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:) nice one, footer is marvelous.

Much appreciate @rohithpaul :)


Nice work! Good luck… ;)

Thanks @Navigator


Great work, congrats, good luck with sales ! :)

Thanks @Bedros – appreciate your comment!


Gorgeous! Good luck with sales.

Many thanks :)


Really love it, especially the illustrated mountains / background on the bottom…so beautiful! :)

:) Well thank you very much for your kind comments! I really appreciate it!

how does donate button works?

I’m not sure I’m following what your asking? It’s a CSS button.

Hope that helps.


very, very good !!!!

Thanks! :)


Hey Jonathan – We’re such fans of yours we just purchased another one of your themes! How do I add another Google font to the theme instead of using Museo for the headings?

Thanks, Theresa

Hi Theresa, many thanks for the multiple purchases – you rock!

You would do as informed by any of the font services such as google would explain – simply do that then find / replace the old font-family in the css file for the template with the new one provided by say google etc Nice and simple.


Dear Jonathan I purchased your template. I need the source code of the logo in a vector. Can you help me?

Hi – you have no purchase badge. However, logos are not part of the purchase and are simply placeholders – the only version available is that created and included in the files you already have sorry.


You can buy a vector source separately?

jonathan, I send you an message here a few days ago with an important issue within the css. Can you please respond?

Just an update – we’ve still not received a ticket from you.

Strange, I wrote it in the online form and it got sent without errors. I’ll try again tomorrow

Support is here:

As mentioned a few replies ago. Hope that helps!


Is there a wordpress one? If not will there ever be one?

Sure is, right under the preview image on the item description I’ve got a clickable image called “associated Product Available For This Item” listing the WordPress version ;)

Here’s a link for you: