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Nice one! Keep going!

Great theme, like so much… :-)

Awesome Kriesi !

have a good sales mate.

sticker Purchased

Wonderful Work – well done. Bought.


Thanks sticker :)

Great theme as always.

Item details indicates it’s a Wordpress theme, but it’s not – might be worth removing in case it confuses some people (even though it’s in the site templates cat).



Just noticed it as well, thanks a lot for pointing it out, I fixed it :)

Thanks everyone :)

My face lit up when I saw that little bolt on the thumbnail! Amazing new theme, sales should sky-rocket! :)

Please, please, please build this in Wordpress – I love it!

Top Job Kriesi! Good luck with sales – even though I doubt you need any luck ;)

wow, I love the slider… awesome template

Great work, hope you come out with a wordpress version soon!

Real nice one and very clear code – thanks for this! But one point: miss the content into submit_news.php – it`s just an empty file.

It would be useful to add this.

Thanks again.


thanks for the notice :) just updated the theme, you can also copy/paste the code from here: http://pastie.org/835407

Kriesi, I love this theme! When and if it becomes WP enabled, I’m buying it. Great work as always!

Fantastic theme, Kriesi…Couple of questions.

1. Table styling included? 2. Option to omit Advertising column and make pages 2 column layout?

Thanks so much. Great work.


Unfortunatley not, but I might update the theme with such options if it gets requested more often :)

Hi Kriesi, One more question… On which page are you showing lightbox demo? Thanks again.


only the submit news button currently supports a lightbox, might add it to one or two pictures, thanks for noticing :)

Great work with the slider!

The top navigation bar is uninspiring…at best. Almost seems like you rushed to complete the theme and decided to neglect the top navigation bar.


Sorry that you dont like it, actually it was one of the first things I added when coding the theme and I am pretty happy with it :)

If you come up with something better let me know, I am always up for improvement suggestions ;)

Kriesi, aint you Bill Gates yet with all these sales in total :P? I wish you good sales! Thanks for quality templates.


Haha, unfortunatley not :D Glad you like the theme, thanks for your kind word ;)

Hi Kriesi, Just purchased the template and wanted you to know that the submit_news.php theme update you noted earlier is not in the download.


yep, its already in the queue but not accepted yet, I am sure it wont take long, until then please use the pastie – link I posted :)