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Lovely work – Good luck

What a nice and clean design! Good job and good luck with sales!

Dude…fantastic site…I can’t wait to download it!!!! Bookmarked for sure!!! :)

i like its look as well. did notice a lot of “flickering” though. have bookmarked. will be back to further “test drive.”

Clean and tidy. Bookmarked.

wow you guys just keep cranking out one awesome design after another. Great job guys :) -J

Looks great. Best of luck with sales :)

You did it again! :D

Great work as usual!, goodluck with sales, dude!

like this one,very nice!

Is it possible to adjust the element colours in this theme? Is it possible to put the status social icons bar at the top of the page?




Its possible to select light or dark skin in theme options panel, this will change colors of everything. If you want to change other small elements like buttons or alerts, these can be changed in the shortcode editor. Other items can be changed by inserting CSS into the custom CSS field in the admin panel.

It is not possible to put the social icons bar at the top of the page without customizing the theme’s template files and CSS .





Colour wise, I would just want to change the light skin theme’s current blue to my company’s blue.

I don’t mind adjusting the template or css files to put social icons on top. The social icon bar shows very nicely on the iphone and I would like it to show just below the phone number but above the logo on the iphone. So, if I can put that bar right above the logo and blurb line on the desktop page that would be nice.

Very nice. Bookmarked. Comprehensive, clean and just awesome. :-)

Great work, as usual. :)

Just bought the theme. I guess I will need to make adjustments to the custom css panel to get the font to be arial or helvetica as the theme only uses Google Fonts which have childish looking fonts in my opinion. Which style sheet is it? Or is there an easuer way then putting an overriding script into the custom css panel?


Okay Thanks. Is there some documentation for the theme on how to add icons to menu bars etc. or set up porfolio, blog etc.?


Where are both the ” help documentation section” and “the Browser based help docs with images & step by step instructions”?!


unpack download.zip, there’s a doc folder.


Nice theme. presale questions :D

1. this theme have different blog post formats? like video post, quote post, gallery post, audio post…

2. Social icons can be at top of home page?

3. Images at single portfolio can be set vertically? Some of my Portfolio images are portrait.

4. Can I change fonts, font sizes and colors?

5. Sliders: Can we build Sliders? Change height, width? can we add buttons, call to actions, links buttons, etc..?

6. I want to restyle my blog (www.virgiliodelavega.com) and in my posts image width are 640px. So I will use ur theme in my blog, questions is: can I change width on post images with a right sidebar. I see in ur demos images are 606px. Not sure if I explain myself :D


1) gallery, slider, video, image and quote post supported

2) it would require theme customization

3) theme would resize all images to fit, cropping them if necessary so layout would be preserved. You can alter this behaviour again by customizing theme files

4) there’s a builtin google font section in theme admin options where you can change font family. For sizes and colors you’d need to use the custom CSS box and add your own custom rules.

5) theme supports 2 different types of sliders with optional multiple html captions. Slider sizes is set by the theme, they are supported in home page, posts and projects.

6) Theme will auto resize all images to fit the layout. To change content area width, you’d need to customize theme files/css


any html version?


Hi, Unfortunately not. This theme was developed directly into WP.


Just bought theme. Nice work.

1. How can I add that dynamic content to the main slider? I mean like the text, icons or notebook on demo site.

2. Is there any way to get slider from the main page and portfolio grid on one site in the same time?




1) First you create a gallery, then for each image there’s an edit icon which opens the caption editor from which you can add those elements.

2) There’s not a page which has such layout (slider + porfolio grid) so you’d have to customize theme files.

If you need further help, please head to our support forum


Thinking about buying this theme. Is there any possibility for right-click protection?



there are a lot of free right click protection js script, you could easily add one youself to the theme.