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Hi. Congratulation on creating the most beautiful theme ever.

Please help with an issue I am facing. I am not able to change the typography in the theme options. No matter what font size I select, it doesn’t change on the website.

It was working fine a day before, but today when I tried to make the font a bit smaller, it is not happening.

Hey again,

I responded to your ticket on the support site about this, have you see it?


Great! Thanks. I have closed it.

No problem :)

Hey Cubell,

The COOLEST theme ever. This is the slickness I was looking for!

So I don’t really fancy changing much from the preview you offered before buying, is there anyway I can use your exact demo and then change it from there?

Makes it a hell of a lot easier + keeps the premium look safe.


Hey Socceriraq,

Thanks so much for the kind words and for choosing Ness :)

Really happy that other answers helped you too! :)


I’m still looking to find out how my home page front slider can be a slideshow but not of posts, justs pictures. So I can add my name of the site in the title. Similar to – please reply asap mate!

Hey again,

I did reply to your other comment, but just to expand on it, that site is not using the slider, I just noticed they are using the background slideshow featured image style to do that, but I’m not sure how they put it there, possible custom code, or could be done via a plugin (plugin loads data from a page or similar).


Hi bud. Me again… please reply this time as soon as you can! :-)

So I’m just wondering, how do I get the front page slider to look like this –

I like the idea it doesn’t have the posts availabe until scrolling down. Also the heading and sub-title is pretty cool for an area to add my web name!

Also, is there any chance of a header? When you live preview the magazine, it says CUBELL THEME PURCHASE X… now I know that’s a silly example as it isnt powered by your theme though if there is even a plug in or something to give me that… wow would just complete the full site!!

Finally in regards to the footer, how do I change the background image? And is there anyway for a full twitter feed. I like footer. If I could get Twitter instead of Instagram that would be awesome.

Please work your magic and I hope to hear from you soon. On a tight deadline!

Thank you mate.

Ness is a stock theme, when you buy a license you are buying a license to use the theme with all the features described in the theme description page and what you see in the demo. The theme never claimed to do anything like what is seen on that site you found, they bought Ness and customized the code to suit their needs. If you want the same results, then you need to customize the code to do that too. Of course anything is possible with any theme, but if a specific setup/feature isn’t included in a theme, you have to create it.

I have been extremely patient and nice to you by trying to help as much as I can and gone beyond what is required from me. You need to understand that buying a stock theme does not mean you are buying the time or services of the author, it only means you are buying a license to use a stock theme. Setting it up and making it work differently to what the demo shows is called customization, and that is obviously not included with the license. For that you need to do it yourself or pay a developer to help you.

Support is optional on Themeforest (because these are stock products), but I choose to provide free support to help fix bugs and listen to suggestions, not customizations.

You need to go to where you can find a developer who can help you do whatever you want with the theme.

Regarding the Read progress bar, I looked on Chrome on Windows and it works fine to me, what operating system/browser do you not see it in?


Apologies Cubell mate.

I get your point.

I just thought with your advice then I wouldn’t need a developer and as you gave me the code “[ic_add_posts template=’cb-blog-style.php’]” I thought that was half the battle.

All we needed from then was the preview shot that NESS offers and I would be ready to promote the site.

Just a bit gutted to be honest because I had a set way for the site to look and when I seen luxton then I thought it would be possible.

End of the day, I appreciate your help and I’m going to have to work around it :(

If you ever find out how to do that then please let me know.

A homepage like such could be something to think about for NESS’s next update.


Thanks for that, I do understand where you’re coming from, that’s why I tried to help! Did you try my other idea? Set the latest posts to another page (settings -> reading), then try a plugin or similar to load that blog page into your actual homepage? I did a quick search and found this one (not tested though):

Might help!


Hi, Cubell team! How i can increase (“cheat”) my heart likes in post? Can i change string of code for it or another way?

Hey Shooroop87,

I’m afraid support can only be provided for confirmed buyers, can you please login with the account you purchased the theme with to ask the question or register in the support system: and I’ll do my best to help you.


Hi Cubell, Been working with this theme for a while now and really love it. Still have one niggling thing though. I really need a page that if you turn the featured image off, the smaller header space behind the title can still be filled with an image rather than left with an ugly grey space. Any way of doing this? Don’t even mind if it’s a global image, it just feels unfinished the way it is but sometimes I need a page without the full page feature image. Thanks!!

Hi Sunshinevideo,

Thanks for choosing Ness and for the love for it :)

That is a really good point and I will see if I can add a new “Cover” featured image style for pages/posts to achieve that.

Until then, you can do it with custom CSS like this, copy/paste the following code into your Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS box:

.page-id-123 .cb-cover.cb-no-image { background: url(http://url-of-background-image) top left repeat; }

And replace the 123 part to the ID of your page. That will make the background repeat. To make it stretch use this instead:

.page-id-123 .cb-cover.cb-no-image { background: url(http://url-of-background-image);   background-size: cover; background-repeat: no-repeat; }

Hope this helps :)


Thank you! Really appreciate the help and will try the CSS workaround. :)

No problemo :)

Hi there,

Beautiful theme, just purchased it. Curious, is it possible for this theme to have full-width video playing for post headers, or within the post itself? I am referring to something similar to what you see in this page, which is somewhat similar to your theme.

Hey again,

No problemo :)

You need to enable it in the theme options. But the option will only appear if you select the slide-in menu type and enable sticky option, as without those two options enabled, it wouldn’t be able to work (or it wouldn’t be visible working).



I’m having a few more issues, hope you can help with these:

1. I cant seem to update the header image. I have tried to upload a new photo or select from the media library, but it stays on the header image that is currently uploaded. Are you aware of any bugs with the header image?

2. I only see the hamburger style slide-in menu when I shrink the page down. When I am on desktop full screen, the menu expands so that the menu items are displayed horiztonally across the top of the screen. How do I set it so the menu is always the hamburger icon?

2. I cannot get the name of my site title to show up, no matter what color I change the text to. Are you aware of any issues with this?


Hey Ryatco,

1- There haven’t been any reports of that, but if you share your site URL I can take a look and maybe get a clue from the source code.

2- You need to use the “Slide-in” menu option in the theme option, it sounds like you have the regular text option.

3- Do you mean in the browser itself? If so, install SEO by Yoast which helps improve your internal SEO and you can also set the titles there.

Hope this helps!



So the site is running well. However when you click on a shared link on any of the pages on mobile, the main image does not appear a lot of the time or it take very long to load. This is also apparent in photos throughout the post. Sometimes they have even jumbled about!

The page itself on mobile at times doesn’t load properly. By that I mean the cover image on the front page. I sometimes have to refresh the page a few times before it runs the way it should be.

It’s ok if I know this bug but for visitors it’s not premium at all. Had this problem since I bought the theme and my other page admin has began to realise it as well on his device. He stays in another country!

Hope there is a way around this.


No, I still haven’t sorted it out. Could you provide me with some fixing magic? :)

I’m afraid that this kind of magic is really quite specific and deep customizations, so apart from the following I can’t really help much more: to control the image avatar sizes you’d use what I shared before, but with widths, so:

#bbpress-forums img{  width: 20px!important;  }

And that would make them 20px wide/tall.

And regarding the reading progress, perhaps this might help:

.bbpress #cb-dynamic-area { display:none; }

And regarding the featured images, they should be full-screen, if the page is showing it that way, there is either a Javascript issue on your site (try disabling plugins) or you have custom code doing it.

Hope this helps bud,



socceriraq Purchased

I find this very confusing. It cannot be that featured images cover less than half the page size. Take a look at this page: – I just installed The Events Calendar plugin and configured it. There’s nothing I can do to make the featured image cover the full screen.

Cubell…i’m not able to post on the support forum. After the text submission, i’ve a 404.

Hey Ajfiel,

Great to hear, I’m going through tickets right now, so will try to get to yours soon too.


You’re 5 stars!

I followed it up again earlier today :)

Hey, I have a weird problem with my pages. When I set the featured image, it doesn’t show up in the actual page (there is still the grey box). I have it saved properly, with the featured image set to parallax. This issue only occurs for pages, not posts. Any idea what I could be doing wrong, or how I can fix it?

Thanks a bunch, this theme is beautiful.

Hey again,

Ah I see! That is really weird, would it be possible to re-install Ness to be on a fresh copy and see if it works there? To do that, you’d need to activate another theme (any theme), then delete Ness and then install it again (download it again to ensure a fresh copy). If you still have issues, then before editing code, share the URL with me on so I can take a look at it.

Just remember that doing a re-install will also delete any customizations you have done to the theme files (actual hard edits, like the one you did to fix the parallax on page). If you have edited other things, make a backup of the edited files before deleting it!

And the second issue seems to be that the thumbnails weren’t created for that thumbnail, did you do!/important_first_steps ?


Ohhh oops that was my bad, I completely missed that step somehow. They’re perfect now, thank you!

I’ll try the reinstall at another time, and I’ll be sure to contact support if I still have issues then.

Thank you SO MUCH for being responsive, and helpful. Will definitely purchase themes from you again!

It’s no problemo, I’m happy to help where I can :)

Hi There,

Thank you very much for the beautiful theme. I have set it up nicely and easily, however there are 2 things that i cant get working properlly.

1 – the parallax effect on the fullscreen image. When I set it up as per documentation, the screen goes black. It only works on mobile.

2 – I cant get the Post anvigation on the top of the page like the Demo.

Could you help me please!?

Hey Th_nogueira,

Thanks very much for the kind words and for choosing Ness :)

1- Did you try disabling all plugins to see if one of them is causing problems? If so, can you share the post URL to take a look?

2- If you share the URL I can take a look at this too :)



xar Purchased


I really like your WP theme, but I have an issue with a mobile version. Is it normal that the demo page doesn’t work on the iOS devices?

On the main page cover image doesn’t appear. There are also no post titles. On the post page cover image doesn’t load properly. I see only a black background instead. Gallery doesn’t work either.

Could you check and fix this please?


Hi Xar,

Thanks for the interest in Ness, and thanks for letting me know about that problem, it was a minify bug from a plugin! I deleted it and now it all works as expected again. Thanks again for letting me know about this, I would have never known! :)



xar Purchased


Thank you for a quick reply and fix! Is there any possibility to change the behaviour of showing the post titles on a main page? They appears only after tapping on the pictures which is not very intuitive for page readers.


Hey again,

No problemo! And the titles load after the image loads, they don’t react to users tapping, however, you can easily disable that by copy/paste the following code into the Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS box:

#cb-featured-image .cb-meta-data { opacity: 1; }

That will make it be visible on load :)



ryatco Purchased

Hi There,

A few more questions that I’m hoping you can help me with:

1. I can’t get my site name or description to show up properly on the page. When I look at my Chrome tab, it only displays my full URL. Here is my site:

2. How do I create tiled galleries? Right now, it looks like I’m only able to create standard wordpress galleries. I did some searching through these comments and you mentioned that you have to have jetpack activated. I believe that I do, but I am still unable to create other types of galleries.

3. If you look at the four posts on my page (, the two latest posts have their featured images cutoff and change the aspect ratio, whereas the two earliest posts display the full image and the proper aspect ratio. Is there a reason for this happening, and how can I fix it so that the featured image always shows the full size/aspect ratio.



ryatco Purchased

I actually got #2 to work properly, so just need help with #1 and #3! Thanks!


Cubell Author

Hey Ryatco,

Sure thing:

1- Install SEO by Yoast and you can set it all up there, that’s the easiest way to do it.

3- Did you sort that out? Because after taking a look, it seems to all be normal to me.



ryatco Purchased

Hi Cubell,

3 – not yet. Please have a look at the homepage again as I was playing around with stuff and you may not have seen my issue. The preview for posts titled “Parallax featured Image” and “This is a test post” are using the correct feature image size that I am looking for (proper aspect ratio, no cropping). All the other latest posts seem to be cropping the featured image. I am referring to the previews on the homepage, and not within the posts themselves.