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Hi Chrisbit – thanks for making such a great looking theme.

I’m very happy with how everything looks but with just one exception… is there some custom css that I can copy/paste to change the colour of the transparent pink mouseover effect?

Thanks in advance :)

or even inverting it so that it turns pink upon mouseover

and finally (for now!), is there any reason why the main “featured now” image isn’t a link? all the other images on the homepage are links so it seems a bit inconsistent (see your demo for an example of what I’m talking about).

Hey there,

Try with this CSS code to change the color overlay:

#featured-nn .overlay {

Since the slider is touch enabled on mobile devices, the images aren’t links to prevent accidental “clicks”. But if you want to make the slider clickable, please send me an email I’ll help you with that. :)

Hi thank you so much for making this amazing theme! I really like this. I have a questions. 1. Can I make post boxes be bit smaller? 2.Can I add Categories organize content list on the top screen? ( just now “Latest News “only ?I wanna add “Spot” “Event” “unique” List also. 3. Event is featured now on my home page, but why just this article? 4 I wanna add beside the featured article”Event” box on home screen. ?this is my web site.

Hi, thanks for purchasing Nadia! I’m glad you like it :)

1) Unfortunately this is not possible. It would require customization on your part.

2) There is no option for this, sorry. It is possible to filter the “Latest News” posts by categories, but I’m not sure if that’s what you want.

3) You just need to set the “Featured” posts. Please check the documentation, section “2.2 – Featured Posts & Slider” for details.

4) Do you mean the boxes next to the slider? Set a post as “Featured Post” and select the “Featured Block” option from the drop-down menu.

how to change the font size in the post?


Go to the Theme Options Panel -> Style tab and paste the following code into the Custom CSS area:

.single-post #content .entry-content{ font-size: 16px; }

Thank You very much!

I have another question : I would like to change to the first image with the title of the post was the entire width of the page, or is it possible?

Hello! Unfortunately there is no easy way to achieve that. It would require significant modification of the theme files.


1. How to change a heading font size in a post? 2. How to translate the “Home” and “Search …” button on other languages? The plugin CodeStyling Localization doesn’t allow to translate them.

Thanks in advance.

Hey Kledjon,

1) Try with the following CSS code (paste it into the Custom CSS area in the Theme Options Panel -> Style tab):

.single #content .entry-header h2{

2) Open the header.php file and go to line #53 to change the “Search” placeholder. To change the Home menu button, open functions.php and edit the “title” attribute on line #542.

Ok. Thanks for the help.:)

Is there an specific music upload button for music blogging or soundcloud link?

Hello, thanks for your interest in Nadia :)

You can upload audio files from the WP dashboard, but there is no option for Soundcloud, maybe you can find a plugin for that.

How to remove black shadow on the bottom of the pictures in Featured Posts?

Hi there,

Copy and paste the following code into the Custom CSS area in the Theme Options Panel -> Style tab:

#featured-nn .title-box{background:none;}


Great looking theme. My friend bought your theme for his Wordpress site but now he has trouble to customize it and asked me because I did a lot of Wordpress blogs for myself. But unfortunely can’t do CSS.

The problem is the following:

The site should be completely black with red font. I enabled black background and disabled boxed layout. I also added

h3.pretitle, .home-content h3.pretitle span{ background:#ff3a38; }

to make the widget title backgrounds the red colour my friend want (found this code in another question here).

But I don’t know how to change the colour to red and than there are a lot of other white boxes like the comment area box and the post title box and the page title box. How can I change them to black background and red font?

And than there are also this white/grey striped (I guess) space bars (between navigation and body and after every post). They should be also black or maybe red. Do I have to change an image or is this made by CSS?

Hi there,

Unfortunately this would require significant custom work, which is outside the scope of my theme support, but you can try Envato Studio for customization services.

Okay. Actually I go for it with trying.

Maybe you can me just say how to remove the page title box and site title box? Just this one?

Sorry but support is provided for verified buyers only. Please post (or email me via the contact form on my profile page) with the account that purchased the theme.

friend… You can put all links from the main page to embed youtube videos and vimeo and stay with the same layout that is the demo?

Hi. I just replied to your email.

I bought Nadia theme which is being sold by you, on 10.03.2014. Since my purchase my theme has never got an auto-update. When I tried to download latest version of my theme on ThemeForest, the license link in my purchase e-mail did not worked. I kindly request that you find a solution for my auto-update and send me updated theme files.

Sorry but I can’t verify your purchase. If you’re having problems with your account, please open a ticket to Envato Support.


My pagination is not working on my site. I am using the nadia theme.



That’s weird. Please try to disable your WordPress plugins to see if one of them is causing the issue. If doesn’t work, please send me an email via the Support page with your site URL and I will take a look.