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Hi, can you tell me which files were updated from v1.3 to v2.0?



That’s great! thank you. What theme files directly affect the navigation?

style.css, files under /js and /sections folders./sections/menu_slide_section.php contains the implementation.

Perfect! thank you!!!!

HI, I’d like to turn off the info box on the fullscreen folio, just on mobile, how would I do that?


.description-slide { display: none; }

Brilliant, thanks for the excellent support as usual…

Glad to help. Please do not forget to rate our theme. Thanks

Dear ClaPat, amazing theme.

A question: I would like to customise the permalink opening the portfolio project which, in this moment, is: www.mysite.com/newave_portfolio/item… The goal is to replace newave_portfolio with the path I like to indicate. How to change it? Because with the permalink I wasn’t able. Thx Cheers

Hi ClaPat, thank you for the tip. However I have already tried to do that. It don’t work.

Neither writing the path with nor without /

E.g.: in the slug field “prova” or ”/prova/” it don’t work.

After to have saved I go to change the permalinks and then again to put back and… the final efect is, opening the portfolio item, that you read just the title. It disappear the post (the picture full screen in this case. It’s the photography demo).

How to solve it? Thx again

Don’t add any slashes or backslashes to the slug, “prova” is okay. Once you change the permalinks you must change the path to the portolfio item as well! (parallax link in page -section content)! thx

Done! Great! Thx :-)

How to scale logo and contents on “Full Screen Parallax” with browser height?

I have managed to adjust logo hight for mobile devices but have been unable to figure out how to scale image down based on the height of screen resolution.

The problem Im facing is that when screen resolution is low it cuts off the contents of the logo, text slider, and button.

Hi, you can define a window resize event handler in /js/scripts.js

jQuery(window).on( 'resize', function () {

and use window.innerHeight to get the current viewport height. Thanks

Is there any way to get the update done directly over wordpress? or I have to download the file and re-install? thanks

Hello! So if you haven’t done anything in the theme files, a simple reinstall would do (theme options are preserved between installations). thanks

how do I reinstall without losing the existent content?

Since you don’t reinstall wordpress just the theme you will not lose any content. Just modifications you did in theme’s files (if any). Do a backup first do be on the safe side. Thanks

Is it possible to have a portfolio item link to a category archive rather than a portfolio post type?

I have 8 portfolio items 7 open a portfolio item when clicked, Id like 1 of them to open a link to a “category archive” page

Hi, no but you may include a category shortcode in the external project page. thanks

The Flexslider for testimonial info (.new-client-slider-info) does not size properly until you resize your browser window. Here’s the fix (you can put in footer.php of child theme before closing body tag):

jQuery(window).load(function() { setTimeout(function() { var slider1 = jQuery(’.new-client-slider-info’); slider1.resize(); }, 500); });

I’m not going to say anything negative.

Thank you for your reply. Good point. It’s just a frustrating issue – I can’t understand why you wouldn’t fix this for your customers instead of leaving them to fend for themselves. A client of mine purchased the theme and hired me to set up their content.

The solution was published as FAQ available to anyone on our support forum clapat.tisky.com as soon as client reported it through a ticket and we will include in our next update. We wouldn’t let you fend for yourself if you submit a ticket and provide a valid purchase code. Thanks

Touche! I look forward to the update. You have been very responsive and amply friendly – I appreciate it.

Hi, I want to create a Portfolio and when i click on one item, i ll get in to the external project page with only specific post category, is that passible?

is there any shortcode for a single post category to put in the external project page

Just separate the category ids with comma like you did in your example

‘cat’ => ‘2,6,17,38’

Thank you very much for the support you help me alot :-) Best regards.

Glad to help. Thanks


uttq Purchased

Hello, is there any way to speed up the YouTube video loading? It takes a long time to stare at a black background and people will have already scrolled down by then. Does it automatically load the 1080p, and 720p or 480p would load faster?

Hello, try setting the quality parameter which is set to default https://github.com/pupunzi/jquery.mb.YTPlayer/wiki

quality: ‘default’ or “small”, “medium”, “large”, “hd720”, “hd1080”, “highres”.

in /js/jquery.mb.YTPlayer.js line 109



uttq Purchased

Great thank you. Also the background video does not seem to work in Safari browser?

Plz provide your url. thanks


uttq Purchased

Hello, the Background YouTube Video is not working on Safari 9.0. Error in console

Unable to post message to http://www.youtube.com. Recipient has origin https://www.youtube.com.

provide us your website url. Thanks


uttq Purchased


We have tested tour website on a macbook in latest safari version and video works fine. Please update your browser. Thanks


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where can I download the child theme?

Open a ticket on clapat.ticksy.com we will help you build one. We will ship a child theme in our future updates. Thanks

Hi, from the import the contact form doesn´t look anything like in the standard demo. How do i get it imported/styled? Thanks!

Hello, it’s important to see your ‘Purchased’ badge. Thank you for understanding.

A coworker purchased it with her account, but i have to do the work and i do have the code, can i send it to you personally?

Open a ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and provide a valid purchase code, that should do. thanks

Hello my friend,

I just have a little question, how to know how to change the background color of the portfolio post?


Hello! Can you give us a bit more details? thanks

Hello, Can you just send me your email so I can send you a screenshot. Thanks

Plz open a ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and provide all the details there. thank you!


gsm13 Purchased

I love this theme! Purchase few days ago.

Quick question: I love some of your demo pages, specially the wine one. Seems to be outside of the screen the menu, meaning that will show the image plus the text, but users will have to scroll down to see the menu and page content. Is there any way to make the images clickable, or showing the menu still inside the landing page, without having to scroll down? Afraid some less expert users will give up before noticing everything is just below…

Thanks! G


gsm13 Purchased

I love the scrolling arrow, not sure the code to add that? Please kindly let me know about this and also how to change portfolio backgroup back into white. Many thanks for your help. G


ClaPat Author

Scrolling arrow code:

<div class="home-move-down" style="position: absolute; width: 100%; bottom: 50px;"> <a href="#we-are-newave-3" class="move"><i class="fa fa-angle-down fa-2x icon-circle-box" /></a> </div> replace the anchor link with one from your website and add tthe following styles in theme options -> styling options -> custom css: .home-move-down a i.icon-circle-box { background-color: none!important; }

Not sure what you mean by black background. You mean when hovering?



gsm13 Purchased

Will try your code. Sent PM with printscreen. Please check. Thanks