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Beyond stunning! I had to buy it! I can see this being useful for more than just a New Years landing page and for $11.00 its a steal! Congrats and all the best in your sales! I do hope your time and effort is repaid in high sales :) Oh, and Merry Christmas ;)

- Bryce Wisekal

:) thanks man! Merry Christmas to you too!!

Looks really great man!

thanks man! :)

Thank you :)


Very annoying issue with mouse over effects

Try removing the product banner at the top if you experience an effect you didn’t think should be there – also more relevant information such as os and browser (+ version) would assist if you are attempting to report a bug.



I removed the product browser, but if I hover over multiple sections that have the hover fade effect, the effect continues to everything that my mouse hovers.

I tested this in IE9 & Firefox. If this can be sorted out, I’ll purchase today.


hi – i’ve just tested this on a windows machine in ie7, 8 & 9 as well as the firefox and i can’t recreate the same instance as what you were referring to above. all clickable images and links are supposed to fade on effect and this can be easily done by removing the javascript. we can assist you with this once you have made your purchase.

Not sure how to enable slide option. I see that there is slides on the PSD files but cannot enable slides on landing page. If you can share this with us maybe great. Thanks. Nice theme.

Hi there is no slider as per the live preview.

The psd slides were not part of the final design but rather than remove from psd’s we included for free as a bonus

You can easily swap out the static image for a slider however if that’s the way you wish to go


Hi, I purchased your template and it looks great. I am a hack at best and after playing around with the psd index file realized I don’t know how that will effect the actual web site. If I change the psd can I get that over to change the landing page using dreamweaver. any help is greatly appreciated. Mike

Yes, you can use Dreamweaver, but if you want to see what it’s going to do before actually doing it, I would suggest using Firefox with the plugin Firebug, you can select classes and change the CSS live right there in the browser so you can see what’s going to happen.

Thanks for your purchase and good luck with the page!

I assume you designed it in photoshop and then converted it as a web page. I am wondering how the photoshop files are useful for me. If I use photoshop to change some of the layout, colors, etc. How do I get that into the finished web page with the functionality of what you have already produced? Or do I need to make all the changes in a web development program? (The back story is that my wife got it and did a bunch of changes to the photoshop files already and wants me to make that her website..) Thanks again for any guidance!

Hi – it just depends on what parts we used, image wise, from the photoshop for the html – depending on whether it’s a graphical part or not we use an image (as provided in your img folder) or css for styling – opening the img folder and checking out the images, or the html in an editor will help you see if it is indeed an image or a css style class from the style sheet.

We layer and group everything in the photoshop file so extraction is easy – make your changes, then open the original image file we created – then drag the layers / group / flattened image (your choice) over the original image file and make sure everything is lined up correctly and export for the web using the same name we originally created (and format such as jpg) – you will want to first make a backup of the original images so you have them as reference – but then that’s it basically.

Many thanks


Hey Jonathan, The pictures at the bottom aren’t popping up like on the demo. Even if I open up the original ‘index’ file from the back up copy. It opens the video in a different page on you tube. Is there a missing link in the java script?

Hi it sounds like your missing either the rel tag or the script that pulls the light box code together. Can you contact me via my profile page so that I can send you some screen shots via email.


I’m trying to update the centre-piece.jpg image, as I need to change the text from ‘New Years’ to ‘Christmas’...I can change the index.psd but I can’t export an image that is the correct dimensions as centre-piece.jpg and without the black email signup bar at the top. Any help?

Hi and thanks for the purchase, it sounds like you are not exporting just the group you need – looking at the photoshop file provided you have the top bar on a separate group so not sure why you are exporting it with that. The photoshop file also has the correct guides in place for you to get just the part you want also. I recommend looking at the structure of the photoshop file – possibly turn off all groups and layers not required – alter your text and then merge groups > export image.

Hope that helps


If you would care to contact me via my profile page I just created a single photoshop file that is JUST the central image for you – then you can simply open – edit – export and replace existing image – nice and easy :)

I will be placing this update in the queue here in a few moments but if you contact me here (form on the right side to contact me):

I will send you a direct link to just the photoshop file to make things easier for you – thanks again


WOW ! looks so darn amazing!

;). Well thank you very much for your kind comments!

Hello that such I congratulate you for this wonderful work. Forgive this question but I would like to know what programs I use to edit this template

Hi – you would use any HTML editor such as dreamweaver etc or if you are comfortable with code you can use a plain text editor such as notepad or textedit.

Hope that helps and thanks for the purchase!


is this theme responsive?

Hi – it’s actually not a theme, but rather a landing page html template. It is not responsive no sorry.