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Ondia Purchased

Hi again! how can I set the blog with 6 last posts as in your travel demo? i’m trying to do it, but i’m only capable to do it with the last 3 posts.


Thanks in advance. Regards from Barcelona.


Set ‘Number Of Posts Displayed In Blog Sections’ in theme options -> Blog Options to 6.


Will this theme ever be updated again?

Yes, for example to make sure it’s compatible with the most recent Wordpress version. Why exactly?

When I click on a Portfolio image it pops up in a lightbox. Is it possible to remove this as I don’t want the image to link anywhere or pop up? Thank you

So a portfolio item can open in a pop-up, inline expander or an external page, depending on their type. there are no portfolio items without links. You can try disabling the links with CSS https://css-tricks.com/pointer-events-current-nav/


Hi :) I was wondering how I could only use three items in the contact_details_slider and still get it to slide & center? My site is www.skagerverneservice.no. Thanks :)

Also – I see that the e-mail is not responsive on mobile, is there a way to fix this? (The facebook address is not going to be there, so there should be three in the slider)

Hi there, Yes, just modify the contact_details_slider shortcode and remove the slides you don’t need. After doing that give us more details about the email (icon?) on mobile thanks

Hello ! How can I change the filter opacity on the full screen slider ? And how can I fix the first image of my blog slider ? Many thanks



.pattern {
    background: none !important;

in theme options Styling Options -> Custom CSS

Regarding the blog slide, what exactly do you need to fix? Give us more details and the url of the post page.


Hello, first of all I really love your theme!

But now there is one problem with the Font I want to use for my Headlines and the Menu. I want to use the Font ‘Oswald’. I used this Font in another Homepage I made (with another Template). But it looks totally different. What can I do?


Is it possible to provide wp admin credentials in a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com? thanks

Okay – just submitted a ticket. Thanks!

Replied :) Thanks

Hi everyone,

I have a big problem with this theme. I want use template (1 of 6) in Home Options -> Home Layout Type. I can’ t see any content, how I created, when Page is set as a Main Page in WP settings. It’s OK, when Page is not a main page – I see my content. Is a normal?

1. a main page in ‘One Page’ template

2. the main page is set as front page in Settings -> Reading

3. a Home page with the ‘Default’ template assigned as ‘Home’ section

4. The home page appears first in the Main Menu

5. And the current menu is set as ‘Main Menu’

OK. And still not working…

Hi there, if you have not done it already, open a ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and provide wp admin credentials. thanks

Is there a way to add a loading icon for each video. People click on a thumbnail and it just takes them down to my about page before loading, so people think it doesn’t work because it takes a couple seconds to pop up. Thanks!

can you provide the site url? thanks


Hi, the portfolio items loaded fast but it may have a delay for slower connections. One solution is to increase the scroll time to the bottom of the page (in order for the portfolio item to expand). So replace line 609 in /js/scripts.js with

jQuery('html, body').delay(1000).animate({ scrollTop: jQuery(".portfolio-bottom").offset().top -40}, 1500);

where both delay and scroll time has been increased.

Make sure you hard refresh the page (Ctrl+F5) to see the changes.


Hello, I download the last version of WP and now I have a big problem on my home slider, it doesn’t work anymore and all my Highlighted text appear on the first image and the others don’t appear anymore… Thanks

Hi , plz open a ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and provide wp admin credentials. thanks


I’m having two questions about this demo: http://clapat.ro/themes/newave-wordpress/?newave_portfolio=newave

1. where do I find the heart to like and social share part like in this demo at the bottom of the Page?

2. which Home Layout is the one you used? I want mine exactly like that.

Thanks! :)


This is a portfolio item set as External Project (which opens in its own page). If you go about editing it, you are able to set a header image background and a text (displayed at the top).

To have ‘the hearth’ displayed at the bottom, go to theme options -> Portfolio Options and enable Social Sharing Box.


Okay it worked, and it looks like I want it! But I really can’t get it as header…do I have to set it into a page? Or change something in the script?

Same with the “heart”-part how can I set it as an extra part? Because I don’t want to use it only for my portfolio. I want it like you’re at the bottom and as an extra part


Hi, this features work only in a portfolio page. To add them in a ‘normal’ page, quickest and simplest I can think of is to get the html output from the page source. And set the page without title and subtitle.


While not tagged, this theme will work fine with Wordpress 4.3 and subsequent updates, right?

This is actually something we need to change in our presentation page. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. :)

To answer your question we tested on 4.3 and we didn’t find any issues. Of course, we are now waiting also for users feedback – but so far no problems reported.

Regarding subsequent updates: the theme is actively supported, that means we test against new Wordpress versions to ensure the theme is compatible and up-to-date.


Great. Thank you.

And the price covers all future updates of the theme for as long as it’s under active development?

Yes, free updates and free support. But, I have to stress, support is not custom work, so answering questions or concerns, fixing bugs, small CSS modifications, but not substantial changes.



Zannos Purchased

Hi, great Template! I was wondering how to ad images like the person in the demo http://clapat.ro/themes/newave-wordpress3/ to a parallax section. I can’t seem to figure out how the slide in from bottom + fade-effect is done. Can you help me out?

Hi it’s a class named element_from_bottom plus a style for the bottom margin:

<img class="element_from_bottom" style="margin-bottom: -120px;" alt="person" src="http://clapat.ro/themes/newave-wordpress3/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/person.png" />


The image is included in a one half column


24sieben Purchased

Hello New Wave Team! The Newave theme is descripted to be WPML compatible. In the “Theme Options” we can’t find a multilingual option, neither in the used „Full width Parallax Slider“ nor in the “Footer Options”. Thats a big problem for us, because there is some text in it (Slider and Footer), which should be also translated. Can You please help? Thanks a lot!

Hello, the strings in question can be translated in WPML -> Strings Translation (need to search for primary language texts to find them, for example).



24sieben Purchased

Thank You for your answer. I know the string translation. But this is not comfortable if there are weekly chances in the slider-text. Any other idea?

You would have to translate the string in WPML every time the slider text changes in theme options.



ravi000 Purchased

I bought both versions of this theme and it is great. But unfortunately I need a submenu now for one of the projects.. How can this be done? It does not seem to work at all when making a nested list.


ravi000 Purchased

Actually it does work.. I found out just now.. hehe But I need it to open mouseover instead of click. Any tips?

Hi there,

plz read https://clapat.ticksy.com/article/2352/


Pre-sale question

Hi ClaPat, my compliments on your great theme.

I’d like to use it as a multipage website. Does the menu allow submenu items? (for example: ‘Services – 1.webdesign 2.marketing 3.branding 4….)

Thank you in advance for your time.

Best regards, Tim

Hi Tim,

Thank you for your compliments.

Yes, the pages are either sections of the one pager or individual, which allows you to build a multipage website. Using our demo as an example http://clapat.ro/themes/newave-wordpress/

The ‘Blog’ menu item has two subitems which point to separate pages with different templates.


Hello! I love your page is very dynamic and functional! But I need to change one of the section titles, lowercase, is this possible with just one title?

Also, I need the image to be positioned on the left and right sides remain to the text and not below. There is possibility to make the images are on the sides, centered text?

Thanks for your design and support! _

Hi there, yes it can be easily done with a CSS instruction: following this demo: http://clapat.ro/themes/newave-wordpress/

to make the first section title lowercase you would add:

#we-are-newave h1 {
    text-transform: lowercase;

in theme options Styling Options -> Custom CSS


Thank you so much por the fast support! Now I have another question! _ jeje Can I customize the order of the tabs in the portfolio section?


ClaPat Author

Hi there, easiest is to rename the portfolio categories to match the order you wish or use a plugin to reorder.