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Hi Hein,

Why only the question mark? Did you want to ask something?

Regards, C


Hi C,

Well maybe a live preview and which file types are included etc etc. ;), it would be better for your sales when you ad a live preview because to be honest the jpeg previews aren’t looking that great.


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I’m very interested in your item. Do you plan to have a live preview? I think it would help your sales if people can see what they are purchasing. Good luck.

Regards, JH

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This was my first item posted. I asked the reviewer to use the same files from the download for the live preview but they didn’t so I’ll upload one to my server and post it again. I need to extract the CSS as otherwise it’ll simply be copied from source, a slight problem with email html as its all inline.

In terms of the files, it’s an HTML email so the CSS in inlines and all images are includes but there aren’t any photoshop files as they aren’t required. The Theme Forest file selector doesn’t provide the option currectly to select HTML , etc. as a file type.

I’ve posted another 2 templates which aren’t approved yet and have included live previews but will sort this out too.

Thanks for the comments.