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I just wanted to say thank you for your prompt responses. Last question. Which file can I edit so that when site resizes for mobile devices it locks in position?

For example: on iPhone 6/galaxy 5s when site loads, it repositions itself correctly. However if user zooms in or out, site shifts to far left side of screen leaving negative space on rights side of screen. User doesn’t know how to get site back to the original position.

I also noticed an horizontal bar at bottom of screen which allows user to slide site horizontally. I don’t believe that is needed and may be the cause of the issue above.

Which file do I edit and what part in order to fix this issue?

Thank you.

Never mind I just fixed it.

Great looking theme! I’m thinking about buying it but noticed some comments regarding the amount of spam received through the contact form and difficulty implementing captcha code into it. Is this something you may consider adding to an updated version of your theme or would you be willing to provide instructions on how to add it after purchase? Thank you.


we can help you to integrate captcha code.


Is there any way to see a preview or partial documentation prior to purchasing the theme? We are very interested in the functionality and design, but of course want to be 100% positive before buying and delving into an entire new site build for our company. Just wondering, totally understand if not.


You have asked the documentation from NEWAVE HTML Template. This is not a wordpress theme.


No we are interested in the WP version. Are you able to answer the pre-sale questions or provide more in-depth documentation?

Sorry we may have gotten our posting threads crossed. I will re-post on WP version comment section.

Hi Im helping a friend build this them could you tell me how to change the font on the header and make it bigger … i also want to change the font color of the header we are using the third header option and its gray when you hover over it its black and we need it black and gray to hover . Also is there a way i can preview all the fonts? Thanks

Hi, important to see the purchased badge. Can you post the same question under your friend account? Thanks

Hello, Im interested in your portfolio, but I can’t watch the “live preview” of any project. Server shows 404 not found.

It`s online now. Regards

Love the template, but it is super slow loading. Google PageSpeed Insights gives it a 20/100. What can I do to speed this up. Please help.

Hey there! I am very excited about this theme. You’ve done a fantastic job! My question is simple: Can I change/update the font family to use a google font for all browser platforms? I would like it to show up on Safari, Firefox, IE and Chrome as the same font. If this is possible, please let me know.

Thanks again


Our template use google fonts. Here is more info if you want to change them: https://developers.google.com/fonts/docs/getting_started


Wow! That was fast. I really appreciate it and will apply it.

Thanks again


Great theme, though I am having trouble getting the masonry blog working on my site. Any chance you could take a look at my blog and tell me where I am going wrong?

You can find it here:


Any help would be much appreciated!


Ciaran +


I have fixed most of the errors but some of them are unavoidable due to the CMS and plugins I am using (Umbraco). Still I don’t think any of them should effect the masonry functionality.

Any ideas what could be my issue?


You have changed the div class names. Please follow the parent and child from our demo.

Great thanks, it worked once I changed the div class names around! Just one issue – on the left column, the vertical space between the bottom two blog posts is much smaller than the others – any idea why this might be?


Can you please help me out – I cannot get the masonry blog to work. The items do not move when the screen size is changed, they just get cut off. Any idea why this might be happening?



Hello. How can I change the speed of the slider? In the portfolio. (you used the same slider for the Mors identity example). Thanks

Did you bought the wp version or the html template?

WP template. I was hoping you could point me to the bit of js controlling the slider speed.

Sorry for all these formalities but you must then post your question to the WP version forum (where you will find that your username has the purchased badge) – and we will answer your question.



I keep getting this error on my blog page:

‘Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘apply’ of undefined’ in isotope.js


Any ideas what could be causing this?


Hi, Please compare with our original template. Regards

Hi, I created website using this theme (video background) , it is working fine when I open it locally on my PC, but it keeps loading when trying to open from Internet http://rubyrack.com/ , please advise, thanks


You have made some html errors:


After solving them please compare with our original template and see where is the error. Regards

I don’t use Word Press but I have a hosting service. Wanted to know can I use this template as a standalone without using wordpress?

This is a HTML template so it’s not meant to be used with Wordpress.


I’ve purchased the HTML Newave Template however, my designer tells me I should have bought the WordPress version instead… Is it possible to change the HTML template to WordPress or can I swap it for the WP version??

I’m afraid you just have to buy the Wordpress version. :(