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is the dark theme out for wordpress too?

Hello mf,

Please contact WordPress developer for your WordPress questions : I am only HTML designer of this theme.



I have two questions about the Nevermind HTML5 template that I’m trying to customize.

Question 1: How can I have the sticky main menu on all pages, like you have in your demo: http://localhost:59333/header-7.html. Others have asked about this, but the solution seems like a workaround and I would like a better solutions, if possible.

Question 2: I want to use my logo that is 400px width X 75px height. I also want to move the main menu (navbar-default) to the right to give the logo more room on the left. When I attempt this in the style.css at line 3795 by adding float:right, it floats the main menu to the right and looks fine in a full size monitor. But on small devices, the compact main menu gets pushed to the right instead of spanning the device width. How can this be solved in the CSS?

Thank you.

Hello my friend,

Please forgive me for late answer. Can you show me your demo url if its ready on the web let me check what is wrong.

Waiting reply.


Sorry. The site is on a development server, so it’s not available to the public. I saw that in another posting, you included some additional style code that was added to the HTML pages. I think that’s what’s missing? Or was the additional code you posted for the application.js file a newer solution that’s supposed to work by itself?

Hello there,

If you want to sticky menu for all pages, please add this code to top of application.js

        // Header Animation
        (function($) {
         "use strict";

        $(window).scroll(function () {
          if ($(document).scrollTop() == 0) {
          } else {


I have made before like this my friend.


1. I’m trying to change the onHover color of the border above the top navigation (.dropdown-menu). Where can i find it in the css? It seems as if javascript is controlling the color here?

2. Is it possible to get the .less files for this project?


Sorry but the sites not on the web yet. I’m was in the process of modifying your template and ran into the border-top issue. To duplicate the issue just change the line of code above to any other color, then preview the template and move the mouse over any other top navigation item besides “home” and “contact”. Thanks

Hello, I’ve tracked the issue back to your bootstrap.min.css file. Once i added this rule to the style.css file and updated the border-color everything worked fine.

.nav .open>a,.nav .open>a:hover,.nav .open>a:focus{background-color:#eee;border-color:#B54321}

Also noticed that the bootstrap.css included is not the one used to create the bootstrap.min.css file. Do you have the custom bootstrap.css file used to create the minified file? Thanks


I am very glad if you fix this problem. I have upload to the zip bootstrap.css and minified file. We dont have another .css files and minified file sorry about that.



I have two questions about the FHMM dropdown menus in the Nevermind HTML5 template that I’m trying to customize. The site is on a development server and not accessible for you to view, so I’ll do my best to describe the issues.

Question 1: Main menu – For the FHMM menu dropdowns, is it possible to link the main menu dropdown link to its own page, as well as trigger the dropdown menu? Currently, the main link triggers the dropdown menu, but I would also like to link it to its own page. For example, if I have a ‘Services’ main menu link, I would like to link it to a ‘Services’ main page, as well as trigger the dropdown menu for links/pages subbed under ‘Services’.

Question 2: Main menu – On mobile/small devices, the FHMM menu dropdowns automatically expand to show sub-menu links when hovered over. Is it possible to make the dropdown menus expand on click on mobile only?

Thank you.

Hello there,

Thanks you so much for your great questions.

Here is 1. answer for you : its very easy to use my friend just add dropdown-toggle disabled that’s it.

I don’t have skill for your 2. question :( But let me check for you.

Best Regards.

Adding ‘disabled’, according to that page link seems to work. Thank you. I had searched all of your documentation and the Bootstrap docs, but couldn’t find that answer. I’d recommend adding that info to your template documentation for future releases.

I’m awaiting the answer to my second question when you have it.


Thanks you so much for your feedback. I am very glad If you fix your problem. I’ll email you when I get any skills about 2. question.


is there a psd included?

No sorry my friend

Hi again,

I purchased this template a couple of months ago and have been working with it, as I learn Bootstrap. It’s been a great template, but I have a question. I’m still new with Bootstrap, so this might be a stupid question.

In the Bootstrap grid documentation, I read the following:
1) Rows must be placed within a .container (fixed-width) or .container-fluid (full-width) for proper alignment and padding.
2) Use rows to create horizontal groups of columns.

But in your code for this template, there’s no row divs defined after ‘container’ and it is missing in much of the template’s pages, and I’m wondering why.

Is this a mistake or do I not understand something about this? If you could explain why you omit row divs in the template, I would appreciate it.

Thank you.

<section class="colon3">
         <div class="container">
            <div class="col-lg-3 col-md-3 col-sm-6" data-effect="slide-bottom">
                <div class="box">
                    <i class="icon-html5 active" />
                        <h3>Coded with HTML5 & CSS3</h3>


Hello Good Question .

Because we used 1 time .container tag for all elements. If we used different columns in 1 container we used row but if we used 1 time same columns like ; col-md-6 and col-md-6 we not use. But if we used col-md-6 and col-md-6 in 1. section and second section col-md-4 col-md-4 and col-md-4 we need to use row tag.

If still not got my point do email us from our profile we will explain you more.

Hope you are going to rate us :D If you understood the wordings.


Hi, I have purchased this template. For navigation I use only the Mega Menu but I would like to have it transparent instead of white. Is this possible? I suppose so, how do I set it?

We didn’t get any email sorry – please let me know your email id.

I reacted by mail with the same question again. I still have no answer. This is a simple question, why not just answer here?

you need to set opacity in background for transparent

Hello, nice work but i have a small problem…zoombox will not work since Facebbok has change any thing. Firebug tells me that the sha-1 key are wrong(?). Di you have any solution? Thanks and greets from switzerland

Hi, I see it is working on our demo could you please provide your website URL so we can look at it?

Hi. Could you update the change log in order to know what changed in the last version? Thanks

Hi, We have updated change log it should be appear very soon.