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Cheers guys, its based on a WP theme we have in design phase at the moment so keep an eye out for that in the next month or so :)

Hey Guys,

I bought the theme for my Blog and it looks great! But there are some CSS problems on Iphone and Ipad… I checked the version you have on Themeforrest and it had the same problems.. Cloud you fix it?

Howdy we tested on iPad and iPhone running ios7. If you log a support ticket at http://www.meanthemes.com/support and explain the issues we will take a look and fix. Thanks for purchasing and I hope you are enjoying Ghost :)

Awesome theme, great work!

Thank you and thanks for purchasing :)

I spot 2 strange scrollbars at the top of the page…

Hey there, we’ve just tested on an actual Windows 7 PC, latest Chrome and don’t have that issue. What’s more we’ve also tested via browser stack and the issue isn’t there either. It may be a plugin or extension or userscript on your machine.

Hmm, you’re right. It is my browser. I checked the theme on Firefox, it look right. Hmm, something’s wrong with my Chrome…

Silly Chrome, oh well nevermind, rest assured the Nerdy Ghost theme and the Nerdy WordPress theme both have a single and not double scrollbar :)

Hi there! I am thinking of starting my blog and using “Nerdy” for Ghost. I’d like to ask how easy is to customise and change the colors (e.g. the background-color of the header and main content). Moreover, can I easily change the social media buttons and use my own?

Thanks in advance :-)

Hi there. You can change the header image and author avatar through ghost but that is about it. If you are happy editing CSS, uploading new image files and linking them through the CSS then yes that is all possible. If you want easy customisation through admin panels etc. then Ghost probably isn’t for you.

Is it possible to assign categories to posts and put them on the menu?

Hi ghost doesn’t work like that, you can’t show by category. I guess it may be something they add in the future but you’d need to contact the ghost team to ask

Would adding infinite scroll be a huge pain?

Hey there, it could be done but you’d need to know jQuery or JavaScript to achieve it, its not something we are looking at adding.

Hello, looking at the demo and really like they layout. Was wondering if it was possible (or easy to do) to add author social icons in the footer just like the Wharton theme. thanks V-

Hi there, the social icons are not included in Nerdy as they are in Wharton, but it would be simple enough for you or a developer to add some icons or links in font awesome and write some custom CSS for you.