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Amazing work as usual.

I would like an option to omit advertising column and make it a pages 2 column layout…

Thank you. Great work.

Such a great template !!!!!!!!!!


Can I easily make the home page into three even columns like in Twicet?

Also if you ever create this same theme for WP is there an easy way to move my contents over from this to the WP version?



nope , sorry you would need to edit and add some new css classes for the front page, since this is a magazine template, not meant to be used for a portfolio or business site.

to move your contents to a wordpress version you would need to copy the content and add it to wordpress pages/posts. so I guess “easy” depends on how many pages you got :)

Let me know asap when you have this as a WordPress template.


you might want to subscribe to my twitter, rss or envato feed, I always publish new releases there ;)

nice job, cant wait for the wp version

Hi Kriesi,

Its always amazing to see your great works at Themeforest.

Absolutely amazing work as always, wish ya many sales as usual. :)



When a WP version ?

Hi Kriek,

Can this theme support end-user sign up?


You can basically add each funtion you like, but the theme itself doesnt include the functionallity. Its only HTML , CSS and JS with php only for the contact forms

Very nice. But what I always miss in your themes are template pages for a gallery; portfolio is not enough for me and not the right thing :-(


Will consider that :)

As usual, excellent work!

n2nell Purchased

Error installing theme on last wordpress version. When i try to upload file from Wp-admin page i get that error:

Warning: fopen(/web/htdocs/www.urbangreen.it/home/web/wp-content/themes/newscast/style.css) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /web/htdocs/www.urbangreen.it/home/web/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3598

Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /web/htdocs/www.urbangreen.it/home/web/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3601

Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /web/htdocs/www.urbangreen.it/home/web/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3604

I tried also to upload it trough FTP but when i go into “themes” i see only the default themes nor yours… please help :(


as iAndy already stated: This isn’t a wp-Theme. You have to wait until a wp-Version of this theme is available :)

This isn’t a wp-Theme. You have to wait until a wp-Version of this theme is available.


Thanks for helping out here :)

sehnsei Purchased

I was wondering if you can assist me in what would be the best way to incorporate WordPress with this type of theme? I noticed that within the files it had a blog template page. I love the template and will absolutely use the html layout, could you assist me in fully using your design?


I would recommend to wait a little until I release the wordpress version of the theme. If you dont want to wait I can only recommend to hire a frellancer that can do the conversion for you, since this is a pretty time consuming task. the message board here wouldnt be sufficient for such a task anyways :)

hi Kristi,

I just purchased the newscast template and as a normal way, i uploaded the ‘newscast’ folder into the wp-content/themes directory directly through the FTP ; but much to my surprise when we clicked on Appearance, i am unable to see this template at all. Is this template supporting wordpress 2.9.2 since i am currently running the latest version of wp.

Much appreciate your urgent help as my site is down now…



This theme is no wordpress theme at all, sorry. As you can see it is uploaded at site templates which is just static html and css. The wordpress version will arive in the upcoming weeks.

AFX Purchased

Geeez, dont people read the description of what there buying? THIS IS NOT A WORDPRESS TEMPLATE

if people took the time to read trough some of the past comments they would see that Kriesi has repeatedly said that He is still working on the Wordpress version.

P.S Love your work Mate!!

Thanks dude :D

It happend once to me as well and I purchased an psd when I actually wanted an html file. Something that can happen :)

I can foresee that this one will be another top hit wordpress theme when Kriesi release it later….

Eagerly waiting for it to come!!!

First off, let me say this is a great template. I wanna buy this but I have a question so I know I’ll be able to customize it to my taste. The question is, will I be able to change the content in the “home” page below the slider into a regular page instead the way it is currently displayed as a blog? By that I mean, to have a regular page that doesn’t display the latest blog articles and post. I’d rather have a homepage like an “about us” but still with the slider on top. I hope you understand my question. Thanks!!


Thanks for the quick reply. I just bought the theme and so far I’m happy with it. I’m going through the process of setting it up but I was wondering… Are the blog and archive pages fictional or real. I mean, does the blog actually work and if so, will I have to manually populate the pages after x amount of posts? And what about the archive page? Does it automatically archive the posts or I have to manually list them in there?

Once again thanks for the support.


no, like all files in site templates this is just basic html,css with a little javascript and php. no database or server side scripting language included. this theme is only the “car body”, adding an engine like wordpress or joomla is up tp the customer in this case. however I will release the wordpress version in a few days if that is of any interest for you :)


That happened to me with a few themes I bought on here. You know, I always get to believe what I see in the demo, that the finish product would do it when I buy. I guess I’ll have to be a bit more careful on my future purchase and ask questions first. I’ll most likely have to buy the wordpress version because I’d like all the features that the HTML version doesn’t currently have.

Hi Kriesi, any reason why the contact page opens up as a “download” file?


it is a php file, I guess you didnt upload the file to a server yet? if the folder is only located on your computers hard drive your browser wont get that there is code to be executed. upload it to a webserver and you should do fine :)

Hi Kriesi

So we know this is not a Wordpress theme – yet. But could you give us an estimated ETA for the wordpress version – we won’t hold you to it, but it’s be nice to know. If it’s a matter of days, I’ll hold off updating my site and wait! Thanks!


It is indeed a matter of days. I’ll keep you posted ;)