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Hi, i have a problem with the home slider on portable devices(smartphone, tablet ecc.) whenever i click on the link it always finishes on the same page. Do you have any solution to that?

Hi, there. I’m a PHP developer and can’t seem to find a way to make the translations to work. WP-config’s “WPLANG” has already been set to “pt_BR” and no deal. I’ve also made a clean WP install and it still doesn’t work. My WP version is 3.8. Thanks in advance.

Hello! I have a problem with localisation. My plugin (Codestyle Localization) says this:

Compatibility: Loading Issue: Author is using load_textdomain instead of load_theme_textdomain or load_child_theme_textdomain function. This may break behavior of WordPress, because some filters and actions won’t be executed anymore. Please contact the Author about that.

And all changes i made not affect. How can i fix it?

Support RTL?


I’m sorry but no.

I want the module displaying recent blog posts to include excerpts. How can I do this?

I’m also having DNS issues where occasionally the website is not found (www.michaelhshuman.com). Any ideas on how to fix it?




1. If you good with coding you can change modules php files in “module”.

2. Contact with your hosting provider.



is this theme BBPress ready? thanks


Hi! I’m sorry but no.

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Hi, I can not see featured images in the post page. What am I doing wrong? Can you return asap please…

Hello, I am a first time blogger and am using this theme. I am trying to get my site’s layout to look as close as posible to the one displayed. Do you have a YouTube video that explains how some things are set up? I am unaware of what some of those options mean. I am having trouble with about 3 specific things. For example, The 2nd slider in the center of the layout? – Thank you in advance

Carousel, or any kind of gallery plugin does not work in this theme. Log from Console: [Log] carouFredSel: No element found for ”#carousel”. [Log] carouFredSel: No element found for ”#carousel2”. [Error] TypeError: ‘undefined’ is not a function (evaluating ‘jQuery(’#basicuse’).jflickrfeed’)

Any help?

I can not see featured images in the post page. (single.php)

Hey MyPassion. you there? we have question.


I would like to import the demo data of this theme. Is that available?

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Hi there, I need to add time (“9 August 2014, 16:00) to news in home page and in post too. Someone can help me?


I am having a issue with theme as when I want to add a post to the hotstuff area the theme breaks and also in the twitter api widget, can you please help or direct me to the support forum?

my website url is http://tuhfblog.co.za/ i have even tried reinstalling the theme and not helping.


Hello, Thank you for this great template!

Please have a look how we used it. http://nocomment.mg

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Kind regards from Madagascar,


cant add the dummydata i cant find any 1click dummy data in the theme options ive tried wordpress importer but it freezes when importing any help ??

Hello I purchased a thames wp news. I can not get in to see the home page articles dictated by a specified category. You see only the items with and without category news category. One module 4 can help me. Thanks.


sorry if my English is imperfect. I tr diddi from Italian to English.

The menu links and H links have a dot (.) at the end. If I create a menu this put a dot at the end of all the links. For example the menu Home News Contact looks like Home. News. Contact. Why is that happen?