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Hi, before buying the template need to know some details: - The template is fully editable? - It’s easy to edit the plntilla? - If you need to delete some sections can be? - If you need to add “services” can? - The pages with PHP and are working well? - The “portfolio” is easy to edit? - If I buy the template and I have doubts, so online help?

Will use this template to create my portfolio, so I’ll edit all content, please expect your answers to purchase the template.

Thank you very much!

1.yes this template full editable . 2.yes you can delete some section if you want. 3.yes you can add service. 4.yes The pages with PHP and are working well . 5.yes portfolio is easy to edit . -And if need anythings else you can contact with me vai my profile also you can hire me for customization . Thank you

The sample shows a blog. I know this isn’t a WP theme, but can a blog and/or wordpress be in implemented into the site somehow?

you need to convert it in wordpress

Hi, we have seen and we tested it with internet explorer 8.

With IE8 the site do not see properly. The main menu can not be read and photographs of the projects are not seen. The retail version has corrected for IE8?

Hi. Congrats, this is a really good job. But just a question. I want this template but i dont know how to change anything because i dont have idea of programing or something.

Is it easy to do? Do i need some programs?

Thank you

You only need to know some basic html&css .

Is there any way you could make this into a Wordpress theme? It would be an amazing theme if so.

Very soon it will live :)

Awesome! Look forward to buying it.

hi i ve bought it and i would like to change main menu by insert link to other page but when i do it for example like <li><a href="">Other page</a></li>

in the adress bar of any nagigator (safari, chrome, firefox), the adress change but not the page,

could you help me ? is there something to do ?

ps : if i insert a link in another place in the page, there is no problem


mail me in this address

Hello, great template but I was trying to add a Google api map and I was not able to. Will you please help me with this issue?

ok i will just contact with me vai my themeforest contact from :)

Awesome theme overall! However, one problem I have is that the newsletter.php was not included. I need this for the email sign-up to work properly, correct? Please advise so that I can publish my website. Thanks!

please check your inbox :)

Hi wanted to find out if this template comes with the PSDs?

Thanks, Tanya

Psd not included but you can buy it from here

Hey metro times, I’m new in webdesign and bought this template. However I can not get the carousel picture right. Its is always stretching my picture because it is set relative.

How can I keep the correct size of my picture using relative postion?

what version do you use !!

Hi, I use the latest version in wordpress. Another problem I currently face is when I click on a menu button it slides down to the page, but currently it slides down too much,so I can not see the title of the page anymore. Any Idea?

please can you give me your site address and admin access via my themeforest profile .

Why does this not seem to work with youtube?

<!- Post Featured Box -> <iframe width=”500” height=”281” src=”//” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe> <!- Post Featured Box end ->

Where is http://

<iframe src="" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

Does anyone have any issues with the contact form after you hit submit and it showing the “Thank you” after the sending part goes off? I see the that on the contact.php file at the very bottom it has a style and the message I would like to see, but it does not come up.


please contact with me via themeforest profile with your site url, i will help you :)

Thanks for your comment .

Any demo preview URL? The current one is “suspended” :(

but it’s working here but you can try this one

Hi Metro, just purchased this theme and its great, however i tested the site on IE and the menu is not visible. the background is white.

just open bootstrap.css file and find this class
and delete this line
filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr='#ffffffff', endColorstr='#fff2f2f2', GradientType=0);

also Im trying to change the team pictures but all the pictures are linked into one through the CSS. can you please advise on how to make this separate images?

Thank you.

Im trying to change the team pictures, but all the pictures are linked together through the CSS. If I change the image it changes all of them with the same image.

Can you please advise on how to make this separate images?

Thank you.

you can change it via additional classes or direct image tag ,if you don’t understand please contact with me via my themeforest profile .

Hello Mobile menu pops up when site is smaller then 980px. I want to change this to 850px.

How or where do I do this?

Thank you for the quick response.

My God. Just forget about the previous question … I just tested the site in Explorer. It is terrible.

I would like to have a refund please.

Hi, im trying to add some external links to the main menu, but the links wont work? please help asap thanks

is there any support available for this theme??

sorry for late replay ,please contact with me via my themeforest profile contact form i will send you update code :)


appaolo Purchased

Please help! Style.css file not found. Why?

when I scroll down, the nav change your size. You could solve this problem?

Example Error:

what is your display size .

1290×1238 chrome