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Hello, Is there in page reservation possibile, the costumer send me a inqiry? Because I send offer by mail and they pay me 50% from invoice(offer). When thay pay, I select in reservation page – booked. Please recommend me what can I do? By Tina

Hello, in reservation page, there is first to choose date, second to choose room and then I will like application form (with name, surename, address, and message). All this information will send to me and I will send by e-mail the offer.

Please send me salvation. Bye Tina


So you want to disable all credit card related fields on the reservation page? Please send a link on your website with your WordPress login and password and I’ll help you with that. If not could you please try to describe what you want to achieve in more details.

Regards, Ray

I have sent a message with username an password. Thank you and bye Tina

Hey Ray,

How can I remove a booking in availability? and also how can I remove the online reservation that is in the home page located at at the slider revolution?

How to re-arrange the sequence of the rooms?

PLease help me thanks


1. I’m not sure you want to hide text ‘booked’ on booked days? To do that you need to add the following code in your style.css file:

.nation-booked { visibility:hidden; }

2. I’m not sure on which page you want to change “Booking or Book”.

3. To show something in “Our latest news” section you need to assign at least one of your posts to ‘news’ category. If you don’t have such category you need to create it manually first.

4. The easiest way to re-arrange the sequence is to change published date of your rooms/posts. By default more recently published rooms shows first.

5. I assume you already fixed your problem with your contact page, isn’t it? If not please let me know.

Regards, Ray

Where I could edit the contact page? I want to pud my email as an landing email. thanks

[contact-form-7 id=”468” title=”Contact form 1”] << I didn’t see that shortcode on my contact form panel. where i could find that? please help thanks.

I already edited my contact page, the problem is that it is not align properly. how can I fix that?

It’s okay already, thanks!

Hey ray,

In the one room list page, I want to re-link the landing page of the reservation. how can I do that?

Hi, you mean single room page? By default the template finding the link automatically if you want to change this behavior you need to edit code in your single-rooms.php file (action attribute on line 111).

Regards, Ray

Hello, how can i translate the home page text with WPML?

Hello, you need to do following:

1. Install and activate WPML’s String Translation module.

2. Visit your Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options and click on the Save button.

3. Visit your Dashboard > WPML > String Translation, select “Theme Options” string context and translate all needed strings there.

Regards, Ray


molex Purchased

Hi, can you provide or add a feature for this theme having multiple types of payment options?

Hi, by default the theme only support PayPal payment method unfortunately I couldn’t help you to implement other payment options.

Regards, Ray

Hey Ray,

I sent a message last June 9, 2016 via e-mail account: e.nugraha18@gmail.com

Please reply. I get a problem.

Hi, I’ve just replied on your email please check it.

Regards, Ray


Carlijn Purchased

Hi ray,

Could you help me with adding cleaning costs to the price breakdown?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


Hi, I can help you to add the cleaning costs for additional payment please email me through my themeforest profile page so we can discus the details.

Regards, Ray

Hi ray, i sent email to you. Hope you can help me

Hey Ray, i dont know if you been getting my email. I sent th login details but i havent heard about ….I really need your help.

Regards Ismael

Hi, I’m sorry for delay with a reply. I’ve just send the message to you please check it.

Regards, Ray

Thanks Ray, i will have look now



Janetka12 Purchased

Hi, Raybreaker Great theme. Thank you very much.

But I’m having troubles with the installation. I have tried to do it according to your instruction: 1) first “WORDPRESS INSTALLATION” – it didn’t work (The error mesage is “Are you sure you want to do this”. I’ve spent a few hours in reading, visited a couple of forums, trying to resolve the problem. I didn’t succeed.) So, I tried the alternative method 2) “FTP INSTALLATION”, 3) “INSTALLING BUILD-IN PLUGIN”, 4) IMPORTING DUMMY DATA (in the recommended order)(by the way, a couldn’t find IMPORT FILE ATACHMENT checkbox anywhere). And I succided! Just to see this: http://ograjdenskakashta.carpediem.bg/ It looks like the theme is installed but its all empty – on the panel side (menus, pages ets.), as well as on the frond-end side.

Best regards


Janetka12 Purchased

Hallo again, Raybreaker

If what I am seeing here http://ograjdenskakashta.carpediem.bg/ is the right thing to be seen at this stage of the site set-up, please excuse me for troubling you with stupid questins. It just that the last theme I have purchesed from ThemeForrest came with build-in features. Maybe not finding IMPORT FILE ATACHMENT checkbox gave me these troubles. I don’t now.

Best regards

Hello, could you send your WordPress login and password on my email and I’ll help you to finish your installation.

Regards, Ray


ditilokaj Purchased

Hello. I have this page making with this theme: http://hotelinternational-prishtina.com/

Please can you add on top bar language menu and also fix language flags, im making in 2 languages, primary is Englisht and second is Albaninan. I send you login details in email. Thanks.


1. I’ve removed American Express from the reservation page please check it.

2. Could you translate at least one of your pages to Albanian and then send a link on it (on my email). I can’t create a new page myself through your admin due to timeout issues.

Regards, Ray

Hello, you did not remove American Express in drop-down list, you just remove the mini photo that I dont know to remove, i want to remove the American Express from drop-down list option, and photo that shows American Express (not Visa and Master)....

2. the link for one page that I translate is : http://hotelinternational-prishtina.com/sq/kontakti/


I fix the flag problem, so you just fix the American Express card problem. Regards.

Ray I need some help

1- When i click on the Logo, the page just go off

2- O the blog -> i crate a post then added the category (news) and slug news as well, but nothing appearing on the “Our last news Home page “

3- On the Page “Room with One Bedroom” when i put the date of check in /check out and press to “Book now” , its not going working

4- I translated every word from “Nation Booking Plugin ” but nothing happen

5-On Mobile view, i cannot see the Menu

I already sent you Email


Hello, I’ve just replied on your email please check it.

Regards, Ray