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Hi, I really would like to buy this theme immediately if you could make the main slideshow and may be the latest, featured, special offer and best seller modules touch responsive.

Please let me know if possible? I believe to have it touch responsive will not only bring another sale with me immediately but will boost your sales also on Themeforest with the other developers as mobile is the way to go today.


found a a bug: on my Safari browser with mac: Only 2 columns product appear instead of 3. could you pls fix it?

But work fine on Firefox/ Mac


Hi, venturenet

Thanks for pointing to the bug. I think there is a simple solution for this.


Hi, If I buy would please help me to replace the fonts? Also is it possible: - To have 3 items display instead of 4 when on tablet in vertical mod? As It look weird to have one item alone under the row of 3 - to have 4 column of items if I remove totally the left side column?


Hi, venturenet

Please contact me via my profile page:


My second theme purchase from Themetorium in as many days – simply staggering work. Can’t praise enough!

Thank you for your feedback, robertjohn. I appreciate it very much. :)

Hi Themetorium,

Got some issue with theme on Ipad in vertical mod… responsiveness doesn’t work. sent you multiple emails. pls get back to me asap. thanks

Hi, venturenet

As I understand, it was related to your ftp. I’m glad that you got it to work. I replied to your email as well.


Great Support… definitely a good buy!


Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it. :)


may I please ask if this is working with Open Cart 1.5.6 ? Great looking design and documentation – would be great to deploy :)


Thank you for asking. Not at the moment, but it will be available soon. You can follow my Twitter account to be informed of new updates:


That’s great news, I look forward to it.

Hi, how can i turn off responsive?


Hi there,

I’d like to buy your theme but I have some questions … can I change the colors and fonts? as well the banner on the home page can I change to full screen width? and the border of the products can I make it thinner?

thanks in advance

Hi, kkbloom

Thank you for your interest.

can I change the colors and fonts?

You can change the colors through the “NevaCart Color Panel”. If you want to change the font, then you have to do it manually.

as well the banner on the home page can I change to full screen width?

I assume you mean the slider. This theme uses the OpenCart default slider and it does not support the full width feature. You can try some third-party module, if you find any.

and the border of the products can I make it thinner?

If you buy this theme, I’ll show you how to do it.


Hi, how can I remove the Dash sign before and after subcategory names in top header navigation?


Hi, venturenet

Open file: catalog\view\theme\nevacart\stylesheet\stylesheet.css

Find and remove this:

#menu > ul > li ul > li > a:before, #menu > ul > li ul > li > a:after {
    content: "-";
    font-size: 18px;


Hi please can you help me URGENTLY, my client has noticed that on IE his website is totally broken? yet on Chrome and Firefox it is working fine. Please can you have a look at something to do with scrips i think? but tried various versions of IE.

Greetings, I’m new to OC and just installed your file. Your second line in your instruction manual says the following:

1) Open File: catalog/language/english/english.php

In the zip file for 1.5.6 (and all for that matter), the file you mention to edit does not exist. How can this be fixed?


Never mind, I figured it out. The instructions were misleading though!

hello, can you change the interface design to be like ( design ?

No. Sorry.


We bought the model, see the search field does not work on iphone. How can we solve, can you help us?

Hi, svQuatro

Thank you for pointing to this problem. Fixed now. I sent you an email.