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Btw the template isnt performing well on Google Pagespeed Test: http://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=http%3A%2F%2Ftagdiv.com%2Ftheme%2Fnewses%2F

51/100 for mobile version and 65/100 for desktop version. This effects the SEO pretty much. Can you improve this in the next version?

Hello, we will do our best to improve the speed of the theme in the future. A lot of the bad score is due to our old slow server.

Radu from tagDiv

Hi tagDiv I think that the theme is overwriting the H1 title tag. How can I undo this Onpage SEO-killer? Kind regards Andy

Sorry Wrong Theme….this is not my theme :)

Hello, I just updated to the newest version. The transition was smooth for my website on the desktop, but on mobile the theme is totally absent. I just have a bland, text only site. Can you please advise ASAP? Half of my traffic is on mobile.

I deleted and reinstalled, and it seems to be fine now. Not sure what caused the initial problem. But no reply needed.

Separate from my earlier comment, I was hoping that one of the style changes was one that would allow me to change the font in the templates. This would look so much better if the headlines on the home page had a more modern and attractive font – it definitely needs to be sans serif. Will you be making this change soon? I know the people have been asking for it since you introduced the theme. It’s a great theme, but this one thing would make it much, much better.

Thanks again!

Hello, We will try to change the font on the theme. We do have custom font selection in our latest theme and we plan to port most of the features back to all of our themes.

Radu from tagDiv

Great, Thanks Radu. I look forward to the implementation.

Hello, I’m having an issue with the nag dropdowns when I’m not on the homepage. They work fine on the homepage, howver on posts and cat pages the drop downs do not appear…

home: http://www.sports360az.com/ cat page: http://www.sports360az.com/category/pros/



can you please download the latest version of the theme and update it? I fixed that issue.

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience, Radu from tagDiv

Do you have a changelog of which files were modified?

Hi again, I’ve got two small (I think) issues:

1) On my homepage (http://365thingsinhouston.com) the text preview under the “Festivals + Events” header has been missing since I updated the theme. This remains true even when I publish a new post which takes the most recent spot. This is using the following shortcode on the Home Page, which has not been changed:

Any suggestions?

2) Can you make the updated SocialBox plugin available? It was updated on Themeforest on 21 June 2013, and the version that comes with your theme (even in the newest version) is dated March 2013. It hasn’t worked well since for several months and typically displays “0” instead of the actual social numbers.

Hi Radu, I emailed you with access to the page a few days ago. Let me know if you didn’t receive it. Thanks!

Hi, I am hoping that you can help me fix the issue #1 very soon. You have admin access to my page.

I just had a look at Newspaper and will probably buy it this weekend and install. So my issue above is less urgent. But I do have a question that I’ll post there. (I think this is the link to it below – not sure if it is a static link or not).


Hi buddy, I have 2 problems.

http://www.screencast.com/t/ykkZ9mo2zDve http://www.screencast.com/t/D0CLJiM5AAiz

Sorry for my bad english, thanks you. :D


1. Please try to select just the subcategory, the theme will select the main category automatically. I will improve this system with an update in the future.

2. I will try to fix that. The theme works better with the jetpack comments plugin Radu from tagDiv

Only are selected subcategories.

Hi, Please let me know why the sharing checkbox is not showing up in my posts. There is no option for it in the screen options as well.


Radu from tagDiv

Once again, thanks for version 1.6.1 as I found once again the issue with the Featured/Popular/Lastest widget not scrolling and scroll bar hidding when you roll over it.


Great theme! Is this compatible with WooCommerce and BBpress or BuddyPress? Thanks!


I bought (http://themeforest.net/item/newses/4096178) and got ALOT of problems setting the theme up.

I tried to follow your guide, but it turns out really ugly.

Could you help me set it up with the categories i made?

you can try to look how it is here: www.cg4n.dk?

Please respond fast! :(

my user on themeforest is FML22

What does this do? Found it in header.php

if(navigator.userAgent.match(/(iPhone|iPod|iPad)/i)) {
        if (top != self) { top.location.replace("http://tagdiv.com/theme/newses/"); }

I want to put two 300×250 ads below article, instead of 336×280 using the shortcode.

When i put two 300×250 ads, they go one below another. 336×280 are aligned just fine via the shortcode.

I cant find anywhere in css where those dimensions are defined?

The 300×250 is a much more used format then 336×280 as all Ad agencies are using it as a standard. Even Adsense has decided to rotate 300×250 inside of their 336×280 formats since last month.

Therefore i strongly recommend their support below the article and on homepage/categories.

Hi great theme, please does your theme allow for infinite scrolling?

hello, Sorry but we don’t plan to add infinite scrolling now, maybe in the future.

Daniela from tagDiv


I don’t know why Wordpress can’t create the copies of the images with different size to use them in the sidebar, slides, blocks, etc.

Have you got any idea to fix that problem?

Thank you.


Please make sure you have appropriate permissions on the upload folder from wordpress. You can use filezilla to put 777 permission on it. Also you will have to have the GD library installed on the server

Radu from tagDiv

The permissions aren’t the problem, the upload folder must be 755 (for other users who can read this).

My problem was that I hadn’t installed the GD library, so thank you very much Radu, I have been with this problem for a month.

I just purchased this theme and your documentation and the files do not match or work, I cannot load the files via Wordpress and the files in the folder do not seem to be the standard set for Wordpress files to FTP, instead there is a lot of text files. Please address this Im need to load this up today! I just keep keep getting an error message.


I’m sorry for the long delay :| . You have to unzip the archive and load the Newses.zip archive from there.

Radu from tagDiv

Please fix the issue with the Featured/Popular/Lastest scroll bar hidden when you roll over it. It appears back when i move mouse a couple of pixels on the left.

The same problem is on your demo page. Same problem on Win8, Linux Ubuntu, Chrome and Firefox. This is a huge problem goling on since the first version.

Hi! Great theme!

I was wondering if there’s a way to change the mandatory height of the header images? Right now my images are being stretched down to 350px and any remaining width is cropped off on the sides. Any help is appreciated! :)



How can I remove the “Homepage” text? http://img547.imageshack.us/img547/6729/8l6k.png

btw I can not add pictures to slide module more than 4 pcs. My code: block_slide category=”gundem” filter=”” number=”8”


2 days ago I’ve purchased your theme after a sensitive selection process. I’m pleased to implement your theme to my travel blog. http://www.gezijurnal.com

But I’ve some issues to be supported by you.

1. Localization files are included for only Romania. I’ve copied and translated to Turkish for only existing vocabulary. But some words are missing in the ro files. For example: “Popular”, “Latest”, “Featured”, “Leave a reply”. I cannot insert new words. I use poedit application.

2. Tagdiv social plugin is not included in the download files. In the documentation I clikc the link but it is not redirected to download page. How can I download social plugin. I prefer your plugin to sexybookmarks.

3. Socialbox plugin is not working. Because my twitter account has nearly 80 followers, both my facebook and twitter counters display 0! API log results are recursively; 2013/09/23 13:04:12 facebook gezijurnal - Got an unexpected result from the Facebook Graph API. Make sure to double check the username! 2013/09/23 15:15:14 twitter gezijurnal 410 Gone

4. With my previous free template the rendering duration of my home page was about 2 minutes. But with Newses the loading of the whole page is exceeded to 5-6 minutes. Is there any recommendation to shorten this duration?

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