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Before i buy the template, i had some questions about this theme :

1. Can I control the sizes/amount of images inside all individual room pages ?

2. Can I control price for different dates? I see there’s price and number of available on the calendar you show in the demo.

3. Can I set minimum booking days for each of individual room ?

Thank you !

4. Can i remove the No. of room option at the home page room search filter ?

5. In demo site, the pop up of availability date and price breakdown can’t scroll down (cant ever click the close button), is this normal ?


1. I can help you to change amount of images inside individual room pages just email me after purchase.

2. Yes, it’s possible.

3. I can help you with that also please email me after purchase.

Regards, Ray


rtglenn Purchased

Just purchased the theme and tried to install it from within Wordpress. Will not install because of missing stylesheet.

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-6895743-nation-hotel-responsive-wordpress-theme.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hello, thanks for purchase.

You need to unpack the package you downloaded from themeforest and install only wpnation.zip inside.

Regards, Ray


mindix Purchased

Hi raybreaker,

I have some questions:

It’s possible to insert more than 4 images for each room?

About booking, my hotel has three kinds of room, however, are several rooms with the same size and decoration, example: 2 rooms with 1 bed (both rooms are identical), 4 rooms with 2 beds ( 4 bedrooms are equal ) and etc. In case, I would like to make 1 bedroom allow multiple reservations, example: the 2 beds fourth cover all 4 rooms with 2 beds, and when the customer click on it, it will book one of the four quarters. I wouldn’t want to create the 4 rooms on the site, it would create hundreds of rooms are alike to show all we have, only one is enough, and in it, the client can book one of the many we have.

I don’t want to use payment system, I only want to use the site to booking, is it possible?

Sorry my poor english.

Regards, Victor


1. Please send a link on your website with your WordPress login and password on my email and I’ll help you to add additional images for your rooms.

2. The booking system has special feature for rooms of the same type. If you have 2 rooms with 1 bed for example you need to create one rooms in Dashboard > Rooms that called “Room with one bed” then you need to assign it to a calendar and set availability = 2 in the calendar (meaning 2 rooms of this type is available) when a customer will make a reservation availability for this rooms will be set to 1.

3. I’ll help you to remove the payment system after you send me your WordPress credentials also.

P.S. When you’ll send your credentials, could you email from your themeforest profile that made this purchase or send a copy of your purchase license.

Regards, Ray

by default only Paypal option in theme how to integrate payumoney in this theme…

Hello, the theme support only PayPal payment option by default so the only way to integrate payumoney is to write custom code for it.

Regards, Ray

Great theme and better support from the author !!

Recommended 100%

Thank you!

Hi, me again, just one question, I’d like to change the picture from the background on home page, is a bedroom picture, how can I do that?. Thanks!

Hi, the easiest way will be to just replace the image directly it’s located in wpnation/images/test-bg.png

Regards, Ray

Sorry, but I can’t find the file :(

The full path to it relative from your wordpress folder will be wordpress/wp-content/themes/wpnation/images/test-bg.png

Regards, Ray


love your theme, iam thinking about buy it!

before it, i would like to ask you some questions:

1. Can i use my own font that i downloaded from internet? (Basic font from dafont) 2. Can i use my own booking system instead the included one? (I would like to integrate the booking system of avirato) 3. Can I design different landing pages and made them appear the first time one user visits my website?

thats all for now, congratulations for great work!


Hi, thank you!

1. Yes, it’s possible with some code modifications I could help you with that just email me after purchase.

2. It’ll be possible if they serve the reservation page on their own servers I can just disable the default booking system and link the theme to avirato.

3. It’s possible to have different landing page with custom plugin like this https://wordpress.org/plugins/landing-pages/ Note: the theme don’t include Page Builder and using theme options for home page set up instead. If you want to check it yourself please email me and I’ll send you demo admin credentials.

Regards, Ray


mpiroh Purchased

Hi Raybreaker, I would like to change the menu height. It’s too high by default and using too much space on my website. Where to change this? Thanks you (I can’t do php and css)

Hi, you can make these modifications in your style.css I can help you with that just send me a link on your website with your WordPress login and password on my email.

Regards, Ray


gcarpio Purchased

Hi, I have a question: you can add extra services on the reservation? eg tours, transfer from airport, etc.



Hi, I can help you with that for additional payment please email me so we can discus it further in more details.

Regards, Ray


gcarpio Purchased

Hello Ray, I sent an email, thanks


Can you send me a admin test account to take a look at admin panel. My email: ufocskaa@gmail.com

Thank you.

Hello, sure I’ve just sent it on your email.

Regards, Ray

Hello Ray, I will buy this theme, it looks pretty good. Before buying would take a doubt: the field CVV (card security code) is not listed on the booking form, and should be included so that the checkout process is complete. I wonder how to solve it; Has as? Please await your guidance I thank you Pablo


Thanks for your feedback I’ve just noted that CVV field is missing in the live demo, I’ll add it there shortly. In the actual theme you’ll download the CVV field will be present by default.

Regards, Ray

Can I create packages from the reservation

I mean by package is say include 3 nights at a deluxe room for which will I be able to include that in the reservation. The room rate will be for 3 nights. some applications this is done as tours or tour packages – Thank you

Unfortunately it’s not possible with Nation Booking system by default.

Regards, Ray

Thank you @raybreaker


Rusola Purchased

Hi sorry but this looks like its coming up a lot, can you help with me to allow me to use the Booking System PRO instead of the nation-booking?

Hi, I can help you to implement it please install Booking System PRO plugin and send a link on your website with your WordPress login and password. Note: you couldn’t use the default reservation page with this plugin and have to use the way it provide instead (selecting dates right in the availability calendars and then fill a form with your personal infos below).

Regards, Ray

I have purchased the theme yesterday and now finding difficult to implement the twitter, feeds into the footer… how is it possible to intergreate

Hello, thanks for purchase.

You need to create API keys in order to use twitter feed http://dev.twitter.com/apps . You can find more infos in “How to set up twitter feed” documentation section.

Regards, Ray

Hi, I’m interested in buying but I have a problem. I don’t want to use PayPal. I want to use a system developed by a company called PayU (specializes in latin america) . For the integration of the website and they’re payment website. They’re asking for this

“Payment form. With this HTML form you send the transaction request to our gateway, including the purchase payment data, using the HTTP POST method.”

So, the question is: Do you offer support for creating this form?. If you dont, take it as a suggestion, the PayU sistem allow users not only to buy with a credit card, but with many other options, that comes handy if you´re in Latin America, India or even some europe countries like Rusia.

This is the PayU website for developers:


Thanks! nice theme by the way.

Hi, thank you.

Unfortunately, the theme not support PayU gateway now so I can’t help you with that.

P.S. I’m considering to add support for it in a future theme update but can’t guarantee it right now.

Regards, Ray