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demo link is broken mate ..


Demo link is working fine, but thank you! :)

Different! I don’t now why, but it looks like that! But that’s the reason I like it! ;)

Good luck with sales! :)


Thank you very much! ;)

Does this work with bootstrap 2.3.0 ?


Sorry for late,

Yes, it is compatible with 2.3.0, I’ve tested it!

You can try it: Demo with 2.3.0

P.S.: I will keep this link, until my item be updated!


Thanks will now purchase :-)


Thank you for the purchase! ;)

- Update v1.0.1: Netrino* has been updated with Bootstrap 2.3.0!

Thanks all of you who have purchased this item already…

But we want some feedback from all of you, because this is our first item here on ThemeForest and they are coming more items soon!

So if you have any other question or want some help, feel free to ask here or even better contact us via contact form on our profile!

...and if you like this item, don’t forget to rate it! ;)

> Update v1.0.2:

- Twitter Feed fix (now works with Twitter API v1.1)
- Update to Bootstrap v2.3.1
- Colorbox stylesheet fix

is possible to put a video as background?


Sorry for the delay, but we had to test first…

Yes you can put a video as background, but you have to download the BigVideo.js plugin, from here: http://dfcb.github.com/BigVideo.js/ and with a bit of html code, works properly.

If you have any questions or you want further information, please contact us via contact form on our profile and we’ll be happy to help you!

i have a large logo with a image and would like to have the image to the left and the name to the right is that possible. love the template looks and works great. mydraftkit.com


Thank you for the purchase and for your kind words! :)

update and would like to make the left logo much larger than is now. it looks like it is bumping the image over to the left to? Thank you for your time great work


Please send an email from our profile page via contact form here and tell where you want to place your logo, left or center aligned? Thank you again! :)

Amazing work :) Good luck with sales.


Thank you very much 4riS! ;)

rootuid Purchased

Wondering what font the demo logo is or how can I change it ? Don’t see it in the template. Thanks.


Thanks rootuid for the purchase!

I’ve used the same font for the logo and it’s the “Play” from Google Fonts, in the description you can find the link to download it!

turner2f Purchased

Took about 15 minutes for the Twitter API to take affect.

Giving this theme FIVE STARS


Thank you turner2f!

turner2f Purchased

Did find one significant issue.

At around LINE 87 of the email.php file it says

$headers .= "From:".$email."\r\n";

The “From” headers are not sending (firing) the emails from “AOL”, Yahoo!” or “Hotmail”

But our host provider blocks emails with those extensions from being received (something to do with “spoofing”).

Can you please set this script so that emails being sent to us from the script are using the company address via the “FROM Headers” ?


turner2f Purchased

We got it to work by altering LINES 86 and 87 of email.php to :

$headers .= 'Content-type: text/plain; charset=utf-8'."\r\n";    
$headers .= "From: contact@mywebsite.com\r\n";
$headers .= "Reply-To:".$email."\r\n";

You might consider adding this to the script and the notation of the user documents.

Many host companies prevent emails from being received when they are from “AOL”, “Yahoo!” or “Hotmail”. It is a “spoofing” or “anti-spam” issue

Gave this FIVE STARS.


Thanks again for the feedback, we’ll update it soon!


how can I change color of the subscription button? I was searching CSS file but no success :)



Thank you bmivestor for the purchase!

1) In html code, there is a class with name “btn-inverse” and you can choose from Bootstrap button styles.

2) If you want to make custom color for the button, you can make a copy of “btn-custom” in your css file and choose your color.

If you want more help, please contact us via contact form on our profile!

maxxone Purchased

Hello Pixelgreco,

How can i change the position of the slider example, i would like it to be a drop down at the top or a slide out from the left,\ Please advise as we would like this way preferably.

Cheers Maxxone

Nice work! Good luck!;