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Hi! Feed does not work – the file is not connected stylesheet how to fix? Need a feed with preview pictures. http://vsemposecretu.ru/feed/ Thanks


Is ok now? I see is working, you have pictures to.

Marius form tagDiv

Thanks, is ok, it is the work of the plugin RSS Image Feed

Hi! I am not sure how to make my homepage. I want it to look like your “Homepage 2” on demo, here is the link: http://tagdiv.com/theme/newses/homepage-2. What I want is latest posts from all categories on my homepage in that “Homepage 2” style.

Hello, first of all sorry for the long delay.

1. make a new page 2. select the homepage 2 template http://screencast.com/t/0b0oXn8zMARx 3. from the wordpress customizer select the page as the homepage: http://screencast.com/t/uSmKUGJmDQ

I hope this helps and I’m not too late, Radu from tagDiv

This theme’s navigation menu is screwed up on mobile. (http://www.kitchenbathtrends.com). Please let me know how to make it appear nice on mobile also.


you will have to make it a little bit smaller (remove some menu items from the bar). Also for the homepage make sure to not include it twice in the menu like you have it now (the home and the 3 bars icons are selected because of that)

sorry for the long delay, Radu from tagDiv

Hello TagDiv

Congratulations on the excellent theme, which fits our webiste alomost perfectly. What we are curretnly having problems with is the widget, scroll info widget (where we have included another customsidebar), but when you click one of the articles it somehow selected all of the widget. See more details here:http://imageshack.com/scaled/large/819/5tbj.jpg

Also another question is about the titles in the slider on the front-page. Can we make them clickable? Since many users click on the title instead of the pictures!

The last question is related to the gallery. Every time we want to create a gallery, it’s not similar to the original one that is posted on the demo of the newsis theme. See more details here: http://imageshack.com/scaled/large/826/9h25.jpg

Thanks a lot in advance


on what browser does the selected squere appear?

We will make the title clickable in the next update.

For the gallery: http://tagdiv.com/theme/doc/newses/how.html#using_the_gallery

especially this: http://screencast.com/t/9hViEbO0rp9s

Radu from tagDiv

Thanks for the response and support tagDiv… the problem with the square appears on Chrome and Internet Explorer. While it seems that there is no problem with Firefox.


Hello, I was trying to get something similar to “Homepage 2”: i changed the page template as you suggested but it shows the sidebar on the wrong side and does not show the slide. Also it appears it can’t be customized (so it’s not possible to add custom text or ads sections).

Is there any shortcode to have a section on only one colums instead of two? By the way, the standard two coulmns could be fine for me, if it was just possible to have it not to repeat the same articles in both column – I’m intrested in showing ALL the latest posts, not the ones from just two categories.

Thank you, Marco


You can set the sidebar left or right from Theme customizer. Only block 1 use 2 categories.

Also you can use Homepage 2 or another template if you want to show latest post as blog type and also at the top you can insert some blocks if you want to push up some featured articles, or something similar. To add top blocks you have to edit homepage template and you can insert shortcode blocks using do_shortcode function http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/do_shortcode

Marius from tagDiv

Hello TagDiv, can you provide the dimensions for the following image fields

- Featured Image (What is the minimum size so that the image doesn’t break the slider? )

- Header Logo

- Footer Menu Logo (It seems there is a maximum height, unless you want to break the alignment of the Footer menu, but I cannot tell what that size it)

Many thanks!


- slide image 720×374 px

- logo image 248×90px

- footer logo 118×30px

Thanks for the message! Marius from tagDiv

Hello TagDiv

i had try your news but i have problem wit height and alignment of block_1 is not same as you can see : www.e-healthmag.com can you help me ?

Thanks you It’s work Fine


How can i manager font size like title (on Block slide, Block_1 et Block_2), because on ipad the font is so big.

Best regards

Hello, currently the theme only supports font size change via css :|

Radu from tagDiv

Suddenly when one hovers over the Main Menu items on my website the “sub menu” drop down items don’t appear like they used to. That needs to be fixed ASAP.

Additionally, on my blog pages there used to be picture sliders with descriptions of blogs persons could click on. This feature just disappeared and does not appear.

Please help. My website is: www.LawAbidingBiker.com

Everything shows it is working fine when I am logged into the back end of my website? When I log out and go to the website the slides and sub menus are gone?

Please help! I need to get this issued fixed.

replied via email

how come if i put as contributor they can’t upload the featured images or any images?

i dont’ want them touching the pages just want them to write for categories for my writers

sorry as in i put at author i can’t put any text it just went blank when i publish or u[date


can you plese give me more details: you save a draft post and the theme behaves strange?

Radu from tagDiv


how do i show excerpts of posts in the 404 page, instead of full posts?

That creates the issue with Adsense ads being displayed several times.

Example: http://znanost.geek.hr/blablabla


What template are you using for your 404 page?

I am actually not using any template for 404. Should i create a page and named “404” and select a template?

Hello, the 404 issue is fixed in the latest update. Radu from tagDiv

What’s new in this update?

I’ve updated the themes page. Radu from tagDiv

Yeah, please start posting changelogs :)


I’ve updated the themes page. Radu from tagDiv

Is there a way to change settings of the popular posts tab (Scroll info widget)? For example i would like to limit it to display max. 30 day old articles.

At this moment there are the same articles being displayed forever.

Hello, We’re working on a plugin to do that. It is not an easy task, that’s why most of the themes don’t have that.

Radu from tagDiv

Is there a way to have the “Latest” tab display first but with the 300×250 banner spot included?

Is there a way to implement a multisite support for Latest and Popular tabs, so that the network-wide articles are displayed?



currently the theme has to be modified for that, but we may add that option in a future update.

For multi site you will have to implement some custom code for it to work, Radu from tagDiv


when I choose the website homepage, in the title of the web comes homepage, any way to fix that?


Please give me more information. (your url if possible) Your title tag is not ok on the homepage? For custom page titles you can use the yoas seo plugin for wordpress.

Radu from tagDiv

Thank you for adding the previous version in the download, it helped when I found bugs in the alerts not closing and sidebars not going down the page when scrolling the page in FF. It was nice to just upload v1.6 thank you.


We will make a fix update. Marius from tagDiv

What is the right way to update the theme? Should I delete previous files and replace them for the newer? Will I lost customization if i do so?


You have to re-upload it via FTP.

You don’t lose customizations.

Marius from tagDiv

I have the same doubt as ztirzo. Thanks in advance for your reply.


You have to re-upload it via FTP. You don’t lose customizations. Marius from tagDiv

I installed the new version by overwriting the old files, but there are some problems.

The widget doesnt float and its tabs do not open. My admin toolbar is not loaded and basicly some parts of the page are not loaded when i view the source.

Any ideas? Unforunately i didnt back up the old files, so i’d need a quick fix.


znanost.geek.hr is the site, the homepage works fine but category and post pages do not.

ok i reversed back to older version.

Hello, the issues where fixed in the last update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Radu Oprea

Hi, I am thinking about Newses and your Magazinly theme. However I noticed on Newses the gallery thumbnails do not expand or go fulls creen on a mobile. Is there a fix?


hello, we do not yet have a fix for that. But in the future we will try to update all of our themes to a fully responsive script.

Radu from tagDiv

There is a problem on sidebar scroller. When i put my mouse over it, it disapppears, only when i move my cursor a couple of pixels further it will appear again.

This has been going since first version and the problem still exists.

You can test it on www.geek.hr


In what browser and what os?

Thanks for the feedback, Radu from tagDiv

I tried Firefox 24 and Chrome 29, Windows 8 and Linux Ubuntu