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BUG ! On Google Chrome 6, the dropdown appears behind the video (flash probably). Good luck!


Its not a bug. I just missed adding a parameter in the options page. Its fine now.

Always perfect 32.. Good luck with sales mate.. Thanks.. ;)

I’m glad you all like the theme external, pixusdesign and designerodriguez.

I really love this one. Very effective. Congrats, great work.

A couple questions:

Where can I check other color schemes? The sub footer boxes are all widgets, 6 of them? Is it possible to change them to get just 2, changing the width of them to fulfill my needs (more text)?



you can check color skins very soon currently am updating live preview.

nice theme…but the portfolios are not working :(


Just fixed it.

Good stuff! Can you tell me can I have self hosted video or video other than youtube and vimeo in the slider? Thanks!


Upload it to youtube or vimeo and get the embed code to insert.

direkkto Purchased

Nice them System32!! Quick question, on the video playbacks, instead of YouTube, could we use Vimeo for playback? Is it something that we will need hand code?


you can use vimeo as well

flowerkr Purchased

Great stuff system32. Thanks! How do I get all the color options that you have in the live preview? Right now, there are only 3 color options in my wp settings.



Yes as mentioned in item details page currently adding new colors so i will be uploading the new colors rightnow it will be ready to download by tomorrow. Or if you need it right now just drop me a mail from my profile page once you purchase the theme so that i can send you the color css files

Really like the “handwriting font” you used in the headers to describe stuff what is it called and where can you get it? Plan on getting this temp for my new client, its great.


Its a free font. search in dafont.com

Nice Work. I have it in place here: http://rmp.tastyplacement.com/

I found an error in the code, in the file custom_slider.php at line 69 you have a height setting of “34”, I am quite sure you meant “340”


That’s exactly correct its fixed and will be updated in the next updates tomorrow

Important Note

Support for all my themes is available only at the support forum I’ve setup at my website:


The reason I have choosed to use my own support forum is quite simple:

Themeforest support threads are not searchable. Since most questions are asked over and over again, a searchable forum will make it possible that you don’t even need to wait for my response, because its already there.

Magh Purchased

Very nice template, as I am new to wordpress could you explain in more detail how to create a porfolio page with 6 images, two columns? I have tried to follow your instructions but I can’t see any changes when I preview the page.

How can I update to see all the colors?



Once you purchase you can see all the details in the documentation.

Great theme. Can I change the color to gold to match my logo?


Yes you can change easily.

Awesome work system32, I’m going to use this for me new project.

Hi, when i open blog or some of posts can i add 728×90 ads code in this place. if u can show some example that well be great Thanks and nice theme.


That width is not possible. Can you email me a screenshot of where exactly you want to keep that ad? Drop me an email.

Hi, is there some sample Data inside this package? Quick answer qould be nice, i will puchase shortly…

Thanks in advance, Christian


Yes its included in the package. If its not there just drop the email to me so that i can email you instantly.

Thanks alot for the quick response. Just another question, can i change the height of the header, because of my logo… Is it inside any css file?

Could you pls. email me the sample data? My Adress is mail (@) sinnesreize.de

Thank you so much! Christian


yes you can thats not a big deal to change the header height. Regarding sample data let me know once you purchase the heme. Drop me an email after you purchase the theme.

hi system32,

i sent you an email to themeflash… hope you will read it ;-)

Thanks, Christian

Hi System32,

one more question. Maybe somebody else can answer me too. How do i add the Boxes on the Frontpage with the 4 images and the text under it (like in your online demo), “Nebula Frontpage”, “Shortcodes”, “Web Standard” and “Custom Panel” ?

And how do i customize the footer, there are no widgets called “Main Links”, Recents Posts”, Archives” etc. in admin panel. Can you pls. help.

Thanks in advance.

P.S.: Didn´t you get my mail yesterday?


Its very simple just go to widgets panel for the footer setup and add the widgets in the footer widgets panel.

Regarding the four boxes you have an content editor in theme options panel just go there in homepage tab and insert the content using onefourth column layout. If you feel that you can’t add it then just drop me an email or find a solution in the forum http://www.themeflash.com/support