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Which file/part of the code I edit to point the contact page to my preferred e-mail? Maybe you should include this info in the documentation, not many everybody would know where to look for and edit this. Thanks!


contact.php at the very top. just change the default value :)

This ‘IS’ listed under the WordPress theme filter on Themeforest.net, in fact it’s not!

While I always read the details, but I can see some jumping the gun because it is a super design listed under the WP search filter.

Nice work! Port it to WP and I think your sales would skyrocket!


doesnt show up on wordpress filter for me? maybe a themeforest bug :( however wordpress version is now available for those of you who are interested :)


That’s exactly what happened to me. I clicked on a twitter linke noting a sexy WP theme – it was in fact sexy ( I went straight into the demo ) and bought it after checking it out.

Of course I noticed after that it’s HTML .


I did email the ThemeForest team and they said that when the WP release comes out I can inform them and I can just pay the difference, effectively.

I’d love to see this in wordpress though, soon. :)



got the hint, wp version available now :D

Definitely buying as soon as there is a WP theme, this is one of the most gorgeous themes I’ve ever seen, and can make any dull blog look like a “Pro” Authority site. Absolutely wonderful design, I’m really excited for the WP version :)

1. Can I align the 2 skinny sections on right on the left instead. I want to have the advertisements in the middle.

2. Can vimeo/youtube videos replace the thumbnails or blog sections within this template?

3. Where do I find or how can I create such quality pictures for the home page for my niche website.



1.) yes you just need to set the #content div to float right instead of left

2.) videos can open within a lightbox, but the cannot completly replace the image

3.) i got mine from istockphoto and flickr creative commons library


Thank you so much for quickly getting out the WP version. It’s MUCH appreciated – recommended several friends to your themes, for form, function, and support.

Thanks, Zak

webdork Purchased

I love this but wish it had a lightbox for the gallery.

On the HP “sliders” what are the limits on numbers of images? can it do two? can it do 10?


BTW - I’m referring to the horizontal sliders…


it can do any number, however it will look best with about 4-7. 2 is possible as well as 20 :)

nuv Purchased

Hi Kriesi.

I bought this template to my school and I´m luving it.

Just a problem here. Can´t get the contact and the send news to work. I´m sure I´m missing something here but I definitively can´t make it work.

Can you tell me exactly which files to edit and the were. I´ve edited the contact and send php files…..with no luck.

my mail: hvoilustra@sapo.pt


you just need to edit the top of the template_contact.php file to make the contact form work. just enter your email information in there and it should work fine.

if the sending desnt work this sometimes happens when your mail server isn configured by your webspace provider. I would recommend to you that you contact your server admin or provider and ask them to activate your mail server so that the php function mail() works ;)

awesome theme.

wowoooo!!! man nice theme!!! ...... i like it too much.

I am new in this marketplace. please help me (when you can) :)

[My email is zx_prince@yahoo.com ]

I want to be as like you ….........

nuv Purchased

did I say…please.


However, I too have the font issue (blocky nasty looking fonts) which appear in IE7 and IE8 ONLY on the accordion slider.

ON a Mac running all browsers it’s great.

In Windows running Firefox it’s also great.

But IE7 and IE8 on Vista Home – Horrible. – Can you suggest a fix. – I see that someone commented the same thing on the WP version.

Once again thanks so much for a super-cool template!


I already look into this issue and will post a fix if I happen to find one…

Hi Kriesi,

Have you found a fix yet – it looks great in firefox, chrome, safari but awful in ie7 & 8 which means it is pretty unusable for blog. Absolutely love the theme except for this problem


yes the fix is already in place ;) if you take a look at the wordpress preview and shift reload it, so your browser cache gets deleted you should see its working fine now :)

Hi Kriesi i want to buy your template, but in explorer, only in explorer, it does n´t work, if i click anything or try to move the scroll down, the page is frozen and my explorer crashes, does you template work in explorer? what is the problem?



if you remove the themeforest preview bar everything should work fine, happens because of the iframe for a strange reason….

Kriesi, FANTASTIC work. I too have the same IE problem with the template freezing and locking up Internet Explorer. Also, it blasts my CPU usage up to 100%.

On another note, I am not so knowledgeable about the site search engine. Are there instruction on how to make it do an internal search and where to log in the pages fo the search?

Thanks for the response in advance.

Best Regards,


just remove the themeforest iframe and it should work fine with IE as well, dont know why it is causing this problem.

The site search engine is the basic wordpress engine and works out of the box with no options whatsoever. however if you want to modify search results you can just install one of the many plugins that let ou do search result customiazation with an easy graphical user interface ;)


Kriesi, Thanks for the response. I was looking at expanding this template into quite a few additional pages. What plugin would you recommend?



the last time I used such a plugin was Search Unleashed which worked out pretty fine:


is there a way to change the submit news button so that it loads a more advanced form, for example one that can allow for uploads?

also, if i do not intend on using wordpress, what do you recommend i do about the search bar since you said you incorporated the standard wordpress search feature- does this make it obsolete or do i need to replace it with a custom google search? (i am highly confused when it comes to implementing search features- do i need to archive all the articles in a database?)

any advice is appreciated


if you dont want to use wordpress you wil either need to add the upload feature by hand to the news submit template file. or you search for a script with a form that can do that and exchange the url of the submit news link, it will then load the other template file.

When using the non-wordpress version of newscast you wont be able to use the wordpress search at all, I would then indeed recommend to use google search for example. Implementing it shouldnt be too hard, I think its just a matter of changing the form action :)