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If you downloaded the template after the last update you have the most up to date version already.
You can recieve an update by redownloading the template from your downloads tab on envato.
When updating please always replace the files in your template folder mentioned in the “File change history”.

Update Version 1.1 (5th of March 2013)

  • Made template Twitter API 1.1 ready!
    In order to display tweets, twitter now requires you to create a widget for your account here
    Please insert the code as indicated in the commented markup on every html page.
    If you want do deactivate the theme specific styling, remove the “twitterTimelineCustomize” function from the js/screen.js file.

File change history (replace those files):
See all html files for info on where to add the twitter widget code<br />
css/screen.css<br />