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Great stuff once again Kreisi! Nice job with all the different options.

thanks for the help—5 stars all the way!

Great! Already Bought!

Great! Awesome!

Great theme! Will there be a WP-version? If so, when?

Awesome work as always mate, keep inspiring us ;)

another jaw breaking template from you.. stunning

Amazing as always. Wordpress Version anytime soon?

DSerey Purchased

This is a fantastic (5-star) template. One question: the “Send” button in the Submit News script isn’t visible in IE 8 browser. However, it’s fine in Firefox.


funny, it works for my ie8 :P

you can increase the size of the window by slightly addapting the link.

link href reads:


just increase the height by 20-40 pixels and it should work fine :)

Amazing as usual :)

woo great template!!!

I’ll buy it next week

AVATAR OF WHERE YOU do it? (your caricature)


http://www.faceyourmanga.com/welcome.htm :)

Hot! Hot! Hot! Excellent work as always Christian :)


Thanks a lot brandon! As always I am especially proud if you like my stuff since as we all know: you got a great taste :)

Christian, I hate it when you release themes as an HTML first.. :) Cant wait for the wp edition. you rocked it as usual.. cheers, Dave

Doh! I was browsing WP themes and purchased this thinking it was a WP ( guess I clicked on the ‘featured’ and thought I was still in the WP section. DOH x 2!

Great theme still – any idea of WP port ?

<—silly goose

Please make this into WP theme!

Very nice theme. I woul’d definitely think about buying a wp version.

Hi Kriesi this is really a great template.

Are you planning a Wp-Theme ??? When…?

I buy a wp version immediately.

Great job !

sschuur Purchased

Great theme! A WP version would be more then welcome.

Nice effect on slider & beautiful template !

Beautiful as always! Looking forward for the wordpress ;)