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minasld Purchased

H, we bought the template but in the zip file there is no root folder…... !!!

Please Help

Important Announcement

From this day on, support for all my themes will be available again, but only at the support forum I’ve setup at my website:


The reason I have choosen to use my own forum are quite simple:

Themeforest support threads are not searchable. Since most questions are asked over and over again a searchable forum will make it possible that you dont even need to wait for my response, because its already there.

Second Reason: people can’t respond to each other at themeforest to help each other out, while I am busy with other tasks.

Third Reason: it is very inconvenient for me to check multiple places if support requests where made (here at themeforest, my themeforest mail account, my websites mail account, facebook group, twitter etc) Therefore I decided to channel those requests at one place and make it available to everyone so all of you guys can benefit.

For more information read the sidebar instructions on how to setup an account and get support :)

Best regards Kriesi

Hello, i realy like this theme, but i was wondering if it supports buddypress, and if you could somehow add a reviewing system to it like the GD star?

Hi there. Great theme! I am working on getting the theme set up but I’m having some problems with Internet Explorer. The website is: www.sidcoworldwide.com. The theme works fine in Firefox, Safari and Chrome but in IE the navigation bar stacks to the right instead of lining up like it is supposed to. I want to “float” the navigation to the right, but even when I switch it back to the left, it still stacks it on the right? Any ideas?

i havent bought the template yet, so i cant ask questions on your support site, im hoping you see this

i do not want to buy the wordpress version of this i rather use HTML ,

my question is, does teh Submit News feature work?... and how does the contact form works? is it PHP ? and will those two features work perfectly fine?

thank you


How do i remove the search bar from the top of my site

(My site: http://bedrijfsuitjeutrecht.nl/)

ambinet7 Purchased

hi thr…. i bought this beautiful beautiful template couple of days back,,,, and i must say its one of the most neatly coded html + css..congrats,

i was wondering if you cud help me that how can i show the first slider image every time we go to index page…. n rest of slides may observe auto rotation or mouse hover trigger..

can u plz help me here?

Hi i have two questions before buying this template.

1 ) Can i buy this template and convert it for my personal Expression Engine website ? 2 ) Can i do the same thing for a client if he also wished to purchase this template and use it for his EE website ?


Of course, if you know how to do that you are free to use it in any single project you like :)


Thanks Krisei i have purchased it today. Just to clarify , if i want to resell your this theme converted into EE by me , for each sale i’ll have to purchase one license. I hope that will be according to the standard license ?


Exactly, you need one template foe each client that should recieve the (converted) theme.

Hi Kriesi,

Question in the accordion panel the default text size for each slide before it opens is small and I want to make it bigger how do I change that?


i want to use this theme in a right-to-left website with non-English text.. is it possible to convert it to match that.

i use a tools which change the css file automatically. is that enough or the slider will not work correctly?

Hi Kriesi!

Really nice template and will buy it in few days.

I just have one question!

The Accordion Slider when we launch your test page is displaying the full image 1 by 1.

But as soon as we mouseover the slider, it’s no longer animated by itself.

Only the mouseover is working.

Here’s how to see it!

Open the page with the slider and be sure to not mouseover the slider.

After few seconds, you see the accordion slider effect animated alone.

Now mouseover and out.

The slider will never animate again!

Any clue on this one?




this is intended behavior. Once a user interacts with the slider it should no longer autorotate. Its most disturbing if you try to take a look at a picture or read a preview text and the slider is constantly changing so I decided to end the autortoation once the user knows how to handle the slider :)


That’s what I was thinking Kriesi but any magic line to make it autorotate after mouseover?

A line code to activate the autoratation after ex: 1 minute of inactivity?

Sawasdee Purchased

Hi kriesi!

I’ve bought the HTML version of Newscast.

I need to know how does this thing work!

Does news or comments supposed to be upload to the website automatically?

If we take the Submit News .php script, I’ve change the email address for mine! So I’m receiving the News by email.

What’s next?

Are they supposed to be visible online after user submit the news?

Support request been posted at: http://www.kriesi.at/support/topic/submit-news-comments-how-it-works

Sawasdee Purchased

Hi Kriesi!

Let’s explain the serious problem I’m facing!

I’m using your Newscast Html template and wanna make a prettyPhoto iFrame! Everything is working but the design of the pretyyPhoto frame is seriously bugging in IE8 , FF under XP.

The look of it in IE8 ( didn’t have chance to test other browser ) is all the contour of the iFrame is twice the normal size + the close button at the bottom is only half of his size.

In FF, buttons are OK but the contour is the same is in IE8 .

I treid updating the prettyPhoto but as soon as I include it in the theme, problem happen again! I hope to get the solution for this because I’m trying to make it work since 3 days but I’m not able to figure out this buggy thing!

Take a look here and click under the DATES section! ( Twitter.com ) http://wizzartcreative.com/TritonWorks/owd.html

Hii,, wonderful theme,, But I’m interested only in the accordion control… can you sell it for me?? please answer ASAP because am in a big rush..

Thanks again

Hi, i purshace this template but the accordion slider, doesn’t work on Internet Explorer. How can i make it works.


nicoshop Purchased

Unfortunely, very bad support after sales :(

I am fed up already! its been about nearly 30 minutes I made a deposit of $50 and been trying to make a payment from my deposit for this item, but there is no option to allow me paying using my deposit!

what a waist of time and a ton of frustration for no reason !!!


Hey! I am sorry for your problems :/ Its probably best to contact themeforest support directly since there is not much I can do here. Its their payment system :/