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This might be a silly question but how do I enable e-mail on both the contact forms? It says its disabled for security reasons and to go to Line 53 and 99 but I can’t see what I have to change at the points in the code?

Please help!

flash217 Purchased

How can we add a captcha code the the CONTACT section of our website?


emailed SEO _scholar twice and received no answers yet. can anyone instruct how to…change the button colors and the footer background?

robert-j Purchased

I have uninstalled neptune theme. but it still exists in the left pan. How could i remove this effectively and all of it’s settings?

paraleon Purchased

hi! is it possible to enlarge font size in accordion and tabs? tnx!

I know no one has posted anything here in a while. But I’m using your theme and I don’t get any of the contact forms to work, both on the footer and on the contact page. No emails are coming thru.

Please advice.

lparigi Purchased

this is very strange, I have an email linked to the contact page. under EMAIL:

but for some very strange reason the emails are coming to me instead of the dedicated EMAIL ADRESS OF THE PERSON WHO SHOULD GET the emails..?? there is a bug somewhere

how do i fix this?

Is this theme compatible with the latest release of WordPress 3.5.2?

Sfran Purchased

How would I remove the writing between the content of my site and the breadcrumb feature under the navigation? Or even change it to one word that doesnt change?


Simple question, I just wanted to know can I make the theme color different then the colors the theme comes with?

GMior Purchased

I do not have any of the drop down menu’s to change color, header, etc in the customize area? Please help. Thanks.