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Does this theme work with the newest version of WordPress?


A couple of things. In my email to you about 10 days ago, you replied to my other questions but never sent me the logins for the support forum which I requested. Also, how you making out on the update?


I have already sent you the logins if you didn’t get that may be i misspelled your email i think let me check at support server and let you know. Update is finished and uploaded It will be available for download may be later in evening today.

So I just noticed the following with my theme:

When I look at my blog the main page displays properly, however if I look at a blog post the sidebar displays below the main content area. Any idea what is causing this??

Can i have a URL of live preview so that i can take a closer look and let you know what is causing the error.

I currently have it set up on my test server. Any other information I may be able to forward you to decifer the issue?

Can I email you privately. Don’t want to publicize domain as it isnt yet live to public view.

sent you info please let me know what may be causing that issue.

Any more thoughts on this issue? Thanks

Hey there, is the update with bug fixes ready yet? Thanks


Thank you for the update to the new framework. Will provide some feedback once I have had an opportunity to play around with it.

Okay, just upgraded to new framework and it looks awesome so far. Having a bit of trouble with the front page sliders. From documentation I saw how to add sliders and feature them. I am wondering how to add custom buttons to the slider description and remove the read more button. Is this possible?

Also I find myself needing to have two variations of my home page with sliders. How can I do this. Thanks in advanced and looking forward to your response.

I have just finished n update for this theme I will upload it in morning n let you know once it gets approved

Hello there, has the update been uploaded as of yet. Please advise thanks.

Hey there, just following up on items/bugs I have reported and haven’t seen any update within the latest updates that have been rolled out. Any chance you can provide an update on their status? Find them in this thread Thanks

I am using latest wordpress 3.21, and using on a test server, I can not get the slider button links to operate correctly. It doesn’t matter what option I choose for the button link in the wp page editor (link to specific page, link to specific post, link to category, etc. ...the options do not save on update… it always reverts back to linking to that individual post.

Also, I just bought this and sent in a request for support access, but never got one.

thanks in advance for your help

I checked that there is a small issue with the linking and i will fix it soon.

Great theme.. rated it 5 stars!

One question, though: How do I slow down the sliders?


This is a really nice theme…BUT, Any update on the small bug that prevents the homepage slider from linking properly to the appropriate page/post or category that you select in the post editor screen? (2 comments up) Unfortunately, I can not launch my site until that gets fixed. Any help getting it fixed quickly would be appreciated. I left two messages on support forum but have not got any response at all for 2 weeks. I really need to get this fixed so I can launch.

Yes it was expected 2 days back but will be updated tomorrow for sure.

Uploaded the 2.1 of Nebula with bug in the slider post link type and other minor bugs with list style shortcodes.

thanks for the bug fix update. It appears the image itself does link to the proper place now based on the settings chosen in the post edit screen, but the READ MORE button in the slider still does not.

Post your queries at support forum for registering at forum drop me an email from my themeforest profile page.

Well I see an update was accepted 8-1 however none of the issues I referenced above were fixed.

The Lightbox examples on the demo sight do not appear to work. What is the lightbox supposed to do?

It was a bug its fixed in 2.2 of Nebula

@jgalileolopez Theme has been updated with the 2.2. Email me the ftp details so that i can still check it out and fix it if any.

@system32 I had previously sent you that information. However I will double check to ensure I didnt miss those items by chance. Thanks

@system32 I still see those issues in my blog setup and have re sent you access so you can take a look at the culprit. Thanks


In a previous version of nebula you had included html in the download. It seems there is no html in the download anymore.

Can you produce the updated html for customers who have purchased the nebula theme please. Thanks

Just bumping for the html update. Thanks

Hello, I have this site: with the Nebula Theme (Version: 1.5). I would change to the latest version (Version 2.2) but I do not know if I have problems with the plugins I have:

1. Contact Form 7 (Version 2.4.5) 2. Sticky Slider (Version 1.1.2) 3. Sub Page Navigation Widget (Version 1.0.4) 4. WP-Table Reloaded (Version 1.9.2) 5. WPML Multilingual CMS (Version 2.3.0) – Most Important! 6. WPML String Translation (Version 1.2.3) 7. WPML Translation Management (Version 1.2.3)

Now I have the 3.2.1 version of the WordPress.

Could you please tell me if I can upgrade to the latest version and what the consequences to do so.


Where is .PO files support or any other kind localisation, guys?

Are you going include other languages support?

It will be added in the next update sooner this month.

Quick question: I created two portfolio posts. Then, a page using the portfolio template BUT images do not show, only borders… why?

Do I need to include images in the posts via editor? via wordpress? i can see the images in the individual post but not in the portfolio page. Please help.


Disable the timthumb option from theme options panel. If it still remains same then email me the url and wp logins so that i can take a closer look at it.

Hi, I discovered a solution, the images need to be set as featured images on the post for them to show in the portfolio. Maybe this was common knowledge but I loaded your original content to analyze this situation and came up with the solution… in case that somebody else wonders : )

Oh i see that it hasn’t set as featured but i thought its a image resizing issue.

Doing progress! How can I add a sidebar to the portfolio template that currently is set to full width? My client would like to have links at the right of the portfolio… Thanks!