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Awesome design, looks great, best of luck! ;)

thanks ;)

Another amazing theme, Good luck with sales ;)

thanks holobest

Great job, wow!


Very great job tagDiv!

Want to buy this but just want to know if i can remove the top menu on mobile responsive view because it take a lot of space?


hello, the menu can be hidden on mobiles via css.

Thanks for your message, Radu from tagDiv

Thank you for your reply, will let u know as soon as i buy this!

If you had room for a 300×250 or similar ad size, this would be great.

hello, we plan to add that in a patch (the banner will appear in the sidebar). Radu from tagdiv

It would be better if all the categories went into a single drop down menu when viewed in mobile is this possible? For example if “features” and “reviews” disappeared and were allocated to the typical mobile style menu.

Also can you post a demo with the non-floating sidebar.


Hello, the menu works very well as it is, it does take up a little space on mobile but not a lot.

for a non floating sidebar, we have a demo here http://tagdiv.com/theme/newses/alerts/

thanks for your message, Radu from tagdiv

Great Work! Good Luck :)

thanks metrothemes

Bravo Mariu & Radu, faceti treaba buna, keep up the good work!

Multumim :)

Foarte frumos lucrata . Intrebare : Se poate muta sidebarul in partea opusa?

Salutare, nu avem suport pentru sidebar pe partea dreapta. Daca este un feature cerut o sa-l implementam.

Multumesc pentru mesaj, Radu from tagDiv.com

Clean and minimal work! Good luck :)

Thank you louiejie!

Great work. Can you assign a sidebar to a main category and every post within that category? Instead of a global sidebar.

The theme supports custom sidebars/post or page, we plan to add support for category too.

Radu from tagdiv.com

The theme to die for!



On my ipad I have to tap twice on a link in the floating sidebar to open a post. Is this normal behavior?

Nice theme!

Hello, I’ve fixed that. The bug was from the themeforest iframe.

Thanks for your bug report :) Radu from tagDiv

Hi I am interested in buying this theme but I have some questions.

1. The Post Page Has Title Set as h3..can that be changed to h1 2. Can there be a Follow Me Social Dropdown in the topbar like TNW 3. Can a 300 by 250 ad be placed on the right sidebar. 4. How is the theme in terms of SEO.

Please respond.

Thanks, Rahul

Hello, 1. A lot of people requested H1 tags for titles and I’m already working on it. 2. I’m working on that too but I don’t know if I will manage to add that in the next update (1-2 days from now) 3. the ad space will be available in 1-2 days when we release the update 4. The theme uses html5 and it should be easily crawl able. I’m also working to add rich snipped support and add to that a SEO plugin for metadata it should work grate.

Thanks for your message, Radu from tagDiv

K thanks I will purchase the theme before 7th march and let you know. Meanwhile I can also suggest you to give an option of post thumbnails similar to theverge instead of the slider on the homepage.

can set for home page like this? http://tagdiv.com/theme/newses/category/fashion/ and can set home page like that, can change background for other category sir? thanks :)

Hello, The theme support custom background for each category and a generic background for the whole site. The homepage is made from three blocks now but I do plan to make a template for the homepage that will be just like a category in 1-2 days. I will get back to you when we release that.

Radu from tagDiv

and 1 again… please make 300×250 advertise space float in sidebar sir… thanks :)

Hello, the ad is working now on our demo install, we will release the update tomorrow :) also we have a lot of SEO goodies.

Radu from tagDiv


Are rich snippets supported in the theme?

Thank you.

Hello, rich snippets are not supported yet, but I do plan to add rich snippets support for articles and reviews in the next update (1-2 days).

Radu from tagDiv

If you add space for ads 300X250 and I agreed with top bar is too wide..taking more space on my iphone,samsung galaxy note and ipad..just like post with color,doesn’t look like nav bar on the top…supposed to be a narrow one I think, can you make narrow,I’ll purchase this theme

Hello, We are working to add a 300×250 ad space in the next days (1 – 2 days). Also we will make the menu smaller on phones.

I will get back to you when the update is finish, Radu from tagDiv

Hi, It’s such an impressive theme for computer browser that you’ve got here! I’m wondering if you plan to make the mobile version evolve quickly in order to fully enjoy all features of the current version, like search bar, recent & popular lists… as well a real improvement of the top bar display>

BTW great work ! If you can guaranty a dedicate work on this point, i’ll buy it right away !!


Hello, we are working to release an update in the following days and we plan to implement a smaller menu on mobiles, I will also look at what options do we have to put the search and the floating bar on small screens. I will get back to you if we do implement the features.

Thanks for your message, Radu from tagDiv

Awesome, great reactivity


First of all, amazing looking theme! I’m very interesting in purchasing it.

I am also hoping that you can implement the 300×250 banner in the sidebar as many have already pointed out there, and it would also be cool if you could add a social sharing item on the top menu (much like on TNW).

I also second the concerns about the H3 title tag for each post, could this be made to be H1? I’d also like to see appropriately sized H2 – H6 tags too.

As I said, I’m very interested in this, but these changes would be fantastic!

Thanks, Josh

Hello Josh, We’re already working on them and we will push the update in 1-2 days.

Thanks for your message, Radu from tagDiv


I’ve been reading some of the comments and I’d like those features too! Otherwise a great theme and I’ll purchase it when the next patch is out.

In addition, if you could also include a ‘scroll to top’ thing that pops out as you scroll down for the main area that would be fantastic.

Thanks guys.

Hello, we’re working very hard to finish the update. Tomorrow we will be releasing the first one with a lot of the features implemented (ads in sidebar, right sidebar, rich snippets, h1 for seo etc) and after that we do plan to add a back to top button.

Radu from tagDiv.com