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Hi Baklach,

i use the HTML Version and love it ;-) but i need your Help! How i have to modify the social button’s, for example the facebook button, to make it work? At the moment they are out of function…

Greetings from Germany Johannes

Baklach! A little question about the logo. :) It’s really pretty! But what Font did you use, i can’t find it. Can you write me the family of this font?



Hello iggior, Thank You! The font is Salaryman.


YEAH !) Thanks!


I purchased your lovely template awhile ago but i recently found out that one part isn’t aligning correctly. Can you please help me out on why it isnt aligning centered? my website is http://vizualbyteinc.com The problem is right under the “illustrations” “Designs” “Web Development” area where it says “Hello, my name is Mark Han…” any help would be much appreciated


Hello there,

I’ve got a question, since you are not responding to e-mail I send I try it this way. I bought the Nanica template and it’s working nicely. But when I want to add a banner or a photo in a page of Nanica that’s not possible (I can’t add media, I can’t paste a htmlcode), how can I add a banner pagewidth or another picture that I made. At the moment I can only add square pictures and they are kinda small, I want to add my own banner that’s wide (900 px) and high (200 px). Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi, love the theme.

I have aquick question about the portfolio items filter – I can’t seem to be able to have things in multiple filters.

For example, I would like everything to be displayed by default under an ‘all’ filter, I would then like a ‘filter 1’ and ‘filter 2’ to display items with those attributes.

I’ve tried to achieve this using an ‘all’ filter as a parent of others, and just as an additional filter but either way I can’t get all of the filter options or all of the portfolio items to display by default.

Can you tell me where I’m going wrong?

Many thanks Russ

Hi, I found the answer to my question within the theme settings – here you can set a global portfolio filter.

Great :-)