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This theme is not working properly in IE 10. The slider will not load and the navigation is off.

This issue has been resolved. Sorry to trouble you.

This theme is not working properly in IE 10. The pictures in the slider are not loading and the navigation is not working correctly.

This issue has been resolved.

Ok, I’m glad it works.

Hello!! Love this theme…. just quick question, how can I make the slider auto play all the images? without having to click next…

Please advise, Thank you!

Hi, sorry for delayed reply.

autoStart: true


Please let me know how to add @face-font I tried to use it but it is not working.

Thank you

Could you clarify? What kind of icons do you want to use


It is not an icon. I am want to change the text font. The font will be on my server and use it with this theme.

My home page doesn’t changes the slidesshow images automaticallly like in your preview website.I need to click next arrrow. How and where can i change this option???

Try this

            skin                    : '',
            responsive              : true,
            navPrevNext             : true,
            showBarTimer            : false,
            showCircleTimer         : true,
            navButtons              : false,
            navStartStop            : false,
            hoverPrevNext           : false,
            autostart                : true,
            firstlayer                : 1 

thank you very cluch :)that really works!!!!

You’re welcome. ;)

Thanks for the nice template. I am using it for my company since about 2 years. I miss a little bit the actually modern single-page-design with the navigation always on top/bottom.

You can try It’s easy to use.


loublo Purchased

This is an old thread, but there still is validation problem –

The solution [according to] Use [data-fancybox-group] instead of [rel] e.g. <a class="fancybox" data-fancybox-group="group1" href="img/work/1.jpg"></a>


pelicang Purchased

What files did you change in your latest update?

As I remember I did update layerslider script and font-awesome.


ishir Purchased

Hi i am a beginner, I needed to know how can I fix the color in the style switcher in my final website ?

You can set color of your site in <header> section

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/colors/blue.css" id="colors">


AdrianaZK Purchased

I have problem with the contact form…. please help me:

Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 550 Access denied – Invalid HELO name (See RFC2821 in C:\Webs\\public_html\contact.php on line 96 ERROR! Please ensure PHP Mail[] is correctly configured on this server.