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Bonjour! Je viens d’Acheter newsgrid, MAIS J’aurai aimé l’Avoir en français, plutot qu’en anglais, EST-CE rappel possible? Flo

Oui, c’est possible. Vous pouvez utiliser les fichiers MO / PO de traduire le thème, puis modifier les paramètres dans le fichier wp-config.php. Êtes-vous familier avec la façon de le faire?

Merci ! ok j’ai trouvé les fichiers MO / PO ensuite j’ai pas compris ce que je dois faire ?

Hi. I want to create a blog post with a slideshow gallery as the one you have here: but I haven’t found a way to make it work:

I tried the page with the gallery template mode but it doesn’t work either. This is what I got:

Could you give me instructions on how to get the slideshow working? Thanks!

Sure, just shoot me an email. Thanks!

Hello ! Je n’arrive pas a installer le slide en d’entete-Header- sur ma page d’accueil et les autres ? Comment ça marche ? Le tableau de bord signale que ce theme requied Meta Box , Recent Posts Widget Extended alors qu’ils sont bien installés ???


Si les plugins sont déjà installés alors juste de rejeter cet avis. Il n’affecte pas négativement le thème. Quelle section vous éprouvez des difficultés à voir? S’il vous plaît configurer une question à / support. Je vais aider. Passez une bonne journée!

I left a message about Kundera in that theme’s comments section – but there was no reply and the demo is not working – I’m assuming it is no longer available/supported – can you confirm please?

Sorry for the long delay. Just got busy on other projects. I can work on getting that demo up and running. In the meantime, shoot me an email via my profile and I can help out. Thanks, Justin

The Kodda Menu is broken and makes things difficult. For example, If I have several Menu Type Links at the top, and several Menu Type Posts at the bottom, rearranging is next to impossible.

All my Menu Type Posts have sub menus, but if I should move a Menu Type Link to above or below a Menu Type Posts, all sub menus would somehow migrate from Post to Link. This means if I should choose to create a new menu in the future, I would have to redo everything from scratch. I can’t see a way out of this, and it is the reason I’m unable to fully launch my website.

I had things perfectly set just recently. However, had the idea for a new menu, and when created, I moved it from the bottom to above a Post menu with sub menus, and all the subs migrated to the new menu. Now I’m p*ssed off because all that hard work must be done over again.

Adding a bunch of sub menus over and over again is no easy task!

I agree, and sorry to hear that. I believe he updated his menu just recently and it will be available with the theme shortly. In the meantime, send me an email via my profile and I can send you this update.



I’ve successfully installed the newsgrid theme and I got a lot of trouble to import the xml file. My website looks like this after importing the xml file : As you see there is no image anyware (even in the library).

I’ve made Tools > Import > Wordpress and I load the newsgrid.wordpress.2013-09-16.xml file. Then I assign the article to Admin and I check the box download and import attached files. And the result is a website with no image…. I don’t understand why.

Thank Nicolas

Did you check your media gallery in the admin area? Usually the images upload their but are not place in the Featured Image area in posts. If you would like any assistance setting something up, feel free to send me wp-admin details via my profile page, and I’ll do my best to help out!

Thanks, Justin

Hello there,

I really like this WP Magazine Theme, but I am not very familiar with wordpress so I would like know if there has simple solution to install exactly as shown in Demo. cuz I really wanted purchase this item. Thank You


Thanks for your interest.

It’s possible to import the xml data. However, if you need additional help, just email me and I would be happy to set up some working examples as the demo shows.

thanks, justin


I recently purchased this theme and am having issues with the Kodda menu. When I go to upload the “codetemp_CTF_kodda_menu_export.txt” file into the Kodda import section, nothing appears in the Kodda menu. Nothing happens. I have installed and activated all the necessary plugins too. Any suggestions on where to start? Could there be an issue with the newer version of Kodda 3 and the older version of the txt demo file?

Thanks a lot :)


I’m not aware of any issue in that regard. Feel free to send me an email via my profile and I can test a few things out. Send url to your site. Thanks!


I’d like to know before I purchase, if the main image will stretch full width if it were simply larger in dimensions?




It’s possible, yes. Just send me an email with login details.

Thanks, Justin

Thanks, Justin. Sent login info through your profile email.


Hi Justin, any word on this?

I’ll send login info again.


Hi, can you help me, please? I’m really need to delete left sidebar from the posts. How can I do this? Just something like in pages Default Template.


Sure, just send email via profile page and I can help out.

Thanks, Justin

I sent to your email

Hi I bought this theme Last month. There is no doubt the theme is a fantastic creation . You are really well capable as a uniqe designer. But there is some isuues that I have been suffering from the begaining like the plug in problems- sometimes the theme does not load and says the page is not available.I restored the theme & I also wrote to the hosting & domain provider they told me the problems with your plug ins that there is some bad or faulty plug ins. Another issue is -on Mobile the Logo of my customer does not stay just come & go then the logo space shows empty & also some of images has same problems. My devloper & me wrote to your email ( several times & also wrote through the envato team; I gave my WP site -id & pass but I did not hear from you any response . I am really sorry to say that if do not RESPECT your customers then how we will make bussiness relationship. As today is not the world’s last day. Thus, I will come to buy next time. And I buy random themes from many places as I have a website design & IT support centre. But if you think I am not a valuable customer to you then tell me.

Therefore, Could you please help me to rescue from this Sea of Problem.

Thanking you.

Hello, I need the latest version of Kodda – Responsive WordPress Mega Menu

I have the version 3.1 and the plugin was v 3.4 ( Feb-1-2015 )

I need to update.

Hi, It seems that this plugin is temporarily down. Feel free to email me and I can send you my latest version.

Thanks, Justin

Thanks for support!

Will you be updating the theme so it fixes the current security vulnerabilities that are ongoing with the Wordpress Framework?

Yes, it’s in the works.


How is it possible to put page navigation at the main page under the posts grid?

Can you send a screenshot of the section you want to put the navigation?

Hi, is Newsgrid theme compatible with WP 4.22? (info box says WordPress 3.9)

Yes, it’s compatible. I made the update in the info box. Thanks!

if I buy this theme Turkish translation happens?

Hi, Thanks for your interest. The translation files, mo/po files, are provided in the theme files, yes.



slimbay Purchased

Hello where can I find demo content?

Hi, It should be in the original download folder with the licenses, etc. Let me know if you still don’t see it and contact me via email.

Pre-sales question – I notice that the menu system and the rating system included in the theme are no longer available. Are you using something different? I’m concerned about future security and upgrading.

Hi, thanks for your interest. Yes, these items are discontinued on the marketplace but still secure and dependable. It is possible to integrate alternative menus (or rating options) as well without any conflict, but as of it, I’ve not experienced any issues with the current versions. Thanks again!

Oops. I forgot one more question – Are there any examples of post types anywhere? (gallery, video, full page, etc.) This is an extraordinarily beautiful theme and I’m very interested! I’m an experienced WordPress user.

Thanks! It’s not using post types to gather the posts/images. Instead, the theme is using categories that the user selects to pull different posts for each section. Here’s an example of a basic page, though:


For the Demo Hero Video in Home, can the video be taken from a different website than youtube or vimeo? Can it be embed as streaming?

Also, does it has the Play / Pause / Sound controls? they are not working in the demo

I like this theme very much but I need to create a website for a small tv channel that streams videos.

Hi. Where is it possible to delete dates from the posts. I had already delete it from the pages.