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Hi there

Great looking theme. I’m thinking of buying it but have a few questions first please:

1. When using the blog masonry layout (http://grab.by/rUTg), is it possible to have different width posts as you can in the portfolio masonry layout (http://grab.by/rUTk)?

2. If the answer to Q1 is yes, how do you select the different widths when creating a post?

3. Would it be possible to amend the loop for the blog masonry layout so that the larger sized blog entries always showed before the smaller sized entries? (I would pay you for this is necessary.)

4. In blog masonry layout, do the blog items need to be the same height or can they be variable height as on the portfolio masonry page?

5. For the single post page, is it possible to have full width page with no sidebar?

Many thanks for your time.

Kind regards Richard

Sorry I missed the last question:

6. Instead of pagination on the blog masonry page, is it possible to (or would it be easy to) add infinite scroll?

Thanks again. Richard


Thanks for the nice words!

1. Yes

2. When you create post you can select width in the post meta section.

3. You can do that with custom coding. I suggest you to hire 3rd party developer to achieve that. We are not available for freelance mods.

4. Yes, they can be different height, no restrictions applied there.

5. There’s no full width post layout out of the box, but it will be easy for 3rd party developer to create one (cloning full width page layout).

6. I do remember some folks were using infinitive loop plugin. Again, 3rd party dev should help you setup this one too.

Hi Mixey. Thanks for the quick response. Much appreciated.


Does the theme support RTL languages?

Thank you, Inbal

I’m afraid, but no.

Hi Mixey

Just getting back to your answer to my Q2 above (When you create post you can select width in the post meta section), does the meta field take the form of a custom field? Any chance you could link to a screenshot please?

Thanks Richard

Is the theme compatible to WP 3.8?


I recently purchased this theme and it is amazing! Highly recommend it, it’s beautiful, responsive & works with all the plugins I needed to complete my website. Works with WP3.8 just fine @ sweethomemall. It was easy to install, had it up and running just as I wanted within a day.

Don´t update to WP 3.9. with the New Horizon Theme! The Visual Composer doesn´t work anymore. Had the problem and couldn´t import pictures anymore (VC stays blank)! I downgraded to WP 3.8.3 (it´s the last I know that works with New Horizon.



Any new upgrades coming soon for this theme, any consideration making it responsive on any next update?

I’m afraid but no. We are out of resources and person who was responsible for themes is not available anymore. Other developers are working on our Visual Composer plugin full time.


I have a problem with the theme i bought from you – in my blog the posts are “invisible” but when i click randomly i can enter into the posts and inside they look fine.


I can see only the menu bar on the top of the page and the background My site hosting company said it is a css problem – i haven’t touched the css page – do you think you can help me with this?

Thank you very much, Maria

hi, i recently purchased this them and the visual composer is not working properly… is there something i’m doing wrong

Hi! I have a problem inserting divider with text. If I insert short code “divider”, it has no text, just divider. And visual composer does not work—when I place any element to the page, it disappears ( under Mac OS, Safari….) Regards, Anton

Hi, Are you still providing support for this theme? Thanks