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WOW, this theme is DOPE!!.. the preview is sharp fast and sweet. I would like to know a bit more about the “Penguin Framework” I clicked on the “Credits Link”, but it takes me to a “Page coming soon” Any info would be appreciated, I’m a bit cautious when it comes to “frameworks” that stop working after the first WP Update.

Good Luck with the sells, it’s a really nice theme for a bargain price.


hi,thanks,about penguin is ourself develop a options tools for admin panel.

this is really interesting.. it’s like Flash for WP. cool. looks pretty great…

does this allow Child Pages & Drop-down menus?

Why are there no comments on the blog posts? does this theme allow blog comments?

no sidebar options?

Hi,this is a featured flash template change to a wp theme so now have no comments ,if you need comments you can contact us custom it.It’s a one page style theme and design have no sidebar.

Because of we need keep the design style so don’t add more element,if any more can custom for u.


A beautiful theme. Looks fantastic! Congratulations!

Thanks @tagDiv

This is great, fantastic work as always.
Congrats :)

Thanks,I find u had add Christmas hats ! :)

It’s never too early for fun. :)
I hope Santa brings you a lot of sales.

This theme is perfect for business and portfolio usage. I hate some of words in businnes template which is “read more”, “comments” like etc. so this theme is so clear for business usage…. Congrl. GREAT THEME…..

Thanks @alighieri

Congratulations. This theme is a “breath of fresh air” into the themeforest wordpress “panorama”. One question, is video possible in the portfolio section?

Keep up the good work and thanks.

YES,it’s support video and audio!

Thank you and pleased to be the first to play with your theme.

Thank u support if you have any question can first view our support forum or submit a new discussions so that help more buyer!

We just had update a new version,please tell me your email or send u your email to sales[at] quickly send u as award.

V1.0.5 had update and online, you can down it now. Thank u support us. :)

Great.. :) I love this theme :)

Congratulations for your nice work.

In my computer don’t work :(. I used Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and nothing… :S

Very strange.We used Firefox, Chrome, Safari , Opera , IE8+ all ok and other visitors all work. Do u used which version,please clear and view it again. First make sure your network speed is good , then use the link view it.

Looks beautiful , consider buying it for next project :)

fei chang bang! ding. ;)

Great looking theme does it work on the iphone or other phones,ipad etc

Yes, it’s html5 theme so can works on iPad etc …

We just update responsive for mobile phone 1.0 , now you can view it throught your phone. If u have any idea or suggest , please tell us. Thanks.

The lightbox animation is really jerky, not smooth at all. Very slow site. For fiber broadband full duplex users only I guess. I missed the expected full screen option in the portfolio and a better blog feature as well. Feels like a beta more than a release candidate.

lightbox used prettyPhoto plugin,because of it’s support facebook and twitter,if you there net can’t access these site like china will slow. And the demo with many option for visitors setting. Yes, this is already featured flash template as portfolio site. Thanks. :)

Amazing , it’s fresh idea as a wp theme. :)


excellent and fast support! Thank u! Again great work.

NP, if u need more help , please contact us , thank u support us.

Nice work man! =)

thanks. :)

I’ve been looking at getting a new responsive site and WOW this is NICE! Really is like a flash site and loads quick on iphone etc GRT JOB!! Curious, it says responsive but on my iphone it looks like in standard laptop layout…? Let me know if others see the same thing or is the Responsive an optional setting? Also is it compatible with WooCommerce plugin (I’d like to sell a few products on it if I purchase)

Much Respect to your talents!


Hi, yes it’s from our a already featured flash template.Responsive layout means you can custom your site style, you can view item desc have some example screenshot. And we check google data more visitor view site throught Mac,PC,Pad,so as the theme show now is good or will still like other wp theme not fresh and break design.

Hmmm.. not sure I understand as the iphone,mobile view doesn’t change layouts from desktop or laptop view and all other responsive sites I am considering definately compress their view style on iphone/mobile I LUV the rest of your theme but was hoping for true responsive adaption

Hi,now desktop or laptop or ipad show also same show on iphone , mobile. And u can throught your iphone view our demo. Thanks.

Hi, we had decide to do mobile style, do u have any idea for mobile style?If u want to use the theme, please send us your think about mobile show style after buy it. We will update with good buyer suggest.Thanks. :)

We just update responsive for mobile phone 1.0 , now you can view it throught your phone. If u have any idea or suggest , please tell us. Thanks.