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Kriesi, Re: SiteSearch I was not going to use the Wordpress version. Any suggestions on that note? If I replaced the search with a link to a site map would it cuase any issues with the template?



of course not, that should work perfectly fine :)

If you want to use a search anyways I would indeed recommend the google search that can be embedded within sites :)

Is there any way to get rid of the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of IE? it only happens in IE when viewing full-window, looks pretty gnarly. Weird thing is, it goes away if you make the window smaller..



I dont see any scrollbars but you can try to add the following to your style.css file:


so aside from the huge admin backend, search feature, and submit news features that are available in the wordpress version but not this version, is there anything else I need to be aware of if i purchase this?

sorry if that comes off sarcastic, i really have appreciated your input so far.


to edit this template you need a text editor and need to add content within this editor, then upload the files to your web server. With the worpdress version you got a database and a Backend that lets you add content within your web browser :)

nicoshop Purchased

Dear Kriesi, you’re rock solid software developer. A REAL GENIUS !!!

I’ve purchased the HTML version of Newscast template and I’m very very satisfied. It’s really EXTRAORDINARY and VERY PROFESSIONAL . The documentation too, is very clear and very well organized.

Five stars rated!!!

What can I say? I wish you big sales and I strongly suggest people to purchase your templates, a must-have for people wishing to comply with Web standards.

Thank you very very much, Kriesi.

Very Best Regards from Bruno, Italy.


Thanks Bruno, appreciate to hear that. Nice to get some kind words now and then ;)

Best regards Kriesi

Kriesi, (Site Search) Thanks for the information.


is it complicated to still use the tag system for posts if i buy this version over the wordpress verison? i mean all i have to do is hook it up to a database and hook it up to searches correct?


of course. but “just hooking up to a database” is what most people would call a lot of work ;D

indprint Purchased

ok, so where is the layered PSD here? All i see are individual PSD for the bg and other elements. Where the psd with everything?


Its usually not included since it differes to a good extend from the final html result but if you want the version I used just drop me a mail with your email adress, I will send you a copy ;)

indprint Purchased

I’m looking for the PSD for this layout.


email it to iprintstl@gmail.com

Hi Kriesi

Thanks for this theme – it really is fab.

Just wondering if you know of a way to make the ‘newsslider index page’ top images & text auto-rotate…I realise there is a note to say it is not possible but I am desperately trying to find way…help?

Thanks Katie


Hey Katie, sorry it is indeed not possible currently. Once I found a way to pull it off I will update the theme but its currently not planned.

Molokini Purchased

Ok Thanks for the reply – we will let u know if we can figure something out! kt

hey any recommendation to hook up the comments system you have (i like the css style of it) without using wordpress? since i assumed you used it as a backend for this.


this is just the html version so there is no need to use wordpress at all for this. you can basically use any other cms or custom script that you are able to implement ;)


I just bought this theme thinking it was going to be easy to make it look like this preview here: http://www.kriesi.at/demos/newscast/light/

However, there are no controls anywhere or instructions on how to load up the slideshow.

Please advise on how this is done.

Kindest Regards Craig Edmonds

I am having the same problem with getting images to show up in any of the mainpage slides. I cannot find any documentation or tutorial on how to do this accurately. Please help – since we all did pay for this – and your documentation doesn’t say where to upload the images.

zebragrf Purchased

I have everything figured out except for the email processor. Which lines do you edit to configure where the emails is sent? Is this done in the contact.php or the send.php?

AFX Purchased
I just bought this theme thinking it was going to be easy to make it look like this preview here: http://www.kriesi.at/demos/newscast/light/, However, there are no controls anywhere or instructions on how to load up the slideshow.
I’m going to go out on a limb here, and suggest that you didn’t buy the theme from hear as it is one of the most thoroughly documented themes I have bought. After you unpack the theme can you see a folder called ‘documentation_html’ ? if so just open it and click on Index.html which will explain everything.

EDIT : Did you mean to buy the Wordpress version? if so you can find that hear http://themeforest.net/item/newscast-4-in-1-wordpress-magazine-and-blog/91058


Great theme and I have used it on our business blog, really well received.

Thanks for your great work.

Apart from one aspect which lets it down and is really frustrating me.

It is the same as mentioned above about the text and images on the slider looking blocky/distorted in IE7 .

Do you have a fix for this in the css or whatever? you mention above that it is fixed and thats great for new buyers but how can I fix?


Hi Kriesi, is it possible to disable date, comments and author in the postings? I need wordpress, but I don’t want a blog-layout. So the typical blog-line must be invisible for me. Thanks, mirmas

Hi Kresi Great theme thank you. I have one question. I am using the accordian slider and love it. Is there a way of excluding some posts from the slider? I know you can exclude categories, but my categories are quite broad. There are some posts that dont have pictures, and some of the pictures aren’t as good, and these ones i dont want to include on the slider. Is there a way of doing this?

Would appreciate it if you could help with this.



I wonder how can I put two different sliders on different pages. For example I want the Accordion slider to show on the front page and the Crossfade slider to show on my About page.

How can this be done?


Love the theme but ccan someone tell me why the search function isn’t working for me? Whenever I click on search in the theme it just reloads the page.

Trackback Url,

I can’t get the trackback URL to show on the posts. I am using WP 3 .0 beta 2.

Thanks for your help.