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Hi Ray, I have purchased your theme but my previous account got hacked and locked without any help from envato staff. It really pissed me off.

I still keep my nation-hotel-responsive-wordpress-theme-license that hasn’t been activated yet and I can send it to your email for verification.

Do I have to purchase your theme again for support? I just need to remove the payment method and update the theme.

Hi, I can help you with that only if you contacted me through email previously and I already confirmed your purchase otherwise you unfortunately need to purchase the theme again for support and update.

Regards, Ray

How can I remove the search icon in the header?

it’s correct to edit file header.php and comment out the line 63


Hello, yes that’s correct.

Regards, Ray

Hello, I bought your template now. Should I create the site of a hotel in 3 languages. What do you recommend I install plugins?

thanks a lot

Hello, you need to either purchase WPML Multilingual plugin (Multilingual CMS version): https://wpml.org/ (recommended) or use PoEdit (https://poedit.net/) with Polylang WordPress plugin they’re both free.

To use Poedit you need to

1. Open default.po in wpnation/languages folder, translate all needed strings there and save it in your language locale (for example de_DE.po for German, fr_FR.po for French etc.)

2. To translate Nation Booking System open default.po in yourwordpress/wp-content/plugins/nation-booking/languages translate all needed strings there and save it as nation-booking-de_DE.po for German, nation-booking-fr_FR.po for Frensh etc.

Regards, Ray


new-bit Purchased

Thanks Ray. I bought WPML but forgive me, I have another question: I do not understand how to translate such as the label on the homepage (below), “Our latest news” “Our restaurant”. If I translate into Italian, I am also Italian for the homepage in English. What do I do in these cases?

You’re welcome. You need to install WPML’s String Translation module and then translate the strings in your Dashboard > WPML > String Translation.

Regards, Ray

Hi Ray, Thank you for great template! Could you help me a little bit? I want to make function that open a new tab by clicking a button which created through the button shortcode. I have already tried target=”_blank” and target=true, but it didn’t work. How to add this function?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, please send a link on your website with your WordPress login and password on my email and I’ll help you to add a new attribute for the button shortcode to open it in a new tab.

Regards, Ray

Hi! Great Theme!! I have some questions: This theme is still supprted and updates will be released? when will be released the next updates? there is a roadmap that is respected? Thanks in advacend. Best Regards

Hi, thank you. Yes it’s supported and updates will be released I don’t have any specific dates though.

Regards, Ray

Dear raybreaker thank you for the theme is fantastic. I have a question though, are the Theme Options available for translation? I don’t seem to find how can I change the links of the Theme Options. Thank you

Hello, thanks you’re welcome.

If you’re using WPML you need to install String Translation module then visit Dashboard > Appearance> Theme Options and click on the “Save” button to register the strings for translation you could translate them after in your Dashboard > WPML > String Translation. If you’re using Polylang and you don’t see translatable string in your Polylang settings try to install an older version and check it again (tested with version 1.6.5.)

Regards, Ray


64north Purchased

Hi i just purchased the theme but when I try to import the dummy data I get this error: This does not appear to be a WXR file, missing/invalid WXR version number Can you help me figure out what the problem could be?

Hi, thanks for purchase. You get this error when trying to import dummy-date.xml, right? Could you send a link on your website with your WordPress login and password so I could check it?

Regards, Ray

Hi, I use your theme and recently upgraded to the lates Revolution Slider Version. Unfortnately, the bullets and arrows on the room pages disappeared. Can you help me?

Hi, could you send a link on your website with your WordPress login and password on my email so I could check it?

Regards, Ray

hi there, im very interested in your theme, is there any chance to check the booking functionality in the backend? thanks!

Hi, sure please email me and I’ll send you test login and password.

Regards, Ray

cause of your system has no meal plans as well children policy we had created room name with meal plan such as single room with breakfast single room with half board …etc by selecting 1 pax for arrivals and departure shows all type of room include 2 / 3/4 pax such as single/double/.triple and family room by selecting 2 pax should show only double rooms but shows dbl trp and family rooms by selcting 3 pax shows triple and family by selecting 4 pax shows only family room so , how we could fix it to show only single rooms when we select 1 pax and all doubles when we selecting 2 pax ….etc do you have any chance in your system to add room type with different meals plan

thank you for your quick replay


1. Please send your WordPress login and password on my email and I’ll help you to implement this feature.

2. I can help you to implement meals plan as a custom option editable through metaboxes that your customer could select when making reservation for additional payment if you’re interested, please email me so we can discus details.

Regards, Ray

Hello! How can i change the fonts?

Hello, unfortunately there’s no theme option to change the font but it’s very easy to do with some code modifications:

1. First you need to open your functions.php file and find the following line of code (124 by default):

wp_enqueue_style ( ‘mytheme-optnsans’, ”$protocol://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:300,400,800” );

2. Then visit https://www.google.com/fonts, choose a font you like, copy its code and move it in functions.php file on line 124.

3. Open your style.css file, find all occurrence of “Open Sans” and replace it on your new font name.

If you would have problems with that, you can send a link on your website with your WordPress login and password and name of a new font and I’ll help you with that.

Regards, Ray

Good Day .. Can I use this theme to for example to include more then one (1) hotel as search results? Or is only dedicated to one (1) hotel?

Thank You Ray! By chance do you happen to have any sample which we can see upfront how it looks before we purchase the theme?

Yes, please email me and I’ll send you the test login.

Regards, Ray

Hi Ray .. thanks which e-mail?

Hi Raybreaker, I’ve a question for you, because I can’t create my site in a proper way:

1) Is it possible to add some feature to Nation Booking System? In the plugin I can add only the price for the room, but if I need to add some features, like “Half Board” or “Breakfast” and so on, I can’t do that.

Could you help me in some way?


Hi, I can help you with that for additional payment, please email me so we could discus the details.

Regards, Ray


bangajatin Purchased

Hello Ray, I am very new to wordpress. How can I set up the theme exactly like it looks on the demo?

Hi Being new to Wordpress, I would like to have a framework in place that I can edit, is it possible to have the demo setup on my template for me to get started with