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Thx for ur answer.

1. So Nevada will have full width images in next update like my web http://www.virgiliodelavega.com/fotografia/ 1.1. And also the revolution Slider 2. And Melrose do not have any of both features? IS that right? :D

Sorry but my english is not so good and sometime I am missing some words


Hi Virplay,

1.) Yes, should be ready this evening 1.1) Revolution Slider is already in – as you can see on the start page 2.) Yes you are right :)

No worries, your English is good ;)

Best Regards UT

Awesome work as always.. Good luck guys!


Thanks Mabuc for your kind words! :)

Stay tuned!

Within the next 48 Hours we are releasing a new update for this theme, adding some new nice features:

- Full size Background Slider - Shortcode – CTA ( Call to Action) - and some minor tweaks

Best Regards UT


I was wondering when woocommerce support will be added. This theme is very very interesting bu tI need to make sure woo commerce will work seamlessly in it. Also how is the WPML support is this theme?



currently we are receiving lots of woo commerce requests, so I’m very sure that we will add this feature within the next 3-4 weeks. Our front end developer is in vacation for about two weeks, that’s why it my take this time.

We are going to contact the WPML team to make the theme fit with this plugin and will advertise it a soon as it is ready. Besides the whole theme can be translated using the Localization Plugin.

Best Regards UT

virplay Purchased

Thx for your answer. I just bought your theme :D

Good luck :D

Hi there guys, nice looking theme! Was wondering what (apart from aesthetic) the differences were between this theme and Aries?



it has an overworked back end, a new and better slider and more custom elements to achieve an better level of customization for each user and the design is definitely more cleaner than Aries (as you already recognized.)

Best Regards UT


Thanks UT, will probably purchase tomorrow!

virplay Purchased


I am using ur theme, nice an easy at the moment, but I canĀ“t choose google fonts (Open Sans) for body font. Only safe fonts. Why? :(

http://prueba1.efectodigital.es/ http://cl.ly/image/0I2K0O1e1V0N


yes you are right. Using Google fonts as body font is not recommended, in the past we often recognized that each browser renders each font different especially on small font sizes like body fonts have. If you like to have them on the body , we can provide a small code.

Please contact us at our support forum about this.

Best Regards UT


your stuff is great ! i mean all your wp themes :-)

some questions now :

1. is there a wp framework so your updates go to all your (recent) themes ?

2. do you support all google fonts and get auto-updates for new fonts as they arise ?

3. do you support custom ttf/otf fonts through @fontface ? (for international customers this is important)

4. custom css in admin panel ?

5. are all sliders & video shortcodes responsive ?

6. themes new versions notification + auto-updates (so important when having many sites) – please

7. do you offer styling as skins (save, load etc.) and which page areas can we style ? (logo/menu, header, content, sidebar, footer, subfooter etc.)

8. page builder elements & their parameters please (eg. do posts/portfolio elements support scrolling/paging, category filtering etc.) – need full info here ;-)

9. wpml, woocommerce, bbforum compatibility / child themes – please :-)

10. a table with functional differences between your recent themes (nevada, melrose, aries, passion) – so we can choose w/o experiencing surprises after we buy

11. single language theme translation in admin panel (request)

12. give us an option for membership so we get all themes/updates on a monthly subscription

13. maybe you setup a test server where we can test your themes for a limited period

i ask for toooooo much, i know… congrats again !!!

looking forward to your reply

tasos from greece


Hi Tasos,

your large list was scaring me at first sight ;)

1.) We are using a modified Version of Option Tree. We are constantly adding and improving things on our most recent themes. The handling on each theme is the same, but the options are different.

2.) Currently we have the latest JSON of all Google Fonts inside the theme. This JSON Object is not updating itself, this recommends a google api key, so that we decided to keep this Object up to date within our updates.

3.) Not yet, but you are talking about an interesting point. We have added this to our feature list.

4.) Yes

5.) Yes

6.) Theme Notification : Yes – Auto Updater has been prepared and will be integrated soon.

7.) Yes there are a few options: If you are using the boxed Version, you can change to background into a solid color, custom image , lots of texture and pattern which are coming with this theme. You can change the color layout of the navigation as well as the main theme accent color.

8.) These pages have been created using the builder for example: Page Creator Elements A Blog GridSlider Page there a lot more examples online. I would say 70% of all sites have been made with the page creator and the other one are predefined templates

9.) Child themes are working but you need to move 2 folders in order to get the child theme running. WPML and Woocommerce are on the feature request list but not implemented yet.

10.) That may tale some time to compare ;)

11.) Admin Panel can be translated using Localization Plugin

13.) We have done this in the past, guess this would be a nice service. Going to check our database capabilities for a new testserver.

Pew think we are done so far ;)

Best Regards UT


thx for your replies !

1. question is not about admin panel, its about theme framework

7a. skin management would be very useful (save, load styles etc.)

7b. styling separate areas of pages would add so much value (logo/menu, header, content, sidebar, footer, subfooter etc.)

8. i am asking for more details about page builder elements because i want to know if i can select blog categories to show, if i have a post & clients scroller like in passion theme etc.

11. i mean translate theme front end using admin panel (not translate the admin panel itself) ;-)

12. a club subscription for all your themes ? you did not answer here…

and somethig more as a bonus question :-)

14. to my taste, passion is the best looking of your themes but has lowest rating… does it miss features or whatever compared to nevada theme ?

thx again !!!




Nr. 1.) Yes its a framework based on skeleton. But updates are going individually.

Nr. 7) Yes there is a kind of skin Management, you can save the current set if option in a Preset and call it when needed.

Nr. 7b) Yes we know but it also means tons of options, which makes its hard to keep the usability. We recognized this request. :)

Nr. 8) There is an option inside the builder which allows to add exceptions for posts and categories not to display. We will add a Builder Video soon.

Nr. 11) No not possible, but every hard coded element at the front page has been coded translation ready.

Nr. 12) No we don’t have something like , since our theme are exclusive for themeforest.

Nr. 14) It has also some really nice features close to nevada, we still do not know why it has 4 stars. It’s a very good theme. You should read the comments from some very happy customers who are astonished about the rating.

Best Regards UT

I had a question before purchasing the file. In the portfolio section under the project details is there any way to customize the titles. So instead of Client it says Name , and instead of Date for it to say for example projects?



you can insert whatever you like. You can add as many details as you like.

Best Regards UT

virplay Purchased

What is ur support forum?



its http://support.unitedthemes.com/ . See you in there! :)

Cheers UT

Rich Snippets: As an SEO , I would like to know if this (awsome) theme is supporting Rich snippets (microdata, microformats, and RDFa). I would like to know as much as possible about this.

On-site SEO : From a SEO perspective, it’s preferred that the content loads first, not the colums (left/right). Have you structured the code to load the content before the left and right columns?

Other questions: I would like to publish the latest three blog posts in three different topics on the front page. I would like the “widget title” to link to the category and be able to add link title attribute and add an icon beside this “title” and be able to add a specific file name.

Support: I am interested in purchasing a few hours (10-20) to get some help modifying the theme. Is this possible? Please tell me a bit more about your services and business.

Thanks! :-)

I am using Firefox 15.0.1 and the drop down navigation stops working when I click a link. Is anyone having this problem?



we added ”#” target links to the first level of the navigation. When adding a regular page to the navigation its working as intended. You should recognize that the second level is working too.

Cheers UT

Congratulations on a very options rich theme.
I want to add my voice to the integration of the WooCommerce plugin option.
I have a client who is looking for an eCommerce site and this would fit well if WooCommerce integration was included. Hopefully this can be achieved quickly before I have to purchase a theme framework.

virplay Purchased

Ok I will ask then in ur support pages. Thx



answered you there.

Cheers Matthew

Impressive offering. Are child themes supported? I’d like to have a search widget display (always) in the page header up near the social icons. Also, on a portrait mobile layout it would then center the search widget below the social icons on separate rows. Can this be done now by merely using the WP admin?

dose it come with demo content?



yes the XML is part of the package. But all images have been replaced with placeholder.

Best Regards UT

Hi, it seems there are lots of options with this theme …. but I think there may be too many options. I’m trying to have my home page the same as in the demo with the large slider. Do you have some demo content or something to make this task easier please?


Hi metserve,

sorry met if the options are confusing you. Basically the Demo Home Site can be achieved within a few steps.

1.) Create a Slider using the Revolution Slider Panel which is located in your back end as the very last menu point. 2.) Create a Page and choose the “Home template” inside the drop down which is located beneath the “Publish” button. 3.) Configure the template using the “Home Settings” tab above the editor (self explanatory) 4.) Move to the “Featured Header Settings” choose header type “Slider” and choose the created “Revolution Slider”.

Feel free to join our support forum at http://support.unitedthemes.com/

We will release some videos showing the Page Creator and the Home Template configuration.

Best Regards UT

rkdiddy Purchased

Thank you for the awesome theme. I have a very strange issue. I’m building my homepage – specifically my Services. I was playing around with the Icon URL field and added an image that is now stuck in that field. I’ve deleted the image from my media gallery, tried deleting from the URL field and adding a different image URL . After saving the old URL is stuck in that field. I’ve tried hiding/unhiding to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Hi Rick,

yes that sound really strange. Could you please do me a favor and register to our forum and send “Matthew” an private Message including a temporary login to you WordPress installation? We tried to reproduce the error but without any success.


Best Regards UT

vlakhani Purchased

I have been having nothing but trouble with this theme. I cannot get home page to load properly, menu options are appearing at the bottom of the page, no text appears on any of the pages, and the list goes on. I need help, and I have setup a number of different WP sites (15+). Theme looks great on the demo site and want to use it badly, but need help. Please help! :(



We are always happy to be of assistance and quickly. For further help please register on our forum. It’s free and easy to use.

Why a forum? It is like growing a knowledgebank. No matter what you need help with, the answer to your question could be waiting for you there at this moment. If you don’t find just the fix you need, simply start a new thread and the team will answer you as soon as possible.

It’s also fun to interact with others who use the same theme. Many times a member just like you will jump in and give you the assistance you need right away.

Register for the United Themes Community http://support.unitedthemes.com/ here.

We’ll see you on the inside,

United Themes Team

Beautiful theme. I’m not a web developer so I have a couple of “noob questions” specifically about the social icons:

1. Can they be made lighter / reversed? i.e. they are light grey and darken on mouse-over.
2. Can the icons be tweaked to be smaller?
3. Is it possible to move the icons to the footer area of the site instead?

I love the theme, it’s just i feel the social icons are overwhelming on the banner area. I’m hoping I can make them dissapear as much as possible, without getting rid of them completely.



these icons are displayed within a widget, so you can decide where to display them. You can also add your own smaller icons by just putting them into the folder on your ftp. The Script will automatically list them in the widget itself.

Best Regards UT