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Nevermind, it took forever but I finally got it all figured out !!!!

It would be good to understand why Akeeba is part of this, it made the whole process very difficult.

Also, it would be useful to add a step in your documentation, under ‘DB restore’, where it asks for the database username etc… if you’re not familiar with this it can be a nightmare, I figured out I had to first, CREATE a new database name, username and password in hostgator, then EDIT your configuration.php file with that information to be able to proceed to the next step of AKeeba and finally finish the process!!

Hi Keenan,

Still not working and blank. I’ve just added you as a user and emailed you the details. Awaiting your feedback asap! thanks!

Hello Lotus,

I’m sorry for my late reply. But, I’ve replied your email, so please check your inbox.



I just need to know how to increase the height of the area where the logo is placed? I have a circular logo so I need to increase the height of the area its placed within.

Thanks, James :-)

Hello James,

Thank you very much for your trust to purchase my templates, so sorry for my late reply. About your question, I don’t set specify height for the area of logo placed, I just set the logo’s dimension, then its area will automatically adjust to the new dimension of your logo. To set your logo’s dimension, please go to templates > naong > css > setting.css. Good luck,

If you have another question, I’m so please if you then post it on my own forum and surely you need to PM me to activate your id



the filter function in the portfolio page is not showing up, and the width, height of the image is not set according to my setting below. I had set the sub option setting in Portfolio layout with Category Filter Animation image width:150px Image Height 110(px) title Front size : 16

pls have a look at

any idea how to solved this.


Is it possible in the Top Block Position to remove the Captify Content Module in the “grid-thumb” position and expand the “big-thumb” position to display an full length image with the btslideshow module? When I try to expand the image it always stays at 474px 475px. If so how do I make the changes. Thank you.

So can I just reinstall the template trough the Joomla backend? If I do this will the update remove content and images?

If you never modify any templates file, then you could safely reinstall the templates directly. But then installing slideshow CK modules to replace BT Slideshow. to replace captify content modules (on grid-thumb position) you just need to create new module from NSP GK4 type.

Regards, Keenan


I tried to reinstall the template an I was given an 1 error and it said that the copy failed.  Im not sure why that happened because it is the latest update.  So I looked at the site and the color scheme changed and I cannot get the slideshow to work either. I really not to sure what happend?

dose this template support RTL ?

Hello 99-sign,

Thanks for your post, this template is written under jat3 framework that is natively support RTL, unfortunately this templates itself is not styled yet for RTL, so sorry.


ok many thanx

Hello, i buy your template, if i install quick start package all works fine but if i install only the template in a my joomla website i don’t see “Module position” It seems that the template don’t have Module position installed and i can’t add new module.


Hello, i get the same problem as bonzer1, how can I construct my website with no module position ?

Thank’s for your help


I would like to make you some questions. I have developed projects with PrestaShop, OpenCart and WordPress but with Joomla I’m a total newbie. So I hope the questions are not too stupid.

It can be done with this theme something like this:

That is, a huge image above with side menu (left) or top menu. Also, and that’s very important, I have to put some services to hire like a products shop with payment services..etc..

You can do all of this?

Thank you.

Hi Keenan,

I just wanted to leave a positive review of your design.

It has been a pleasure to work on the template and your after purchase support has been excellent. We have used it to create a beautiful web design for Openmind Creative Web Design Oman

Thanks :)

ouh…, Thank you very much arechampions, I’m so much appreciated for your positive feedback. Good luck for your business.


Hi Keenan,

My homepage slider isn’t scaling responsively in mobile view, can you help?

Hello soulpatty,

Thank you very much for your trust to purchase my templates. About your question, could you please PM me here and please include your url.


will this template be done in joomla 3 or not?

Hello Gustav,

I will let you know when this templates is coming with joomla 3.0 quickstart.



After the IOS Update for the iPhone, my site is not responsive until it is refreshed by clicking on the index logo button. It appears that it is going into the homepage1 layout.  What change do I need to make in the layout manager to fix this issue?  Thanks.


I figured it out. I had to remove the Cpanel from the blocks in homepage1


I`m trying to personalize K2 category view and can`t seem to arrange items in more than one column.

I was changing settings under K2>Edit category> Layout grid, but whatever number of columns I choose for `leading`, `primary`, `secondary` and `links` they always appear in one column.

Please help :)

Thank you for your time!


Please check your inbox, your messages has been replied.

regards, and thanks for your trust to purcahse my templates.

Hello, great theme! I have a few questions:

1. Is there a way I can resize the images in my article and blog? When I upload them, they all show very big above my content (just like the demo). I’d like to make my images smaller and place them throughout the page.

2. Is there a way I can remove the white lines in the navigation and reduce the space in-between the menu and homepage slide? I want the menu to sit right above the slide with no white space in-between.

3. How can I resize the footer area? Right now the background footer expands across the entire page. I’d like to reduce the size so it lines up with the navigation instead.



Sorry for the bugging you again but I’m having an issue with the installation of my template. I’ve tried multiple times using the provided documentation however I still get the following error message: “404 – FourOhFour

You may not be able to visit this page because of:

an out-of-date bookmark/favourite a search engine that has an out-of-date listing for this site a mistyped address you have no access to this page The requested resource was not found. An error has occurred while processing your request. Please try one of the following pages:

Home Page If difficulties persist, please contact the System Administrator of this site and report the error below..

Category not found”

Here is the site:

Can you please help?

Hi, I am interested in purchasing your template. Is there by any chance I can have a look in the administrator section?

Hello Kobus,

Thank you very much for your messages. This templates is developed under T3 framework, so if you ever use t3 framework you will be so familiar because it’s the same.


Hi, Okay great. Thank you.

Hi, in the guide I can’t find how to add video to homepage slider, how can I do it? thanks

Hello Gillian,

Thank you very much for your trust of purchasing my templates and so sorry for my late reply. Inser video on homepage slider is easy, please go to module manager > slideshow module > Slide Manager > add slide > Display : video > Video Option : Video url (youtube, vimeo, etc) > save. Good luck


Is the responsive option working for anyone else? When I view from my ipad the menu is cut off and from my phone a blue screen that says T3 Framework shows (when iphone or handheld is activated).

This theme is supposed to be responsive correct?

Hello Snewman,

Thank you very much for your trust to purchase my templates. Yes, the templates should be responsive. Could you please PM me here for your url detail and also if it’s possible a temporary username and password, I’d like to try to login to your backend to see the detail.


My website isn’t responsive on iphone. Appears the desktop template. What change do I need to make in the layout manager to fix?


Hello Kimmurata,

I thank you very much for your trust to purchase my templates. Please tell me your url here for more detail.

Regards, Keenan