider text?

I just want my image as the header + slider text, without sliding to new image/text


I’ bought your template few days ago. Is it going to be available for wordpress ?

We don’t currently have a plan for a WP version as we don’t have a WP developer.

Good job! Do you have plan for wp version?

Thanks! We don’t currently have a plan for a WP version as we don’t have a WP developer.

Hi, evaske. Im WP developer. I want cooperation with you for wp vesion. We can disscuss via email. I will send you a email via your portfolio. Thanks

do all the forms on your theme template work ?

Will you be upgrading this to Bootstrap 3.3.5?


I purchased MyVPS HTML template (Support code 1e4f2067-efb9-4b99-b8bb-36289eaf315c). I am looking to add more to the website and also integrate it with WHMCS (as it already has a login and register page), is this something we can pay you to do?

Please send your reply to jordan@jordanfranze.com

Thank you Jordan